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The Flow paintbrush is the perfect companion to the modern touch screen canvas.
The Flow paintbrush is the perfect companion to the modern touch screen canvas.
365 backers pledged $11,465 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Aaron Umetani on November 9, 2011

      I got my brushes! I haven't had time to paint with them yet, but they look great. Congrats guys!

    2. Gwen.
      on November 9, 2011

      I got my Flow too. it's really a beautiful piece of art and an impressive brush for iPad. The box is beautiful too. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Price on November 6, 2011

      I don't see my name on the list of backers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Katrina Ton on November 5, 2011

      I got my Flow too. I was impressed with the way it came, the box is really nifty! And I like how easily it flows (hah) across the screen, which is nothing like the multiple rubbery styluses I've had to use. I've sketched and painted with it and it works marvelously for both. I've used it with Art Rage and ArtStudio so far. It also doesn't have that lack of resistance that the Nomad Brush has, which is a definite plus!

      I have a minor gripe though: I've been using it for maybe an hour and I've started to notice a quiet, continuous scratching noise as I used it. It seems to happen no matter which way I hold the brush. I have a screen protector and haven't noticed any marks on it, so I'm not too worried, but I was just wondering if this was normal? I can see myself getting annoyed after several hours of hearing it (but it's fine now!). Maybe it's just the way the fibers are, I'm not sure.

      Either way though, it's an extremely minor gripe--I usually listen to music when I'm drawing anyway, so I probably won't notice it, and it doesn't impact the way the Flow works at all! Thanks for such a fantastic product, I'm very pleased with it. :) Thanks for the App, too! That was an unexpected surprise!

    5. CYBR Labs on November 3, 2011

      Got the Flows in!!! They work awesome! I recommend Art Rage to use with the Flow. Thanks for the great product and keep the great products coming!

    6. Missing avatar

      achecht on October 25, 2011

      Thanks for that clarifications. No, I didn't go all the way through the purchase on the site because I will own one of these bad boys in a short while. My sentiment still remains (mostly) intact, minus the $5 shipping that I saved by backing.

    7. Anthony Cerra 2-time creator on October 25, 2011

      Hey achecht,

      You have some facts mixed up, but I get the sentiment. Kickstarter backers do have some advantages that latecomers don't.

      Initially, we did offer the Flow on our site for $29.95. We wanted to see if changing the price would affect sales so we lowered it to $19.95. It didn't. We decided to keep it at $19.95, however, because we feel that customers who buy from our site during this initial production run are being just as supportive as you guys.

      You must not have gone far enough in the checkout process because we do charge $5 for shipping. This is something that Kickstarter backers didn't have to pay for domestic orders. We also charge tax on our website if you live in Illinois - another cost not charged to Kickstarter backers. You'll also note that the limited edition Flow is not offered on our site.

      I hope this clears up any confusion. Thank you so much for being a backer and sticking by us as we go through the growing pains of transitioning from a project to a company.

    8. Missing avatar

      achecht on October 25, 2011

      I have to voice a little disappointment...not at the delay (though it was long)...not at the quality (haven't received it yet, but I hope it'll be fine). No my disappointment is in the price listed on your website.

      As a backer, I was able to pledge for $20 minimum and receive my blue Flow as soon as they became available (the retail value was listed as $29.95 on kickstarter). But on your joystickers website, you have that retail price crossed out and show a price of only $19.95 (presumably an introductory price). Going through that purchase process, there was apparently no additional shipping charges (just like for the kickstarter pledges).

      So here's the meta-message that I get from this: Support this project via kickstarter and you'll pay your money >>months<< before you actually see the product *and* you'll pay a nickel more for the Flow...or you can wait until actually get the brushes, pay and have it shipped for free, and save $.05.

      I don't think that's the way to treat kickstarter backers who invested in your product sight unseen. Even if kickstarter backers get theirs first and everyone else has to wait for batch #2, it still doesn't seem that fair to me.

