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From Charlie Kaufman, writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, comes Anomalisa his first animated film
From writer Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Duke Johnson (Moral Orel, Frankenhole) comes Anomalisa.
From writer Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Duke Johnson (Moral Orel, Frankenhole) comes Anomalisa.
5,770 backers pledged $406,237 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      Matthew Turnbull 3 days ago

      (I'm in the Czech Republic, for clarification. Not sure if that relates to the lack of digital or not, but it might?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Turnbull 3 days ago

      Just received my Bluray, but apparently as they couldn't provide a digital copy, I got a free DVD as well. Not particularly useful (not like I'll play it instead of the HD one) but I appreciate the sentiment, i guess...

    3. Levy Daelman 4 days ago

      The blu-ray just arrived for me today (Belgium). None of the other physical perks yet, but I'm sure they'll turn up someday :)

    4. Dani Kei V Kaneda 5 days ago

      I haven't received my digital code... :( any news in europe?¿? what the hell?
      It's been in cinemas here already.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Reading on July 15

      I've received a digital code but none of the physical elements.
      I can now walk into a shop and buy for 15 pounds the blu ray I was promised 4 years ago.
      I understood and was sympathetic to the contract with a distributor but we are now at the back of a queue which never moves. You took a significant amount of money from a small group of people who it is obvious you feel you've got over a barrel.
      All I get is an occasional update via email and comments on here.
      This is an absolute disgrace and I will be using other avenues to express my unhappiness with Starburn industries who have treated us like something from the sole of their shoes.

    6. Álex Hernández-Puertas on July 11

      I emailed a week ago and have received to response whatsoever. Shameful...

    7. Missing avatar

      Yonathan Yacobi on July 6

      still no digital code here in the middle east. apparently just outside of the internet's reach...

    8. William Kreusch on July 4

      Nothing at all here. No blu ray, script or even a message. This is getting somewhat ridiculous...

    9. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on July 4

      Update #62, dated Feb 22 2016 states:
      "All rewards have now gone into production, and many of them are already in packaging phase, or being signed by Charlie and Duke. We are on track to have all rewards ready to ship no later than the end of March. We'll send out notifications for each reward tier when your items are on the way!"
      I've received the Blu-ray, but no other physical rewards (from the $150 "signed Anomalisa Script" reward tier). It is now July.
      I'm also concerned by the March 23rd comment by @Creator stating:
      "Hi Everyone! We're moving all our correspondence off of this page, and into email! If you have comments or questions about the film, rewards, shipping, or anything else, please write to us at the following address — We want to hear from you!"
      It would make more sense for the creators to distribute information via Kickstarter updates, rather than having 5,770 backers sending e-mails to, all asking, "Hey, where's my stuff?"

    10. Emmanuel Smith on July 4

      How in god's name is the movie CURRENTLY available to purchase on Amazon Instant yet I haven't gotten a digital code? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is borderline theft at this point.

    11. Maarten Den Heyer on July 4

      Since sending download codes is so extremely difficult, how about you just send me the blu-ray. At this rate I'll probably see the movie on Netflix anyway be I receive the digital download.

    12. Tara Cameron on July 3

      I am so disappointed and angry in how the backers have been shut out from this project from Day One. I wish I could say that I was surprised that the simplest of the rewards - the digital download codes - has yet to materialize. But I'm not. The fact that they are not responding to backers questions, also not surprising. The backers of this project have been more than patient but have been made to feel, time and again, like our expectations for our involvement in the project were over the top. I'm sure it's a lovely movie, since so many non-backers have verified that it is. I wouldn't know. I almost don't care to know at this point. The treatment of the backers for this project has left me with an incredibly sour taste in my mouth. I will not be promoting this film. There are other film companies out there, like Zombie Orpheus/Dead Gentlemen Productions, who actually keep their backers in the loop and involved and treat them with respect. But I guess this is what happens when you let the big film companies like Paramount get involved.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bret Goldhorn on June 14

      I too was curious about the character designs and storyboards that were part of my contribution level -- were those separate, physical items or part of the extras on the DVD? I DID receive the download code and a Blu-Ray/DVD copy of the film -- which is amazing by-the-way!

    14. David Bell on June 13

      Still waiting here and incredibly disappointed with how this kickstarter has been run.

      We were told that the movie couldn't be made without us, we sat and watched the months go by with no updates, no involvement in the process, then we were told that the movie had become more than it was originally going to be, partly thanks to us. I understood that and I understood why it took longer to make, why once Paramount were onboard, we couldn't receive our copies before it had been released in the cinema. Now here we are, with the movie available on bluray, available to rent online, yet for some of us, there's still no sign of any download link .

