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From Charlie Kaufman, writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, comes Anomalisa his first animated film
From writer Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Duke Johnson (Moral Orel, Frankenhole) comes Anomalisa.
From writer Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Duke Johnson (Moral Orel, Frankenhole) comes Anomalisa.
5,770 backers pledged $406,237 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Jonathan Tay about 2 hours ago


      Just checking in again to make sure I haven't missed out on rewards being sent out yet?


    2. Creator Stephen Angell on February 6

      I saw this film recently - and it was a real bitter-sweet moment. Sweet, because it was such a great movie and I loved it so much. Bitter because I watched it at a friends house on, you guessed it, one of "those" sites.

      I'm very proud to have supported this film and yet disappointed in how you've been hamstrung by the studio system in their reluctance to let you release this film to us properly. Their concern that we might leak the film online is now bitter irony.

    3. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on February 1

      @Eric Nikolaisen After two days to mull it over, what do you think? DM us if you want to muse over any particular moments or ask any questions.

      @Matt Powell Matt, we hear you. We realize (and we agree!) that having to wait so long to see the film you helped make possible has been a frustrating experience. We truly wish we could have delivered your download to you sooner than we originally promised! In the below update, we tried to address the complexities we encountered when bringing an independently made and, in part, crowdfunded film into the world of traditional distribution. But, we never imagined how immensely complex this would be, and how many conflicting issues we'd need to try to balance in doing the best we possibly can to get 'Anomalisa' out to the world. We're so grateful for your support and patience, and we really want that to be clear. Truly sorry it's taken so long to get the film to you, thank you for bearing with us on this journey – if we'd known how tricky it would be to navigate traditional distribution and crowdfunding together, we would have approached everything differently from the beginning. Have a look at this update if you haven't yet seen it, please feel free to send us a message with any feedback.

    4. Creator Matt Stultz on February 1

      Man I just re-watched the kickstarter video for this and all the talk of wanting to accomplish this outside of "the typical big studio process" really stings now.

    5. Creator Matt Stultz on February 1

      So I think it's time for the Starburns team to step it up for backers. We backed a project that is going to be nearly 3 years late. This is partially because we showed so much enthusiasm that the team was able to turn a short film into a real movie, a decision made by the creator after they had our money. The creator then decided to go back to the standard Hollywood model for the release of this film, cutting us out of any early release. Now the movie has been distributed to film festivals, limited theater distribution, and since it's been nominated for an Oscar, anyone with a SAG card probably has a DVD also. The creator is stating that we are going to have multiple options for download including iTunes, Ultraviolet, and others. Most iTunes first releases are $19.99 and quickly drop to $14.99.
      So instead of having your backers pay that extra penny for the honor of waiting 3 years and being the last to see the film, I think it would be great if Starburns upped our rewards. Send digital backers a physical copy along with their download link. Send backers who chose the physical reward a signed copy. This in no way interferes with their distribution deal, it just levels out the risk to reward levels a bit more.

    6. Creator Eric Nikolaisen on January 30

      I was able to see the film this weekend at the Salt Lake Film Society ( It's very strange, still not sure what to make of it.

    7. Creator Matt Powell on January 30

      Feeling really shitty about the way this campaign has treated me. Blah.

    8. Creator Justin Gibson on January 27

      Thanks for the response, @anomalsa! I am reassured. :)

    9. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 26

      @DoctorNick Checked on this, good news and bad news: Unfortunately only backers at a certain reward tier have their names in the credits; fortunately we did not leave you off by sheer accident. Be comforted though in that you are certainly listed in the credits of our minds.

    10. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 26

      @Justin Gibson YES. It will come. We promise. Check out the Updates for ETAs on rewards. But yes. It will come, no need for heartbreak here.
      @Peter Ashman Great question — we'll look into this and direct message you.
      @DoctorNick ! ! ! Looking into this and sending you a direct message.
      @Alketttory That is PERFECT.
      @Marco Landi THANK YOU.
      @Mark Sereda Visit the 'Campaign' section, click on the reward tier at which you backed, and you should see links to make your way to your backer survey, wherein you can edit your contact details. Or, direct message us!

    11. Creator Peter Ashman on January 26

      As backers do we get any sort of priority booking to the event at the Curzon Soho on the 3rd march? Priority booking is open for Curzon members does that mean we have to join to secure a ticket?

    12. Creator DoctorNick on January 25

      My name's not in the credits ;-;

      Do you hate me ;_______;

    13. Creator Justin Gibson on January 23

      I backed this because I love Kaufman and Stamatopoulos and my love is not diminished by a signed script not arriving in the mail in 2013.

      But if it never comes? That would break my heart. At least a bit.

