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Update #16 - For backers only

Early Dark PDFs Went Out!


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    CURIOSITY PACK - You get access to the Backers Only posts on Kickstarter as well as our own closed-to-the-public playtesting and development forums. You'll be right there with us as we design and layout the book, haggle with printers, and decide on the cover.

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    PATRON PACK - All of the above, and your name appears with a "Patron" credit in the printed Early Dark rulebook. This is your time to make your mark in a new world. Right here. Feel it? I do.

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    DIGITAL PACK - All of the above, and you receive a digital copy of the finished Early Dark rulebook (either directly from us or as a download code for a popular online retailer). This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pre-order the first Anthropos Games title available to the public! Plus, your name will already be in it. Sweet, huh?

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    HARDCOPY PACK - All the above, and you receive a personal hardcopy of the Early Dark rulebook. This includes free shipping. Our top priority is to get this book in your gamey little hands! We are pitching a new kind of world for roleplaying, and we want you and your friends living in it.

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    CLOTHING OPTIONAL PACK - All of the above, and you receive the soon-to-be-infamous Early Dark launch T-shirt. The quality, black T-shirt features the Anthropos Games logo on the front and the official list of all the shops and cities we are launching in on the back. Think of it as the official T-shirt for our book tour. AND, if we ever see you wearing this shirt at a convention, at a Radiohead concert, or on the street, we'll buy you a drink. No strings attached.

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    DELUXE PACK - All of the fabulous items celebrated above (your credit in the book, digital PDF copy of the Early Dark rulebook, hardcopy, infamous launch T-shirt) and more! Yes, more! You will receive in total two hardcopies of the Early Dark rulebook, both signed by the creators. These will come to you with free shipping. Give one away, share it with your group, or donate it to a library in your area. It's yours. Also, YOUR gaming location and hometown are featured on the already-infamous launch T-shirt! Give a shout out to your FLGS, your mom's basement, or your ex's garage. Wherever you play, it's on our shirt. This is over $90 worth of Anthropos merchandise plus your place on our infamous (i.e. more than famous!) shirt.

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    CHARACTER PACK - All of the above, plus you and an Early Dark character you design will be featured in the rulebook or a forthcoming supplement. You get the digital copy, the two signed hardcopies, the T-shirt with your hometown on it, and now a place in the Early Dark world of your very own. All of the examples we use in the book to explain rules or showcase our setting are taken from real gamers: our friends, players, and playtesters. Why not join them inside these hallowed pages? Your persona and the hero you design will introduce readers to our world and help people learn the game.

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    VILLAIN PACK - Can you believe there's more? Believe it. You get everything in the CHARACTER PACK above except your featured character is a major villain in the continuing Early Dark saga. We are hosting a living campaign that will take place after the events chronicled in the rulebook and involve the entire Early Dark world. Forget a mere cameo in the rulebook; your character is a mover and shaker in the grand narrative. Behold, you are Early Dark canon. Local gaming groups will not only see your character in print but have a chance to engage with him or her through our online portal and later supplements as the events of the campaign unfold. We'll even offer a THIRD hardcopy of the book, just so you can prove to friends near and far how "in like Flynn" you are with Anthropos Games. Check out our website for more information.

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    HERO PACK - You have arrived. Here you get a prominent character in the ongoing narrative, a PDF of the completed tome, three signed hardcopies (one for you, one for that special someone, and one for that kid in your group who never gets his own), a T-shirt so infamous it's wanted by the law in 49 states, AND a way to immortalize yourself on said apparel of infamy. Additionally, you become an active part in our inaugural living campaign: We have five central characters that need players. Basically, this is your chance to role-play one of the most powerful cats in the game in a meta-campaign written by us. The decisions you make will ripple through the entire Early Dark world, even affecting those playing at home. Will the king of Lokod raise an army to invade a neighbor? Will a Neferatha prince seek out the missing Anu Empress for his own gain? You get unequaled control over major events of the Hara Sea. Check out our website for more information on how you can single-mindedly shape the Early Dark political sphere.

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    BEHIND THE SCENES PACK - This is an added bonus for those who really feel committed to the project. Or, you could just do the math and realize that you're getting a sweet deal. Here it is: A weekend of glamor in Austin, TX, with the creators of Early Dark. If you can find your own way to the live music capital of the world, we'll help you party like a jolly ol' tourist should. You'll receive a guest bedroom in a luxurious condo just south of the lake for two nights. A rooftop patio gives you a crystal view of the downtown skyline. Sit in on a class at the University of Texas. Enjoy the balmy climate on outdoor adventures. Take part in a creator-run Early Dark campaign. Or just run amok along 6th St., where bars debatably more infamous than our T-shirt await.

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