      I've heard other kickstarter filmmakers say that they wouldn't do it again this way because of the demands of the backers and I'm sure many of the people involved in Anomalisa would say the same, but the others I have seen have at least attempted to keep the backers informed and happy. To say that the people involved in this one were unprepared for what's involved in funding your project through kickstarter and having so many supporters/backers is an understatement.

      I'm still looking forward to seeing the movie, for the same reasons I backed it in the first place, but I have no plans to back any big name film projects again.

    15. Jonathan Stallings on June 10

      Any word on when those waiting for a digital version of the film will receive their code or link?

    16. Missing avatar

      Gary Kurkewich on June 8

      Finally received my Blu. I was kinda hoping there would be a way to differentiate it from the non-backer version ie a different slip cover or cover art. Oh well as long as the movies good.

    17. Adrian B on June 7

      Got my Blu-Ray. Zero regrets backing this great flick.

    18. Missing avatar

      Matt L. on June 7

      My Blu-ray was just delivered via FedEx today. Still waiting on all the other stuff I was supposed to get like story boards and such.

    19. Missing avatar

      Shane on June 7

      So should I go rent the movie while I wait for my Blu-ray?

    20. Missing avatar

      on June 7

      Very strange, but right after commenting here I was walking out my door and Fed-Ex delivered my package!

    21. Missing avatar

      on June 7

      Well, have not received my DVD copy either!

    22. Missing avatar

      on June 7

      Have not even received a download code yet as of today it is available to purchase!

    23. Missing avatar

      christopher jones on June 6

      I have not yet received my Blu-Ray and I live in the United States. Is a tracking # available?

    24. Dieter Goldschmidt on June 4

      .... also: It feels kinda strange that in the "Extras section" of the disc nobody mentions this Kickstarter campaign. Yes, all the backers are mentioned in the end titles, and yet.... since without them (us!) it would not have been possible, right?

    25. Dieter Goldschmidt on June 4

      Received my BluRay this week, no fees or taxes to be paid (shipped from Poland to Germany). All the digital rewards didn't work, though. :-/

    26. Missing avatar

      black_fm on June 4

      @Noemi that sucks :o I got mine yesterday and it was delivered as a normal package without any customs fee

    27. Noemi Mueller on June 2

      I received the bluray today (no signed storyboards yet). sadly I had to pay an additional $27 for customs because it shipped from Poland through Germany until I got it here in Switzerland:((

    28. Missing avatar

      Rene Romero on June 1

      Hello to all backers of Anomalisa!!!

      Have any of you received any rewards from Starburns Industries beside the download code.
      I backed the campaign to get a signed screenplay from Charlie Kaufman and the other goodies and so far I received nothing. I understand it takes a while to get everything together but this is bumming me out. I solely pledged to this campaign because I'm a big fan of Charlie.

      I hope all of you are doing well and eventually may our rewards be fulfilled.
      Take care.


    29. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on May 28

      The US release date for the DVD is 2016-06-07. I don't expect we'll see any rewards shipped before then.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michelle on May 27

      "Please remember to be respectful and considerate". All I can see is hundreds of respectful and considerate questions related to the rewards that were promised when each of us parted with our hard earned cash to back a project we were passionate about. I have followed every direction asked of me; I have emailed directly, and yet nothing. I have no dvd, t-shirt or storyboard. I really do feel as if the creators of this project are lacking the respect and consideration for me, a backer. I paid to see the film in a cinema (happily) but I would sincerely like to know why we have all been left high and dry after our money was pledged.

    31. David White on May 24

      "We are on track to have all rewards ready to ship no later than the end of March."

      I emailed the paramount email address a week ago to ask where the rewards are, but no reply. Also, my survey didn't list everything that the reward level I pledged at was supposed to include.

      Anyone know what's going on?

    32. Marie-Andree Poisson
      on May 23

      Thanks a lot Starburns Industries and Paramount! Not!

    33. Marie-Andree Poisson
      on May 19

      Haven't received any code at all for my digital fledge. What is going on in here? We have to complain to receive anything?

    34. Michael Yasko on May 6

      When will the Bluray, signed scripts and signed storyboards be shipping? I received my digital fulfillment on March 14th, but have not received the real items.

    35. Kai Kulmajärvi on April 16

      Digital release dates for Europe? Already asked from the provided email address but am still waiting for a response after I told I live outside the U.S :(

    36. Nicholas Schmidt on April 11

      When do you anticipate the storyboards to ship?

