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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 25 2019
pledged of $5,000pledged of $5,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 25 2019


Ninja Ninja is a highly strategic card and throwing foam stars game that everyone can play. 

Decks are made up of standard cards, challenge cards, master ninja cards, body cards with stands and foam throwing stars.  

Playing time: 60-90mins (average time is around 1 hour and 15mins with 4 players).

Ninja Ninja Game Demo

Ninja Ninja's play rounds to capture other cards.  Playing a Ninja Ninja throwing card allows you to take out the competition by throwing ninja ninja stars at other playing cards on stands. If you don't master the art of throwing Ninja Ninja foam stars and you miss, then the opponent gets your Ninja Ninja star.  This is where your inner Ninja Ninja skills come in. The game gets more involved as stars are exchanged and more player cards are lost in Ninja Ninja battle!  

If you love throwing ninja stars and want to bring out your the inner ninja, then please help us make this game a reality.  We feel you'll love it as much as we do!

Hugs and Ninja Ninja stars! 

-Jacque, Matt, Andrew and a group of Ninja Ninja's  

Ninja Ninja Story

On a dark and moon lit night. A group of ninjas... errrrr stop.  Wrong story.

Ninja Ninja started when Andrew was having his usual break out back with Matt & Jacque. He said. "hey we should make a strategic card game that involves throwing ninja stars at each other." Matt replied "ummm real ninja stars could get bloody!" Andrew says "with foam ninja stars." Jacque chimed in "that sounds amazing!

Over the next week, very important events happened... "silence, birds fly by and then the full moon came out in full force and a group of ninjas... ahhhh stop. Wrong story again.

What really happened is the three of them put their graphic arts might into full force. Lots of red bull and coffee and tea. A marathon computer graphic creating session happened and Ninja Ninja was born! Then the real story is... a group of Ninja Ninja's started to come to life in the form of playing cards, card stands and foam Ninja Ninja stars...on a dark and moon lit night!  

Shown with prototype Foam Ninja Ninja Stars.

HOW TO ADD-ON:  Select manage pledge and add additional amount to your pledge. 

$5 to add yellow and pink Ninja Ninja's.  $15 to add Ninja Ninja headbands.

When yellow and pink Ninja Ninja's are unlocked. And you add-on for both the unlocked colors and headbands.  You'll receive yellow and pink headbands.

NINJA NINJA GAME DEMO (with early card stands)

NINJA NINJA STAR CHALLENGE DEMO Before game starts.  Ninja Ninja's with the most stars thrown in the box wins the extra two Ninja Ninja foam stars (include in game).  Working prototype shown in video, design to slightly change.

We spent some time testing Ninja Ninja out in the world, invested more time refining this game and now we hope the Kickstarter community will enjoy what we have to offer in a new throwing foam stars card game - Ninja Ninja.

Your inner Ninja Ninja is waiting to be release. Join us on a quest to throw Ninja Ninja stars!!!

With love and Ninja Ninja Stars,

-Another Game Company Team  (Jacque, Matt, Andrew and a group of Ninja Ninja's)


  • Poker size cards with boxes.
  • Foam Ninja Ninja stars in custom colors.
  • Card stands.
  • Ninja Ninja Headbands.
  • Rulebook prints.
  • Game boxes.
  • Feeding the Ninja Ninja's so they don't turn against us!

Risks and challenges

We have several manufacturers lined up to fulfill Ninja Ninja Throwing Stars Card Game. We do understand problems can arise and we will communicate to backers about any challenges that may arise in manufacturing and fulfillment. But we are confident that we can get Ninja Ninja's out to everyone on time!

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