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A post-apocalyptic adventure board game. Fight raiders, cooperate or betray your friends. Be among the first to escape the Saltlands!
A post-apocalyptic adventure board game. Fight raiders, cooperate or betray your friends. Be among the first to escape the Saltlands!
1,267 backers pledged €83,832 to help bring this project to life.
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Saltlands - Sail through the Desert!



Saltlands is a post-apocalyptic survival board game taking place in an authentic, low-tech dystopian world plagued by drought. With your friends, you are fleeing from invading raiders, leaving your desert home: a plain left behind by a once great ocean, called the Saltlands.

  • Flee from waves of invading raiders
  • Use landsails, motorized vehicles and a multitude of weapons to make your escape
  • Explore - the each time different - environment, collect victory items and investigate rumors in hopes of escape
  • Compete or cooperate - who wins and who is left behind? 

How you play and whether you survive is up to you: we did our best to create a challenging game with unconstrained player interaction and chair-gripping tension. Find out for yourself!

“’s clear this is actually a streamlined and rugged bunch of mechanisms all purring together like a finely tuned V8.” - Mike Barnes, Who Dares Rolls

Number of players: 1-6
Average playtime (classic mode, normal length): 90-120 minutes

Beside the Classic (semi-coop) game mode, Saltlands can be played in a full cooperative, or in a full competitive mode. Each variant come in different length and difficulty, you can choose the most suitable for you.

Strategic social interactions - You will almost certainly not be able to win this game as a lone wolf. But first player or group of players who win will leave the others to their fate. - you have to be one of them! Choose your friends and stick with them, or betray them at the right moment.

Challenging but fair - There are no dice rolls in the game and the movement of the raiders is rather predictable: survival mostly depends on your strategy and who you cooperate with.

Replayable and expandable - The desert is different each time you play, and combined with the expansion pack, Saltlands can bring you engaging exploration and surprising moments with every play.

Not just a game, also a world - We endeavored to create an immersive, authentic desert realm where weapons are exotic, firearms are the remnants of a past age and landsails are ubiquitous. We worked hard on bringing you immersive visuals and have a Graphic Novel and some short stories to make Saltlands an especially memorable experience. Plastic miniatures help the Raider vehicles come to life.

Streamlined, language-independent design - An intuitive system of pictograms and symbols make Saltlands accessible for multiple languages. With your help, we are planning to translate the rulebook to several languages.

 We are offering 3 editions of Saltlands.
  • All backers can instantly download the saltlands graphic novel “Tales on the Saltlands: Scorched Salt” in digital form.
  • Saltlands the Board Game for only €43 (~$49)
  • Saltlands the Board Game and the Lost in the Desert Expansion together for €59 (~$66)
  • Collector’s Edition for €249 (~$280)

See details of each edition below. Click here for an image gallery.

Every backer can instantly download the graphic novel!
(Check the first, backers only update to access.)

“Scorched Salt” tells the story of the last day before the Horde arrived to the Oil Colony. With your help, we plan to continue the story and introduce all three colonies to show more of the world of Saltlands.

Check out the achievements! All backers stay updated when the story continues.

Saltlands the Board Game includes:

  • 36 plastic miniatures representing the six types of raiders chasing you,
  • 6 exciting characters from the three great colonies of the Saltlands,
  • 13 terrain tiles all illustrated individually,
  • 180 cards: native weapons, firearm relics, motorized vehicles, landsails, damage cards, rumors, and other items
  • and much more...
  • Unlocked stretch goal: raider bag

Saltlands the Board Game plus the Lost in the Desert Expansion 

Features 6 additional exciting characters for a total of 12 characters, each with a special ability and a special item:

  • The ThiefThe Merchant from the Container Island
  • The Commander & The Marine from the Beached Mother Ship
  • The Shaman The Twins searching for the Raider Camp

And also advanced mechanics:

  • Area-effect weapons, like the Grenade
  • Additional vehicles, such as the Wind Tractor
  • Additional Terrain Tiles enabling the...
  • Extended EPIC gameplay mode!

