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$4,745 pledged of $80,000 goal
By Anthony Borthwick
$4,745 pledged of $80,000 goal

Pumpkin Chai Coffee and Matcha Green Tea Powder

Your new holiday favorite is here

Pumpkin Spice coffee has always been one of our most popular holiday flavors.  According to our customers, Pumpkin Chai Tea is by far our best.  It was pretty obvious to us that combining the two would be a "win win" for everyone involved.

The taste of pumpkin combined with our chai flavor - including cinnamon, clove, ginger and coriander - all on fresh roasted coffee.  Your new holiday favorite is only available on Kickstarter.

Artisan tea powder 8 centuries in the making

Matcha green tea powder has been the star of the Japanese Tea Ceremony for hundreds of years.  It takes a fairly grueling process to make Matcha powder - hand-picked leaves are processed to remove stems and veins, then the pulp is stone ground.  Over-grinding the powder will give it a burnt taste, so the process must be done very slowly and with great care.  This is why many believe Matcha to be the finest tea in the world.  

This savory tea produces a frothy green cup that is smooth and creamy.  While most matcha is known for its bitterness, Yame Matcha Green Tea Powder is sweeter than most.  This high grade of Matcha not only makes a perfect cup of tea but is also great for baking and deserts.

Priced at $29.50 on our regular website, our exclusive Kickstarter price is only $15!

Black Velvet Bourbon Flavored Coffee + 2 new pledge levels!

Black Velvet Bourbon Flavored Coffee

I don't think I even need to describe this one, the name says it all.  This rich, extravagant coffee is available in any pledge level featuring 1 lb coffees.

Speaking of pledge levels featuring 1 lb coffees.... Here's two more!

$50 - 1 is never enough!

Choose any two 1 lb coffees from our huge selection

$70 - Coffee 3 Pack!

Choose any three 1 lb coffees!

Panamanian Moon - Today's new update

A blend of light and dark Central American beans

Our newest coffee is one of "Roast Master" Al's secret favorites.  Before now he has only made this blend for his family, his coworkers here at CBD, and himself.  We've decided that as investors you are entitled to the same perks as each of us so we're making this blend available to you and only you.  We love Kickstarter exclusives!  

Our beautiful Panama Boquete is the star of this blend.  A mild coffee featuring a rich and lively flavor, Panama makes for a perfect base for this blend.  Al then mixes dark roasted coffee with the Panama.  French roast Costa Rican Tarrazu adds body making a more complex cup.  Bright but smooth, Panamanian Moon is an exceptional blend and we're happy to finally steal it away from Al and share it with you.

This blend will taste great no matter how you make it, but it brews best in a french press so check out our French Press & Coffee Combo Pack at the $80 pledge level.  

You will be able to choose Panamanian Moon for any of the pledge levels containing 1 lb bags of coffee.  

The Tea Lovers Have Spoken!

1 New Update, 3 New Rewards!

What happens when sweet, innocent Mango meets that spicy devil Ginger?  Let's just say that this is not a match made in Heaven.

This tea doesn't pull any punches - you WILL feel the zing.  We wanted the "burn" on this one to match the "sweet" so prepare your taste buds for a naughty little mix of pleasure and pain.

Available on black or green tea - your choice.

Speaking of "your choice"... you've requested more tea rewards and we've listened!

$30 - Coffee & Tea Combo Pack 

1-lb of coffee & 5-oz (plus a bonus box of T-Sacs).  You choose the coffee and the tea.  Perfect for fans of all things awesome.

$35 - Tea Lover's 3 Pack

Your choice of 3 different 5-oz bags of loose leaf tea and a box of T-Sacs.  

And YES, you can choose Spiced Ginger Mango as one of the 3!

Vigo the Carpathian brings fire & brimstone to Kickstarter

 He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!

Clearly, we're nerds.  

CFO Gregg (far right in the photo) has decked the walls of his office with "awesome."  Master's of the Universe, Super Street Fighter IV and Transformers the Animated Movie.  It's like the 1980's threw up on his walls and we love it.  

The pinnacle being a life size poster of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2. In honor of our unofficial celebrity mascot we decided to release our newest Kickstarter exclusive: Vigo's Blend.

To represent the scourge of Carpathia we needed a blend unlike any before.  We chose robust and flavorful African beans and blended them with mombasa pepper - a smokey and extremely hot chili pepper that makes cayenne seem like a puny insect in comparison.

Vigo's Blend is literally fire and brimstone in a cup.

Come on, nerd out with us.