      Please tell me it will come?

    14. Creator Marco Landi on January 23

      @Rosa Tran i would be honoured when i'll receive my blue ray copy if on it there was your signature. Basically now i'm part of your team, right? ;)

    15. Creator Alketttory, Miscreant of Valoria on January 22

      I saw this in a theater in Cincinnati last night. That was a bit of a surreal experience. We see Michael Stone fly into CVC airport, and we hear that the local time is 7:43pm. Since the movie started at 7:30pm, at that moment it really was nearly 7:43pm. There we were, sitting in Cincinnati, watching Michael Stone drive through Cincinnati in what seemed like real time...
      Oh, and the movie is spectacular.

    16. Creator Mark Sereda on January 19

      As I have just moved recently, how can I update the address I've provided for sending out rewards? Oh, and congrats on being nominated for an Academy Award!

    17. Creator Marco Landi on January 18

      Anomalisa will be playing in italian theaters since the next february 25. Can' t wait to watch it!

    18. Creator Marco Landi on January 16

      You all are genious. Congratulations on the Academy Awards Nominations. I'm so thrilled for you all!

    19. Creator Alketttory, Miscreant of Valoria on January 15

      For those in the Cincinnati area, Anomalisa is playing at the Esquire on Thu 1/21 at 7:30pm.…

    20. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 14

      @Joe Maubach Both great questions — thanks for commenting. As for smaller markets, Paramount is gaging the film's box office performance in each city it reaches; the better it does in larger markets, the more likely it is that it will make it to smaller ones. If you have a local cinema, you can always express your interest to the programmer!
      As for digital copies, it's looking *very likely* that we'll be able to offer you several platforms to choose from for your download — iTunes, Ultraviolet, and others (all with DRM). Keep an eye out for a survey to that effect shortly!

    21. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 14

      @Jack @DrMaestro @Syberdoor @Marco THANK YOU, we're extremely honored — and congrats to you each as well — We wouldn't be here without you.

    22. Creator Jack Moulton on January 14

      Congratulations on the Oscar nomination!

    23. Creator DrMaestro on January 14

      Congratulations on the Academy Award nomination! This is a great honor for me to be a (very very) small part of this feat.

    24. Creator Syberdoor on January 14

      Congratulations on the Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year!!

    25. Creator Marco on January 14

      academy awards? a dream!

    26. Creator Joe Maubach on January 12

      Two quick things, as you guys continue on:
      -Any way to help get the film to smaller markets? I'm excited the film is screening on the coasts, but out here in the middle of corn and soy we don't get a ton of smaller release films without traveling a few hours (and even then it's no guarantee). Is there anything we backers can do to help get the film into our areas?
      -The digital copy backers are getting - in the past few years the concept of a "digital copy" has changed. What was once an .mp4 video file with some half-assed DRM is now replaced with iTunes locker or UltraViolet (I've been surprised at how well UV has been working in digitizing my movie collection legally). Will we be getting our digital copy in this more contemporary form?

    27. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 12

      @Teng Chi Lim So glad to hear you saw the film on the big screen, and that you enjoyed it.

      It's very true that when major-studio distribution crashes up against the expectations of crowdfunding, there are far more restrictions and caveats than we ever anticipated. Thanks for being understanding as we navigate through those in what has been — agreed, in so many ways — a huge learning experience. We've said this plenty but we'll say again, we *really* wish we could have gotten the film to you sooner, and if we'd known the timeline would play out this way for our backers, we would've planned everything differently from the start.

      But, here we are, the film we wanted to make was made (with your help), and soon your download will be delivered (no doubt there) — thanks immensely for your patience and we hope you look forward to watching it a second time at home. Thanks again for your kind words about the film.

    28. Creator Teng Chi Lim on January 12

      I watched it last Friday in a sold out theater in San Francisco. Loved the movie, disappointed with the Kickstarter and probably won't be backing another film Kickstarter again. It appears the requirements of even limited distribution and film festival circuits makes it such that base level Kickstarter rewards (which is what I personally use Kickstarter for) unlikely to appeal to me. I understand that there are several factors in play beyond catering to the Kickstarter backers, and I think this is a learning lesson for both of us.

      On the bright side, at least the product should eventually get delivered (one might hope), and what a wonderful product it is.

    29. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 11

      @Yong-Soo @Jack - So pleased you were able to see this in a theater! And Jack, it's true, so much is lost on small screens. We wish we could've sent you your reward copies of the film sooner but we're glad you got to see the film you helped get made. Thanks for your continued support (cc @Andrew Gregory!). We feel so lucky to have you guys.