In total Saltlands the Board Game plus the Lost in the Desert Expansion contain:

  • 214 Cards
  • 18 Terrain Tiles 
  • 42 Plastic Miniatures 
  • 12 Characters
  • A printed copy of Tales on the Saltlands the graphic novel in the rulebook
  • and much more...


The ultimate box of Saltlands, an outstanding item for your collection!

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Saltlands the Board Game and the Lost in the Desert Expansion in a single box,
  • Collector's Edition box with a laser-cut, skull metal inlay,
  • 42 metal miniatures!
  • The plastic miniature sets from the normal editions
  • An insert with the names of all the Collector's Edition backers on it
  • An extra bag for the tokens
  • The box is signed by the game designers.
  • Spot UV lettering (this is independent of the stretch goal as this box is a separate print run).
  • the Fan kit addon

Plus the unlocked achievements:

  • Metal Wind Tile
  • Survival Guide + Short Story Booklet (same as in the Fan kit addon)
  • Metal Victory Markers
  • Poster (same as in the Fan kit addon)
  • 12 Character sheets, explaining the character abilities (same as in the Fan kit addon)

Note: The Collectors' Edition is a Kickstarter Exclusive! (Photos of our current prototype box do not represent the its final form, as they are still missing the spot UV.)

(Prototype minis molded off of a 3D print. Final minis will have a finer finish.)
(Prototype minis molded off of a 3D print. Final minis will have a finer finish.)



 About the achievements:

  • The cast metal wind tile replaces the cardboard wind tile in the normal edition for a more substantial look.
  • The short story booklet contains 3+3 short stories about the colonies when the raiders arrive.
  • The custom cast metal victory markers, provide a unique look for each of the three exit points leading to the three mythical destinations.
  • A unique poster lets you take a look at the Saltlands even when you're not playing...
  • The music CD contains the album 'Desert Overcrowded' by the Greek post-rock band Tuber. It's the music you hear in the campaign video... the perfect background music for playing Saltlands!


You've found the Saltlands Survival Guide. Its worn pages contain precious information, rumors and tales noted by fellow travelers throughout the decades. You learn that this booklet contains something else, too - somebody has jotted down stories that may very well be about the origins of the Colonies. Or are they just false gossips?

This add-on contains:

  • The KS-exclusive Survival Guide, merged with the short story booklet of the Colonies
  • 12 Character Sheets, explaining the character abilities (replacement item since the Cheat Sheets were unlocked)
  • An awesome KS-exclusive Saltlands Poster to remind you that Survival Is Not Enough!

1) Collectors' Edition backers will get this add-on as part of their reward.
2) The Cheat Sheets stretch goal was unlocked, so you will get 12 Character Sheets explaining the character abilities instead.

You love to paint beautiful miniatures of all kinds, and love collecting KS-exclusive, unique stuff. You want to have the option to play Saltlands with something other than paper player standees. This add-on is for you! Give each vehicle a unique look.

Use the landsails as a starting vehicle and after painting, the extra raider minis when players switch over to raider vehicles. (Because each vehicle has 2 vehicle cards in the Supply Deck, the extra minis are enough and you won't end up with less miniatures for the spawning raiders.)

This add-on contains:

  • 6 KS-exclusive, 3D printed landsail miniatures
  • Two sets (2x6) of raider miniatures

NOTE: the landsails seen on the picture are illustrations and the final model is going to be similar in appearance but different in details. They will be marked in some way if you do not wish to paint them.

The raider miniatures are going to have the same color as the other raiders (probably black, see the FAQ), the landsails may differ in color due to the different manufacturing method.

The landsails are going to be manufactured with a low-quantity manufacturing method, most probably 3D printing. Expect proper build quality - we don't want to deliver low-quality miniatures anywhere.