    9. Anthony Cerra 2-time creator on October 13, 2011

      We hear you guys loud and clear - and we're sorry for letting you down. I'll be posting an update later today.

    10. Andy Baird on October 13, 2011

      I agree with Peter's comment about PR skills. I don't blame Anthony for supply and production problems that have delayed initial shipment. I've been through other Kickstarter projects and know that unexpected difficulties are common during the startup phase. I don't mind waiting for my Flow, especially if it means getting a better product. But I'd really appreciate being kept abreast of developments.

      If you want an example of how to do this well, read the updates for the PadPivot project. They ran into serious production problems--design tweaks, mold changes, and worst of all, bad raw materials--that held up shipment by more than a month. But throughout the long teething period they posted updates at least once a week, and sometimes oftener, describing the problems and how they were being resolved. They even posted videos from the factory in China! They made sure their supporters knew just what was happening at all times. It was actually quite interesting to read this "behind the scenes" story of how a product gets into production; it made the long wait bearable.

      Anthony, you need to take a page from their book. Customers will readily forgive delays, as long as they're kept informed. What they won't forgive is lack of communication.

    11. Missing avatar

      Amy K on October 12, 2011

      I must say... this process seems to be taking FOREVEEEEEEEER. Very frustrating.

    12. CYBR Labs on October 9, 2011

      This is starting to be an EPIC FAIL ... please work on your PR skills Anthony.. Do not make promises you can't even keep. Over 9 days ago you posted that there would be an update, still no update? Not the greatest outcome for the first kickstarter project i've funded..

      That "great news" better be that everyone gets something free for the LONG wait.

    13. Missing avatar

      RonD on October 1, 2011

      That should read by the last week in September. Remember the 10 to 12 ish days post on about September 9th. 12 days from the 9th would be the 21st of September.

      Your updates only seem to be posted here reactively when people are wondering why there has been no update and no flow.

    14. Missing avatar

      RonD on October 1, 2011

      No, I haven't ever been mailed an update. The most recent update on this site suggested that the flow would have been shipped by the last week in October.

    15. Anthony Cerra 2-time creator on September 30, 2011

      Hey guys!

      We're going to post our 7th update soon, but I wanted to address your comments directly.

      RonD - Have you been following our updates? We've been providing monthly updates to keep you all aware of our progress. They should have been emailed to you, but you can always read them on Kickstarter.

      Sean - We'll be shipping in the next 2 - 3 weeks so it'll arrive just in time for your daughter's birthday :)

      Paul - Stay tuned for update #7. We have great news!

    16. Missing avatar

      RonD on September 30, 2011

      I guess we all assumed that the July date referred to was July 2011, not July 2012.

      "Rest assured we're working aggressively to get the Flow in your hands ASAP. We're hoping to have them shipped by mid-July. We're really looking forward to seeing the master pieces you create with your Flow."

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean Brandle on September 28, 2011

      I am anxiously awaiting my flow. It is a birthday gift for my daughter. Her birthday in November 6th. Any chance of it arriving as promised?

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul J E Schoenmakers on September 27, 2011

      How are things going? I still didn't recieve any thing.

    19. Missing avatar

      RonD on September 8, 2011

      In August you said :
      "Despite all our setbacks I'm excited to announce that we're finally in production! Our manufacturer is working on the final tooling as we speak and we WILL receive your Flows by the end of the month. "

      How about an update on what is really happening and when we can realistically expect the flow?

    20. Ken Shih on August 11, 2011

      Thanks for the update!
      I say, take your time and get it right.
      I'm looking forward to a great product, not one that gets out fast.
      But it seems like you guys are doing the right thing, so kudos so far!

    21. Missing avatar

      Catherine Pagani on August 9, 2011

      Thanks for keeping us up to date on this. It was interesting to read about the process. I appreciate that you let us know about the bumps in the road.

      Good luck, guys!

    22. Alan Pepin on May 14, 2011

      Awesome! Congrats!

    23. Missing avatar

      RonD on May 10, 2011

      Thanks for answering the questions. I too am anxious to get a hold of the flow and begin painting with it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Catherine Pagani on May 10, 2011

      So happy to be a part of this! Congrats!