    30. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 11

      @Peter Verrey @Peter We understand how frustrated you are… and believe us, we wish there was more we could do about it. You’ve expressed a lot of valid concerns, so we want to do our best to respond to them.

      THE DELAYS: We’ve talked a lot about the delays and why they happened — and while we wish it had taken less time to make the movie, we also hope that most backers will feel the final movie is worth the extra time it took. 'Anomalisa' ended up being both longer and more elaborate than we had first anticipated, but we hope most backers will be proud to have helped make it.

      THE UPDATES: We’ve also said that we know we should have done better with regular updates during production, and that we were a little unprepared for the amount of extra work involved in running a Kickstarter. If we could go back and change this, we would. Since we can’t, we’re still hoping to make up for it with several detailed updates about the making of the movie. We’ll be sending those over the next few months, now that the movie has been released and we don’t need to worry about spoiling it before it reaches theaters.

      OUR MOTIVES: We’re sorry that you believe we’d hold everything back for profit, but as we’ve now explained several times, we don’t make the final decisions on how the film is distributed… and a lot of people invested a lot of money that we need to do our best to earn back for them.

      But, to be clear, the goal of this campaign was never to be an independent DISTRIBUTOR — it was to be independent FILMMAKERS, and create the movie without studio input, so that the final film would reflect Charlie and Duke’s vision without compromise.

      That’s exactly what it made possible, and thanks to the backers who got us started – and a LOT of other investors who lent us the money we needed to finish – we were able to make the movie we wanted to make, and want you to see. THAT is what our Kickstarter made possible.

      We wish we were able to share everything with you sooner, and that we could prioritize our backers over ALL of the other people who also contributed to help make the film, but in the end, it’s a huge balancing act, and we have to make a lot of difficult decisions. We absolutely care about our backers, and remain grateful for your support — so we’re sorry that we’ve made you feel like we don’t.

      There are a lot of things we could have done better over the last few years — especially in terms of communicating about what was happening — but we got to make the movie we wanted to make, and we were able to get it into theaters and to distribute it in other formats. Once we get the downloads, Blu-rays, and DVDs, we’ll send out the reward copies, just like we always promised.

      This probably won’t make you feel better, because there’s nothing we can do to CHANGE the things you’re disappointed about… but we wanted you to at least understand that we’re listening, and care about your concerns, and wish we could do more.

    31. Creator Yong-Soo on January 9

      I'm writing this comment in the movie theatre right after watching Anomalisa in San Francisco. While it took an extremely long time to make, the movie was very detailed and thought provoking. Just wish that backers could have gotten their rewards before the movie came out in theatres. Overall, great work.

    32. Creator Peter Verrey on January 7

      I have to say, is this your idea of what a successful kickstarter is for you? Absolutely horrible for the people who backed it, but good for you at least!
      Useless updates, complete disregard from the creative team, countless delays, and of course refusing to show us any of the work until you've milked every last cent out of the system.

      To the right of this screen is some text that says "Use this space to cheer the creator along". What a joke! Does the creator of this project even know we exist? You have had 3 and a half years to prove yourselves to be something more than a typical Hollywood studio, and it's clear as day that you are not. Congratulations on your movie, but honestly I wish we had never met.

    33. Creator Andrew Gregory on January 7

      I am happy and proud to say I had a small part as a backer for this film.

    34. Creator Jack Moulton on January 7

      I've been fortunate enough to be able to borrow a Guild member's DVD screener so I've watched Anomalisa another two times on top of the incredible Q&A screening the other day. It's a remarkably layered film, every time I watch it it's a different experience and I get something else out of it. The first time was admittedly confusing and depressing (balanced out by the tender warmth and hilarity of the film's first hour) but it continues to unfold in my mind and I discover wonderful thematic ideas I missed the first and even second time. This is Kaufman, after all.

      It really has to be seen in theaters at least once though (even if it's not the first time) - I wish the team here could offer free tickets or discounts but it's worth it. There's detail that's missed on a smaller screen and you really get a sense of the scale. There's such a significant insignificance of the film that I adore. I sincerely think this is the best film of the decade and the best film in general since Synecdoche New York.

      Yes, lots of people have been able to see it before you and before myself but the film remains deeply personal especially the more I dig into it and form my own opinion on what it's all about. We've spent 3 and a half years with this film and even watching it thrice there's more to discover. So thanks for this pitch-perfect masterpiece, it's been a journey but I'm very happy to have been a part of the film that will continue to have life for decades. I hope most of the backers love it as I do.

      If only this wasn't the same year as Inside Out and we could make a play for the Oscar.