Each box comes with Raider miniatures! The raiders use 6 different vehicles:

  • the Hover-chevy
  • the Beetle-mod
  • the Pickup
  • the Monsterjeep
  • the Trooper-track
  • the Trailer Truck

The miniatures are made of injection molded plastic except in the Collector's Edition with its exclusive metal miniatures. (Miniatures pictured are 3D printed prototypes and from molds off of them. The production miniatures will have a finer finish.)

Click here to see and rotate the miniatures in 3D.

Check out the reviews section below for more information about the game mechanics.

Mythical destinations - The characters have heard of three mythical locations, where they can possibly make a living in peace away from the raiders. To find the path to one of these locations (exit points) the protagonists follow a trail of rumors exploring the Saltlands. When enough rumors have been revealed the exit points activate. Each time a player finds a rumor he has a choice concerning the exit point locations.

Race to Victory - The first group of players to reach an exit point with the necessary equipment, and clear out the raiders there wins. They escape, and leave the rest to their fate. However, there are no fixed teams; the first player, or players to achieve this goal wins. So players have to decide whom to work with and whom to stab in the back.

Landsails - The hard flat plain of the Saltlands and the prevailing winds provide an excellent terrain for landsails. The game has a simple wind movement mechanic, which follows real sailing principles: Your speed is determined by the strength and direction of the wind. You are sailing the fastest on a broad reach (downwind, but not directly downwind). You can not go directly against the wind, but must zig-zag (tack) to make progress in that direction.

Tough decisions - Decide what to keep and what (or who) to leave behind in the Saltlands. Save helpless souls in the desert and they will aid you during your journey. Or just ditch them when you don't need them anymore. There is only so much space in your vehicle.

Raiders on the hunt - The raiders are following you with gas guzzling machines. They always move towards the nearest target and attack them if they catch up. Each player must activate a type of raider at the end of their turn (one that has not moved yet). Thus they can determine the order in which the different types of raiders move. By choosing which raider to activate they can help or hinder the other players.

Swarming Horde - The Horde of raiders is coming and it seems like there is no escape. More and more raiders join the pursuit as time passes, spawning at the end of of each phase. You must decide when to flee and when to fight the Raiders that are after you. If you kill them you get their equipment and can even use their vehicle, but linger too long and you will be overwhelmed. Find the exit soon or your life is going to be even shorter than expected.

Rulebook & Translations

The final version is not yet available, but you can download revision 2.15. We have been constantly improving the game, have a look at the changes since then in the FAQ!

You can download rulebook excerpt translations from here: CLICK HERE.
Have you got any feedback or suggestions? Drop us a mail to translations{at} and we'll sort it out!

From them, you can easily grasp the main game concepts and understand the most important gameplay elements. These are not complete translations of the final rulebook, though - the finished files are going to be released later this year.

Languages available as of this writing: English, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Czech
To be added soon (see in the comments): French, Finnish.

Big thanks to the translators:

Silvia Wipfler, Alexander Mosbacher (German translation)
Kohri Takeda (Japanese)
Radosław Zemsta, Marcin Siudak, Izabela Wołodźko (Polish)
Guilherme Pinto, Laure Stelmastchuk (Brazilian Portuguese)
JL "Bicho" San Miguel, Jordi Gómez, Sergi Nuñez Sevillano (Spanish)
Gotcha, Daniele T, Magdalena, Fidelia, Damiano, Daniele L, Menno (Italian)
Emrah Göker, Özgür Ceylan, Çağdaş Özkan, Utku Tönel, Gökçe Çimen (Turkish)
Amber & Redbaron (Dutch)
Mikuláš Wilkus (Czech)
Jean-Michel Trayaud, Thibaut Grappin (French)

Complete Gameplay Video

Classic mode, Normal difficulty, normal length, 2.15 prototype


Game modes

  • In the Full-coop game mode all living players have to win together, no one is left behind. Players race against the clock, raiders flood the Saltlands and kill everyone if they can’t escape soon enough.
  • The Classic game mode is semi-cooperative. Players are free to form alliances or fight alone. The first group of players to fulfill the winning conditions wins, and leaves the other players to their fate. The winning group can consist of any number of players, even one.
  • The Competitive game mode is for lone wolves. Players may fight the raiders together, but only one player wins. The first player who collects enough equipment to escape wins alone, and leaves the others behind.