    37. Starburns Industries, Inc. Creator on March 23

      Hi Everyone! We're moving all our correspondence off of this page, and into email! If you have comments or questions about the film, rewards, shipping, or anything else, please write to us at the following address — We want to hear from you!

    38. Starburns Industries, Inc. Creator on March 23

      @Jason Deakins Wine-fueled rants are the best kind of rants, so don't be embarrassed. And thank you for your understanding — very happy to hear you were able to rescue the download code from your junk mail, and very happy that despite its imperfect and belated delivery, your copy of our film is finally in your hands! We can only hope you enjoy it.

      @Matt Stultz We're so sorry that your download code hasn't arrived to you. We have your coordinates: We'll make sure the team at Paramount gets one to your inbox immediately. We hear you and we understand that this is super frustrating — thank you for your patience!!

    39. Starburns Industries, Inc. Creator on March 23

      @Christopher Jones We haven't learned exact dates of availability for the blu-rays yet, but we'll learn those shortly! Stay tuned.

    40. Missing avatar

      christopher jones on March 22

      Hello. Any word on when the Blu-Ray will ship to backers that selected that reward option?

    41. Missing avatar

      Matt Stultz on March 22

      Not in my spam, not in my inbox. I asked for an iTunes code. After almost 3 years of waiting, paying an extra $5 over what it is currently selling for, and being treated like your backers don't matter, I don't feel like I should need to hassle with customer support. Is it too late for a refund?

    42. Missing avatar

      black_fm on March 21

      Some questions:
      1. Is Switzerland considered a ‘territory where the film is for sale’?
      2. If no, when will it be?
      3. What if a person lives in a place where, for whichever reason, the film will never be on sale?

      I mean, I can go to the pirate bay right now and get it there – no accounts to create, no strings attached, download and watch on whichever device using whichever software. And from what I read in comments, that is what I will have to do. And it makes me sad, I thought the whole point of this project was to make things in a civilised manner, pay the money –> get the movie. Yet still, it is easier to download the movie in an ‘unofficial’ way, and, as multiple backers have mentioned it already, that’s not really what we signed up for.

    43. Jason Deakins on March 21

      Sure enough, I discovered my download code in my junk folder, rendering my wine-fueled rant a bit embarrassing in retrospect. While I certainly would have preferred to download the movie on my choice of streaming services, I understand why that wasn't feasible. In short, pretty much all of the ways in which I felt slighted are addressed by living in a world where you delivered the movie to your backers on the same day that streaming services made it available to non-backers, and for that, only my junk-mail filter is at fault.

    44. Starburns Industries, Inc. Creator on March 20

      Hey @Everyone – For those of you who didn't receive your download code on release day or had trouble with it, our friends at want to hear from you so they can make sure you get your copy of the movie and get to enjoy it on the device of your choice! Drop them a line if you have any tech issues.

    45. Starburns Industries, Inc. Creator on March 20

      @Lee Dempsey - You're our hero. Thanks for helping explain the codes!
      @Jack Moulton - So glad to hear you liked the making of featurette!!! Thanks for your comment.

    46. Starburns Industries, Inc. Creator on March 20

      @Jason Deakins - Sorry to hear this, YES, all codes were sent out on the date of digital release!! If you're in a territory where the film is for sale, you should definitely have your copy of the film already — Have you checked your spam folder? If it's not there, DM us and we'll get this sorted out STAT!

    47. Jason Deakins on March 20

      Should I have received a download code yet? Because I haven't. It is very frustrating to open the movie app on my xbox and see this available for purchase. I was part of the small group of people who were super excited to help make this movie happen and I still haven't had the chance to watch it yet. If I had just ignored your campaign I could have purchased it from the amazon digital movie store for LESS than I paid to back it AND would have had the opportunity to have seen it by now AND would have been able to purchase it on the digital movie store of my choice. At this point, it would be better for me for you to refund me my money. I could buy the movie where I want and have $5 left over to back a project that would hopefully treat its backers better.

    48. port on March 19

      It's a complete joke that you have to either make a Paramount account or already use some other subpar service like the Apple store in order to "download" this movie.

      If anyone else is skeptical about signing up for yet another website or downloading yet another pointless program, I highly recommend pirating instead. Works much better.

    49. Shannon Shea on March 19

      Never got my download code.

    50. Jan C J Jones on March 18

      I opened a Paramount account for the Hd download... but the code provided me was "invalid." Ideas? Suggestions?

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