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Fool’s Road is a collaborative project between one traveling artist-filmmaker and seven bands living all over the United States.

This project started out as an answer to a question: How does one merge all that you’re fond of with all that you do well––to the benefit of others?

The answer for me was Fool’s Road: A traveling music video collaboration between one artist-filmmaker and seven musicians across the United States.

80 Days. 7 Musicians. 1 Filmmaker. 10,000 Miles. With the last half of this year, I’ll pack my very square car with a few essentials, a whole lot of gear and head north. For 80 days, I’ll be living on the road, driving 10,000 miles throughout the country to meet these talented musicians wherever they may be. Each will have eight days with me to plan and shoot a music video as reasonably and brilliantly as possible.

A good music video is not the only reason a musician is heard, but these days, it can be a compelling one. Like so many independent artists, each of the those chosen for Fool's Road have not yet been afforded the luxury of a professional music video. With the portability of video productions increasing and the presence of supportive places like Kickstarter to raise funds, this can change.

Fool's Road brings the often-inaccessible-means to their doorstep, but most of all, it allows their efforts to remain where they should be––in creating their music. Furthermore, each Fool's Road video will share the association. Unlike many current viewing patterns, each of these videos will lead to the others––and a different sort of audience can begin to take shape.

Each level is as much about becoming a part of the project as it is about making sure it happens. All levels give you access to the 'behind-the-scenes' section of the blog and screenings of each video before it’s official release––this makes you a genuine ‘Digital Roadie’. The higher pledges are accompanied by the illustrious title ‘Road-Guru’.

Once on the road, I'll also be releasing each track one week prior to it's production. Only Digital Roadies will have the unique opportunity to post the ideas that those tracks inspire––each will be discussed during pre-production and may very well end up in the video! Honest. If your clever idea is used, you'll be credited when the video is released.

The final costs of Fool's Road are far higher than that of this Kickstarter goal. I’ve calculated, saved, invested and prepared, but can only take the final leap with your support. Any funds raised over our goal will go directly towards the production, gear, locations, transportation and post-production involved with each video. If you're interested in the thorough breakdown, I will be putting it up on the website for the world to see.

The duration of each video’s production means that the creative process has to happen quickly, imagination and resourcefulness will mean everything. After a few days of travel to each musician, we‘ll have our initial meeting, 1-2 days of finite planning and 5-6 days of production. Though some editing will be done on the road, the majority of post-production will be completed once the road runs out. 

In those months following the intensive first three, each video will be released in the order they were shot––first to the Digital Roadies and then to the rest of the world. The full duration of Fool's Road will actually be closer to six months.

In between the methodical final planning, I’ll be updating the blog where you can check out the route, be the first to see the final schedule, peruse the gear list, read about the musicians and see the XB (car) modifications. When this campaign ends, only the Digital Roadies will be able to access the new 'behind-the-scenes' posts.

You can read more about Fool’s Road on the website:
Thank you for taking a minute. If you’ve come this far, you’ve already helped.


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