Difficulty levels

  • In the Easy mode, players aren’t out of the game after death. They lose their equipment, but they respawn at another location as another survivor.
  • In the Normal mode, players have one respawn option and then are out of the game.
  • There is no place for mistakes in the Hard mode: players have only one life. This is recommended for experienced players only, If they are not careful enough they can quickly die.

Length variations

  • Tutorial mode is developed specially for rookies. It’s only available in easy mode, since the purpose of this is to learn the basics of the game mechanics fast.
  • Normal game length is 90-120 minutes. This option grants the whole challenging game experience with many hard decisions.
  • The Epic mode is for players who are looking for an extended experience. It comes in a bigger map in the Lost in the desert expansion. Players have to optimize their hand for a long trip and for more raiders.

The Transporter

"Though others choke from it, I love when the smoke of burning tires irritates my throat. Nobody can catch up with me, not even the sails. I don´t like sticking around in one place for too long, violence is not included in my job description. My skin is worth way more than that. The end of the world is waiting for me!"

Special ability: Born Driver (Move faster with any vehicle)
Special item: Binoculars (Explore Further)

The Arsonist
"You need light? I got you covered. But I hope you know that smoking is bad for your health. Hey, don’t flame up, I’m just saying. It’s your decision, after all. Hold it for a sec, like that… I’m so sorry! I told you it’s dangerous!"

Special ability: Drain Fuel (Kill raiders and grab some gas)
Special item: Flamethrower (Light up the horizon!)

The Ploughman
“For dust you are, and to dust you will return. Some sooner, others later. After all, everybody is suitable to be fertilizer."

Special ability: Shield (Does what it says on the box.)
Special item: Scythe (Not the board game!)

The Healer
"As barren and salty as it is, this undisturbed soil is everything to me. Its fruits could hardly be less tasty, but they are nourishing. For those who know its ways, it can even provide a gift of herbs. Though the ground is silent, the Wind whispers to me, giving hope.
From her, I know that we are not entirely forgotten, that at the end of our journey: life, rather than death may await us."

Special ability: Master of Winds (Useful for sailing)
Special Item: Bag of Herbs (with Healing properties)

The Scientist
"Even now, aqua is our ultimate master, even if it has almost completely left us. These days, its absence is ruining people´s lives rather than tsunamis, like how it used to be in the ages before.
The state of affairs regarding water is merely disastrous, but not entirely beyond hope. It only depends on whether one knows what to look for, and where to find it."

Special ability: Scavenge (Get more loot)
Special item: Water Distiller (The water colony's secret)

The Little Girl
"The grown-ups think I am little and weak, even the tiniest gust can blow me away. But what would be the point of arguing with them, when on a landsail I can fly faster than the storm? I’m worth just as much as any of them - but I’ll keep that as my little secret. It’s time to stop acting the innocent child, stand up for my self and show them what I’m really made of!"

Special ability: Born to Sail (Move faster with landsails)
Special Item: Toolkit (Make some useful stuff)

To read short stories about each character, click here.

Stretch Goals

Please check the FAQ for a detailed description of each stretch goal.




Engage yourself with the Saltlands project: unlock languages, spread the word and be creative. With your involvement, Saltlands is going to be even more awesome!

Saltlands is a language independent game with no text on the cards, the only text is in the rulebook and a little fluff intro on the player mats. The game will contain an English language rulebook, but we want to unlock other languages available as a digital download! We also plan to make the rulebooks available as a print on demand service for your convenience.

