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Anthony BorthwickBy Anthony Borthwick
First created
Anthony BorthwickBy Anthony Borthwick
First created
pledged of $80,000pledged of $80,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, October 13 2012 9:01 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Michael Shaw

      Haven't tried your coffee; but, as a coffee lover (AKA addict) and someone who lives in Jersey, how can I not back this great campaign?!?!?! Definitely looking forward to ordering some of your coffee soon (will be heading over to your website next) and hope that you guys get the Pouch Monster! Thanks to Nick from WMMR who tweeted about this campaign, which is what brought me (and hopefully many others) over. GOOD LUCK!!!! Now, excuse me as I go visit my Keurig and brew a cup.

    2. Anthony Borthwick Creator on

      Thanks for the comment David. You're absolutely right, we NEED a "Pouch Monster" no matter what. I'm sure the machine is in our future, but Kickstarter will determine if it's in our near future or a few years down the road.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Marianne Marquet on

      I have been ordering from CBD for years and can say it is without a doubt the freshest tasting, most flavorful coffee on the market. Don't waste your time buying super market and mass market brands. CBD has a HUGE selection of coffee and teas from around the world and deliver to your doorstep within days of ordering. I can't say enough great things about this company. I love them!

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      susan onofrio on

      Good luck!! Great comany with great people and coffee!

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      Leslie Wentz on

      I have been a long time customer of CBD. Their coffee is, hands down, the freshest and most flavorful coffee I have ever consumed! The insanely aromatic bag of beans arrives on my doorstep within a day or two of placing my order. Their selection of coffee flavors and teas can not be beat. I really can't say enough about their excellent customer service and very competitive pricing. Before I discovered CBD I was spending a fortune at Starbucks every single day. I am so relieved to be, not only, saving money but drinking BETTER coffee. I tell everyone I know about them. Their website is user-friendly, the price is right and most importantly, their product is delicious! I highly recommend to anyone out their looking for the freshest and most flavorful coffee the web has to offer!!

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      chrys on

      Coffee is good.

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      Sara on

      Thanks for the work you do, and for helping give back socially! Here's to a pouch monster!

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      Dorothy Nelson on

      This project is wonderful! Who doesn't love a machine that will package a product amazingly quick, not take away any employment opportunities, and gets delicious coffee to the world faster!? I know I do. I love that this company made some awesome videos too, it really made me see how much this project means to them and how beneficial this machine will be to the workers there. GOOD LUCK COFFEE GEEKS, KEEP IT UP!!!

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      carolyn aycock on

      i order this coffee in GA, and send it all over the country as gifts...
      their customer service is wonderful too...
      i wouldn't be able to function without my CBD... good luck guys.... be well

    12. Mr Marbles on

      Just happy I can help out. Definitely the best coffee I've ever had!!!!!!Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!

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      Elizabeth Wentz on

      I have been faithfully drinking CBD coffee for....well as long as I can remember...even before it was called CBD...This company has an amazing with product and super customer service. I loved seeing this video because it really shows what a family they all seem to be. Nice to put faces with names. :) I hope you guys get the funding for this product/project. I like to see the good guys get a little something once in a while for a change. Now I am remembering I have to place an order for more coffee to be delivered. I wont drink anything else. :) Keep doing great work. Sincerely, Mrs. Elizabeth Wentz.

    14. Donna Zdepski Ripley on

      Go CBD! I've enjoyed your delicious coffee beans for several years now and am vey happy to contribute in a small way to the growth of your business! Great coffee produced by great people is all good in my book. Good luck with this project!

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      Alina Gerlicz on

      We drink your coffee at work all the time thanks for what you guys do

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      Jeff Onofrio on

      Best coffee ever! Good luck guys!

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      Nicole Onofrio on

      Great coffee! Keep up the good work!

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      Robert Esserman on

      My son's company. I couldn't be prouder. Hope you make your goal! Good luck CBD.

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      Jane Graham on

      thanks for making great coffee

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      Cheryl Cressman on

      happy to support you guys wish you the best

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      Peggy Daggitt on

      Happy to support the fine people at Coffee Bean Direct. I'm excited to back a young company that continues to grow and provides a quality product with excellent service.

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      Michael Larsen on

      Awesome coffee, happy to help!

    23. marcie chryssanthakopoulos on

      Glad to hear that no jobs will be lost if you make your goal. Good luck to you all!

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      lisa onofrio on

      Great coffee, great people! Glad to help them!!!!!

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      John Ballantyne on

      A great company and outstanding coffee, I've been buying from CBD from close to a year now I think and it's the best coffee I've had by far.

      I'm happy to have a chance to help you guys grow!

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      nick cucci on

      This coffee is so ridiculously delicious...I had to support! Good luck! I hope you get funded!