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From Charlie Kaufman, writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, comes Anomalisa his first animated film
5,770 backers pledged $406,237 to help bring this project to life.


Welcome to the first installment of Kickstarting With Dan and Dino!!  The fellas wanted to extend their "thanks" to all who have pledged so far and shed some light on why we should keep going!

Check out the video, pass it around and keep an eye out for some new incentives coming your way!  Starting with a night of hanging out and drinking with Dan and Dino!!

Thank you everyone!!

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    1. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on August 19, 2012

      Correction!! Each pledger will get their own drinking with Dan and Dino night!!

    2. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on August 3, 2012

      Hey Adam,

      We're just planning to play it by ear...if everyone's schedule allows, we'll do one big night or if we can't get everyone together, we'll spread it over a few nights.


    3. Creator Adam Lauver on August 3, 2012

      Oh hey cool there's no edit function on Kickstarter! These morning are the worst.

    4. Creator Adam Lauver on August 3, 2012

      Is the night of drinking with Dan and Dino going to be a single event shared among all 25 backers? Or will they drink with each backer separately? Just curious. Can't wait to see these film!

    5. Creator Gabe Costantino on August 2, 2012

      Starburns isn't just a character from Community?!? No, but super excited for the collaboration. Charlie Kaufman, Dan Harmon, Starburns, and stop motion cannot fail.

    6. Creator Josh Reichental on August 2, 2012

      Really hope more people suppport this, though I'm really looking forward to whatever you guys make regarless of the budget!