We are starting the campaign with English, German and Hungarian unlocked. A language is unlocked with either of the following:

  • 100 backers for a language. To keep things simple, each backer counts towards the (most popular) official language of their country.
  • or two translator volunteers: one translator would be responsible for translation and the other for proofreading. 
To become a verified translator please contact us at translations{at}antler-games{dot}com. If you send subtitle translations for the campaign video, we will enable the subs right away (click here to download). We will discuss your previous experience and work out the details. If everything checks out we will update the campaign with a verified translator. (Translations start after the campaign, roughly in July-August)

Saltlands sarà disponibile in Italiano!
Saltlands sera disponible en Français, envoyez nous un message si vous voulez participer à l'étape de relecture!
Saltlands estará disponible en español
Saltlands será disponibilizado em Português, mande-nos uma mensagem se quiser fazer parte do processo de tradução!
Das Regelbuch von Saltlands wird auch auf Deutsch erhältlich sein!

Help spread the word, to unlock the next chapter of the Saltlands comic book!

After adding all of the above, we have 1841 followers in total now! (May the 30th)

What would you bring along with you to survive? Are you prepared?
Post a picture on social media about the item that you would want to have on the Saltlands! Please link our campaign page in the post. Then send an email with a link to the post to item{at}antler-games{dot}com.
If we reach 50 submissions we will select our favorite idea after the campaign and include it as an extra card in the game!

Fan kit


 Are you from the Saltlands? Which character are you?Download the Fan Kit for cover & profile pictures plus wallpapers.

Here's what people are saying about Saltlands. Even more reviews are coming soon!

Who Dares Rolls
“’s clear this is actually a streamlined and rugged bunch of mechanisms all purring together like a finely tuned V8.”
“...this is one of those times that I’ve felt I was looking at a project that had really been refined and developed. The design feels tight and lean there’s no flab or needless mechanics this is a product that’s been nurtured and loved.”- Mike Barnes, Who Dares Rolls (click here)
BONUS: Audio interview with the developers

Club Fantasci
“As a strategy game, Saltlands is a post-apocalyptic chess match, offering unique challenges.” - Maurice Fitzgerald, Club Fantasci (click here)“Hard but winnable, you need to stay on your toes and choose the right tactics depending on the characters, environment and wind direction. […] But after all, someone’s going to bite the ground and that’s why the game is so exciting.” - Dávid Sajó, [HUN]
The greatest virtue of Saltlands is that it puts you into a dangerous and mean post-apocalyptic world, where you chase mythical destinations while fighting for survival. The game mechanics suitably mirror this theme with dynamic exploration and victory conditions, and the various available strategies bring along complex action. - interview with the developers [ENG+ITA]

Box of Delights
“A wonderful, climactic experience, a stylized game” - Ricky Royal, The Box of Delights:

The Kwarenteen 
Saltlands preview from Mitchel Lurcook - The Kwarenteen:

Sit Down Standard"If you like thematic games that give you meaty choices, this is definitely an excellent game."


We're from Europe, and we hate expensive, non-friendly shipping just as much as you do. We have decided for the "Stonemaier method" of shipping: using local fulfillment centers to deliver Saltlands in an easy, affordable way.

For the USA, Canada, Australia, and the European Union we are going to provide intraregional shipping which means we take care of duties and taxes. We pay for VAT, GST, and other three-letter acronym taxes.

Shipping costs:

  • USA: Free shipping!
  • Canada: €3
  • Australia: €5
  • EU: €7
  • Rest of the world: €20

The shipping cost is the same for the base game and the base game plus the Lost in the Desert Expansion pack.

We are a small team of close friends and also engineers doing their best to bring their beloved game to life. Playing and designing board games is our passion.

Saltlands have been in development for almost a year, we've spent endless days on playtesting, graphic design and engaging with the boardgaming community to receive valuable feedback about the game.
We became so excited that the two of us have even quit our day jobs just to do this - out of love for gaming.