    25. Missing avatar

      Susan Murtaugh on May 10, 2011

      Congrats. Can't wait to get it. Now get moving. LOL! BTW that is the PERFECT length I am so excited.

    26. Anthony Cerra 2-time creator on May 10, 2011

      You guys and gals are the reason we do what we do. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Catherine Pimentel on May 10, 2011

      CONGRATS JOYSTICKERS!!! So glad you guys reached your goal!!!

    28. Brad Herman on May 9, 2011

      We made it!

    29. Missing avatar

      jPad on May 6, 2011

      Wow, this is really coming down to the wire to see if it will fund. If all 300 backers were to add just $2 to their pledge, the goal would essentially be reached. If it's not funded, you end up with nothing. There is still a week to go, but I'm hoping this idea will reach the relatively small number of backers, who can help push past the goal as it gets closer. (I sound like I'm part of the project, but I'm just a backer.)

    30. Anthony Cerra 2-time creator on May 4, 2011

      Thanks for all the comments/questions! I'll answer all the questions here and note all the recommendations. Your recommendation just might be the inspiration for another product :)

      @Susan - The entire Flow is about 7 3/8 inches long. The bristles make up only 3/8 of an inch. So the rod plus the aluminum end piece make it about 7 inches long.

      @Eric, @Olivier - Thanks for the feedback.

      @RonD - Thanks! We've never tried the Nomad. We've been developing the Flow since October 2010 and designed it according to our preferences. You're right about the stroke width - it's purely dependent on the the app. We really like Artist's Touch and Zen Brush. We're planning to ship in mid-July. We'd love to ship earlier, but there is a delay in payment from Kickstarter and production will take around 5 weeks.

      @Jared - They're all equally compatible.

      @John - The bristles are packed dense enough such that scratching the screen with the aluminum piece is not possible.

      @Brad - No, unfortunately touch screen tablets aren't that sensitive yet.

      @Nabil - Zen Brush and Artist's Touch. They're both really great apps.

      @Brad - Depending on the extremity of the spread and the app, it may register as 2. If the app is setup to register two points of contact it usually is for a zoom feature - obviously not desirable when you're painting. I've only found this to be the case in extreme test situations.

      @lukefabis - Our manufacturer assures us there are no animal products in the Flow.

      @Adam - It's a surprise!

      @Jared - It seems a lot of people like this idea. We'll keep it mind as we iterate.

      @RonD - False. We love that you guys have taken the time to reach out to us. I'm sorry it's taken so long to get you the answers.

    31. Missing avatar

      RonD on May 4, 2011

      It looks as if the developers are not intereted in answering questions. That is, to say the least disappointing.

    32. Jared Riddle on May 3, 2011

      It would be cool if something could be added to the tip of the handle to make the brush double as a stylus. Adding value and functionality. Just my .02¢

    33. Adam R. on May 1, 2011

      What's next? The Scribe or the Classics.

    34. Missing avatar

      lukefabis on May 1, 2011

      Does the Flow use any animal product as a material or in its manufacture? In other words, is it vegan?

    35. paul strauss on April 28, 2011

      Brad: I don't think it's possible for the iPad to detect such fine multitouch detail from its capacitive touchscreen. Believe me, that would be killer if there were some way to make a device that could actually sense the width of bristles on screen, but even Wacom hasn't figured that out yet. The closest I've ever seen was a hack with the infrared touchscreens:

    36. Brad Herman on April 27, 2011

      @John Does the spread of the brush cause it to register as more than one point or does it always read as one?

    37. Nabil Alanbar on April 27, 2011

      What app is being used in that video? It looks quite nice.

    38. Missing avatar

      John Marshall on April 26, 2011

      @Brad, the iphone and ipad only register points, not widths or pressure. Some apps detect speed, which can be used to fake it.

    39. Brad Herman on April 26, 2011

      Do you know if any of the art apps setup to detect the spread of the paintbrush as the with of the mark they paint?

