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A live theatre film thing starring Hilda and you. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on February 14, 2012.

A live theatre film thing starring Hilda and you.

Brooklyn, NY Theater
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A Live Theatre Film Thing

Starring: HildaFeaturing: You

We are in the beginning stages of developing Liebe Love Amour!, a theatricalized “live film” of an epic search for love.  We will create our Hollywood magic using cameras, a green-screen, live video processing software, and footage from Golden Age films that have come into the public domain.  Inspired largely by the iconography of Marlene Dietrich, and the imagery of director Erich von Stroheim, this piece will explore the connections and disconnections between Hollywood depictions of love and love in our real lives. We envision a show that unfolds into a love affair between the audience and Hilda as we draw the audience into and onto the silver screen. The audience will end up guiding Hilda in her search for an understanding of the phenomenon of love, as their own stories become part of the fabric of the piece.  We imagine the show deconstructing into a conversation with the audience about love in their own lives before reconstructing for its big Hollywood wedding finale.

 The film will be underscored by a palette of lush, orchestral, music loops created by composer, William Antoniou, and sequenced live by Liz Davito.  Of course, Liz will also strum, stroke and squeeze a panoply of small instruments, while Eamonn Farrel mixes the video live. Liz and Eamonn will voice the supporting cast but the costars will be you!

This Kickstarter campaign is truly to kickstart a project that will span many months and hopefully years.  We will be exploring new technological terrain in terms of realtime interactions and new technology is always expensive.  The money we raise will also go towards supporting the artists involved during the first phase of creation which will conclude with the first workshops during the summer of 2012.

Hilda und Co. is:
Hilda a.k.a. Jessica Weinstein
Gretel a.k.a. Liz Davito
Ludwig a.k.a Eamonn Farrell

History of Hilda und Co.:
2002: Hilda und Ludwig---the post-post modern alter egos of Jessica Weinstein and Eamonn Farrell---are born at MassMoCA amidst the silks and stormwinds of Basil Twist and the directorial furor of Lee Breuer.
2003: Hilda debuts as the emcee of Anonymous Ensemble's underground rock theater outfit, TheBest, in an underground Brooklyn location.
2004-2008: Hilda performs in various incarnations of TheBest, presented in nefarious venues and festivals from Brooklyn to Berlin to Brisbane.
2006: Wanderlust, Hilda und Co.'s epic, interactive, theatrical journey is conceived in hotel rooms around the world.
2007: Hilda und Ludwig go on a quest seeking music for Wanderlust by tracking down the elusive DJ, Mr. Funk.  The journey culminates in a sweaty mosh pit in a warehouse in Riga.  The video journal of the quest goes viral.
2007: Gretel---Hilda's leiderhosen-loving multi-instrumentalist sidekick---is born and Wanderlust premieres in NYC at the Ohio Theater Ice Factory Festival. 
2008: Hilda und Co. perform Wanderlust at the Underbelly in the Edinburgh Fringe, where it is nominated for a Total Theatre Award in experimentation and innovation.  Hilda und Gretel perform on the runway for Norwegian Fashion Week.
2009: Wanderlust and The Hilda and Gretel Cabaret premiere in London and go on a U.K. tour, wowing audiences in theaters, burlesque houses, circus tents and sheep fields.
2010: Hilda takes a rest.
2011: Hilda awakes from a deep sleep, and begins scheming a love affair, a live film with audience as actors.
2012, January: Friends and family (a.k.a. you) pledge their love und support und help shape the live theater film thing that is LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! as Hilda begins video journaling a Search for Love in New Orleans.  Hilda und Co. climb into an "Art Hole" and begin rehearsals.
2012, February 14th: Hilda presents the first taste of LIEBE LOVE AMOUR!
2012, Spring: LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! is developed through workshops in NYC.
2012, Summer: LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! premieres in the Edinburgh Fringe and wins all kinds of awards.
2012, Fall/Winter: LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! goes on a world tour of film and/or theater festivals and thwarts the Mayan Apocalypse with fantastical love! 

Public Domain Background Footage: Algiers, 1938
Public Domain Music: You Made Me Love You, Anna Chandler, 1913


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