Our goal was to create not just a good game but a polished, aesthetically appealing work of art - while keeping an eye on shipping and manufacturing so that the price can be kept at an affordable level.

Now it's your turn, it's up to you to support us and the Saltlands project to make it a reality. We've been working on Saltlands for months, but we can't cover the costs of the minimum order quantity of game manufacturers. That is why we're doing a crowdfunding campaign in the first place.

Saltlands can't and won't happen without you, but your involvement can take it even further. In addition to backing, you can help us by spreading the word during the campaign. We'd also love to hear your feedback in the Comments section - we'll definitely try to answer every question that you might have!

Special thanks to Attila Balázs for helping us with press appearances!

About the funding goal

The funding goal has been carefully calculated to cover a minimum print run and make sure that we can fulfill our backers properly, truly making Saltlands a reality.

Everything that has happened before the campaign is 'on us', so the funding goal mirrors our post-Kickstarter expenses.

The cost breakdown of the funding goal is the following:

  • 8% Do any necessary graphic design modifications
  • 63% Making a minimum order quantity print run at our manufacturer + manufacturing an injection molding tool for the miniatures
  • 18% Shipping games
  • 8% Kickstarter fees
  • 3% Provision

Risks and challenges

Antler Games is a team of three enthusiastic guys. We all have a masters degree in engineering and therefore, are very meticulous and elaborate when it comes to arranging little details that make manufacturing, fulfillment and shipping possible, affordable and sensible.

We have done the following to mitigate risks and make your support a 'safe bet', that you will surely receive your reward:

- Three people can specialize and concentrate on separate fields: Gergely Kruppa does design and art direction, András Drozdy handles testing and manufacturing, while Gergely Gombos arranges business, shipping and marketing details.

- We've set up a BV (LLC) in the Netherlands so that we can conduct business more easily. This helps us with tax and customs issues as well. For example we make sure that you are not charged additional VAT when receiving your reward.

- We have a very detailed budget with multiple scenarios, so the project's funding goal is sensible and it is definitely possible to accomplish the project from this amount of funding, including getting quotes for the stretch goals.

- We have been discussing manufacturing details with Panda Games for months and expect that we will be working with them because we think they can deliver a high quality product on time.

Nevertheless, shipping and manufacturing delays may occur. We'll do our best to keep our promise and deliver every reward in Fall 2016.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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    Digital download of the graphic novel!

    Check the first, backers-only update to access it right away.

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    Saltlands the Board Game
    + See stretch goals

    Shipping: USA: FREE, Canada: €3, Australia: €5, EU: €7, Budapest pickup: €0, Rest of World: €20

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    Saltlands the Board Game
    + Lost in the Desert Expansion
    + All stretch goals

    Shipping: USA: FREE, Canada: €3, Australia: €5, EU: €7, Budapest pickup: €0, Rest of World: €20

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    Collector's Edition
    + Collector's Edition box with a skull metal inlay, signed by the game designers!
    + Contains Saltlands the Board Game
    + Contains Lost in the Desert Expansion
    + 42 metal miniatures!
    + All stretch goals

    Free shipping in USA, EU, Canada & Australia! Rest of the World: €15 shipping.

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    CAPTAIN - Group Order 12 Copies

    Saltlands the Board Game x12
    + Lost in the Desert Expansion x12
    + All stretch goals

    Shipping: Canada: FREE, Australia: FREE, EU: FREE
    Contact us if you'd like to place a group order in other countries or pledge for more than 12 copies.

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    Pledge €999 or more About US$ 1,101


    Your own character!
    Our artist will model one of the characters after you or a loved one! Find out how you would look living on the Saltlands :)
    + One customized player marker, player mat and player card
    + Special thanks in the rulebook as a patron
    + All Master of Winds rewards

    Free shipping worldwide.

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