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Update #6

A Shakey Graves Live Session & Vanload of Good News.


Last January marked the one year anniversary of Fool’s Road––the beginning of the tangible research that led me here and to each of the remarkable musicians who have since become trusted friends and collaborators. Every day, the edits, communications, travels, investments, experiences, documentation and project work continue. This month, three more videos will be released and arrangements for the 7th and final production will be made.

In the meantime, there is much to be said about the recent news from these bands––SXSW is in the cards for several of them and from there, it just gets more sublime.

Shakey Graves

In addition to the powerful inclusion in NPR’s 10 Artists You Should Have Known in 2012, Shakey also climbed to the top of Reddit’s ListenToThis Best of 2012, which led to his brilliant AMA (Ask Me Anything) and to a Fool’s Road nod on their YouTube Artist Spotlight.

On February 9th, which also happens to be “Shakey Graves Day” as declared by the Mayor of Austin, we released the KUT session of Bully’s Lament:

His first 'official' music video will be our Fool's Road collaboration and will find its way into the belly of YouTube later this month.

Pearl and the Beard

These three sweet-wild talents are back in the studio and are scheduled to release a new full-length album on or before August 2013––they will be on a nation-wide release tour this fall. After touring with Ani DiFranco last year to sold out shows, and being personally thunderstruck with their enchanting stage presence, paying attention to their touring schedule would be time very well-spent.

This past holiday season, they also made two wonderful videos and offered free downloads with The Wild Honey Pie! Perfect creatures.

My My My

The band recently launched a successful Kickstarter of their very own. The campaign funds will allow them to complete their brand new album which includes the Fool’s Road video track. Most generously, they are pledging 80 hours of community service––one hour for every $100 raised. Every contributor was effectively doing two valuable things with one donation, thanks to the extraordinary nature of these six good souls.

You Me & Apollo 

I was able to scoot back to Colorado to catch their sold out EP Release show at the Hi-Dive in Denver. In the weeks that have passed since we wrapped production on their video, these five charismatic, unified gentlemen have only become more confident and engaging as musicians. They are currently a part of the McMenamins Great Northwest Music Tour and are promoting The EP. Tonight they played Hotel Café in LA. This May they will be playing the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta.

Additionally, their press in Colorado has been constant––they were incuded in Reverb’s Best of 2012, interviewed in Colorado Daily and Denver Post and often used stills from the Fool’s Road music video. If you’re catching on, following these wonderboys on their Facebook page would be a wise move.

Rose Windows

After my introduction to the seven striking apparitions of Rose Windows by Derek Fudesco of Cave Singers, their magical but quiet start has ballooned into full-speed beginnings. Big news is on the horizon. For now, the announcement that they’ll be playing this year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival, the Dave Segal article in The Stranger, their show at the Neptune with Father John Misty, their performance live on KEXP and news of new recordings will have to keep our curiosities at bay. If you just cannot wait any longer, grab the $5 split cassette that they share with Kingdom of the Holy Sun.

Immense gratitude endures toward the Digital Roadies, Road Gurus and all of our suporters––their generosity continues to sustain this long-term commitment. If you missed the opportunity to become a part of the campaign, here are a few simple ways to contribute:

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4. Spend a little time on the website––the previously exclusive behind-the-scenes posts will soon be available to everyone:

There are only more good bits to come. Thank you all for being a part of this tiny audible adventure.

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