    40. Missing avatar

      John Marshall on April 26, 2011

      @Anthony, My concern was about the ferrule, not the bristles. The gold/silver part that clamps them together. Is it made of aluminum? I just imagined a mishap where I press too hard or at the wrong angle and it scratches the glass.

    41. Missing avatar

      Max L on April 25, 2011

      @ Frank, the classics - There is no product out there that even comes close to the efficiency OR quality of the Classics. You find me one product that comes close to working how it's supposed to. I personally would back up the Classics if they make it to Kickstarter. I have seen other buttons fail miserably in that market. Huge suction cups, not sensitive or too large of buttons are not worth the money. At least the classics take up the estate as wide as their body, which is very small. I thought the design was genius.

    42. Missing avatar

      Max L on April 25, 2011

      @ Jared, I personally think that SBMX is a good one.

    43. Jared Riddle on April 24, 2011

      Awesome product. Glad to back it. What app would you recommend for Android in regards to the highest level of compatability with the brush? Thanks!

    44. Missing avatar

      RonD on April 24, 2011

      Hi I am a new backer excited to see the Flow come to fruition! Can you explain the practical paiting difference between the Flow shorter bristles and the longer bistles of the Nomad?

      I was disappointed that the video seemed to only show broad strokes and no thin strokes or is it your expectation that the width of the strokevis purely a function of the settings in the art app.

      How about a further video showing a wider variety of strokes abnd maybe even an actual painting with some definition.

      I already have some art apps that I like. Which ones do you use/recommend.

      Thinking optimistically, once you get fully funded, how long before the Flow brushes are in the mail to backers?

    45. Olivier Chabot on April 23, 2011

      Nice idea ! but 20$ for 1 pen, international shipping not included ? guys you should keep your price a bit cheaper if you want more pledges ! this should go for 15$, shipping international included, that would be reasonable,enjoyable and funded !

    46. Missing avatar

      Eric Bowman on April 22, 2011

      I have backed you, but I gotta say I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the other end function as a normal stylus. I also agree that the logo is a bit cheesy right now. Looks like a logo for a video game, not a paintbrush.

      Overall though I'm very excited to see this produced. Great design and concept. All the best.


    47. Missing avatar

      Susan Murtaugh on April 21, 2011

      AND, sorry, I posted too quickly, can you make it magnetic to stick to the cover?

    48. Missing avatar

      Susan Murtaugh on April 21, 2011

      How long is the shaft on this? I'm hoping about 8 inches.

      IMHO the Nomad bristles are too long. I like the shape of this and the fact you can hold it farther back. I would also love this shape with a hard tip.... I'm in for 2.

    49. Anthony Cerra 2-time creator on April 20, 2011

      @frank, Thanks for giving me the chance to explain some common misconceptions about patents. We met with three independent patent attorneys throughout the process and they all pretty much had the following response:
      Flow - Probably not patentable because it doesn't pass the "non-obvious" requirement that all US patents must satisfy. Specifically, it is highly unlikely for anyone to have patented a paintbrush for a touch screen device because of the combination of the paint brush handle with the conductive fibers, as the bristles would have been obvious to someone in the art (as it was obvious for us to combine the two).

      There's a cost associated with each "probably" we introduce. Patents are expensive. $10,000+ expensive. So before we decided to purse a patent for one or more of our products we did some searching on our own at the following sites to see what we could possibly be infringing on: (patent application database) (issued patent database)

      We found nothing similar to the Flow, but if you know of an issued patent that discloses everything in our Flow, then please send us the number and we'll look into it.

      I appreciate your interest in our legal situation, but please note that most people who post "Patent Pending" under their product are dishonestly using that as a scare tactic to keep competition away. We think that's lame.

    50. Missing avatar

      Frank Macord on April 19, 2011

      @anthony, I am an engineer like you in a very competitive electronic market and know what it means to try to get to the market quickly. However, I believe The Flow is an infringement on an existing patent, it has nothing to do with coincidence.

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