    35. Creator Steven on January 5

      Like many backers, I was under the impression this would be a short featurette and not a full-length film to be distributed by Hollywood. Many critics have already seen this film and it will be seen by the general paying public long before those who backed it, unless they pay to see it in a theater. This is a backwards approach to rewarding those who believed in this enough to support it from the start, and contradicts the whole point of asking people to Kickstart it in the first place.

    36. Creator robi zocher on January 4

      Will you be sending me my signed script any time soon? That was the award I paid money for! It sounds like a script should be available now!

    37. Creator robi zocher on January 4

      How do I leave you an updated address for my award?

    38. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 3

      @James We hear where you’re coming from. We aren’t trying to delegitimize anything, just to clarify what we actually said. This movie wasn’t made in the traditional way — We did produce it outside of the typical Hollywood studio system, not because we wanted to “stick it to” that system, but because that was the only way to make the movie we truly wanted to make.
      But as other backers have pointed out, the money raised on Kickstarter was only a fraction of the overall budget. Major studio distribution is hands down the best way a film like ours can reach enough people to earn back the money invested to make it, and a pitfall of that is that we don't have the freedom to prioritize our backers in ways that could hurt the movie’s performance.
      Of course, we hope you WON’T be one of the last to see it — you’ll get your personal copy of the movie NO LATER than the same day it’s available to the rest of the world, and hopefully sooner. We understand why you’re upset and we wish there was more we could do to fix this. We're navigating a lot of conflicting needs, and we want you to know we’re working to balance all of them the best way we can. We can’t wait for you to see the film, and hope you’ll feel proud to have been one of the very first people ever to believe in it.

    39. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 3

      @DrMaestro Excellent question! @Jack is correct; you can do this if you are IMDB-savvy, but we'll submit an update to IMDB to include this.

      @Gui @Mark @DoctorNick Thank you for your comments! Your support and encouragement means so much to us, and we're grateful you guys understand how convoluted the distribution process can be!

    40. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on January 3

      @Jack @Gabriel Thank you for the heads up. We are in touch with Paramount about this and we'll keep backers posted on how it's being addressed.

    41. Creator Jack Moulton on January 2

      @Gabriel That's disappointing. I hope Paramount are on taking it down.

      @DrMaestro I added myself to the IMDb credits, I'm sure you'll be able to do the same.

    42. Creator Gabriel on January 1

      @Jack Moulton Don't shoot the messenger team, but the screener has already leaked online.

    43. Creator DrMaestro on January 1

      Congratulations on making a very successful movie. I can't wait to see it (hopefully in a theater). I've got a question and I don't know if it has been asked or answered before: Are backers who are featured on the credits going to be included in the IMDB database? I've seen a few backers on that list (2 of them are mentioned as such). I'd love to have a credit there :)

    44. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on December 30

      And by the way, they are not talking talking about sending it to backers in a couple of months, but in SIX months (june 2016). And that is for now ...

    45. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on December 30

      @DocktorNick The original goal was to do a SHORT film, not a feature film that cost 10-15x that. So changing the goal 8-12 months after the project was funded and closed changed everything, and backers didn't had a choice to follow and see the film long after it's been distributed in theaters (unless you paid a second time to see it).

    46. Creator Gui Ambros on December 30

      +1 to what @DoctorNick said. I'm so glad I had a _tiny_ participation on a _small_ Kickstarter initiative to get this beautiful film done. The $380K (discounting fees) raised on Kickstarter were a tiny drop to cover the film costs, so it's ludicrous to feel entitled to special treatment or to receive a copy before public distribution.

      Next time, if you want to see the movie before everyone else (and live near one of the main distribution cities), do NOT back a film on Kickstarter, and just buy tickets for the premiere on a movie theater nearby.

      If you do not live in one of the 3-4 cities, keep fingers crossed and wait for public distribution, a couple of months later. It'll still be 3-4 months earlier than DVD/Digital Downloads.

    47. Creator DoctorNick on December 29

      Guys, Kickstarter funds were less than 1/16th of the total budget for this film, which was 8 million. You helped get it started, but there are financiers with a lot of money riding on this, which is why it has to go through traditional distribution.

      Frankly, knowing that I helped get this wonderful film made makes me more than satisfied. I can wait a couple of months.

    48. Creator james on December 29

      Since you're in the habit of quoting the kickstarter campaign to deligitimze the concerns of those of us who backed the film, here is a quote from your kickstarter campaign:

      Our goal is to produce this unique and beautiful film outside of the typical Hollywood studio system where we believe that you, the audience, would never be allowed to enjoy this brilliant work the way it was originally conceived.

      seems weird to raise funds on the basis of sticking it to the studio system then prioritizing the distribution of the film to benefit the studios who wouldn't back the project in the first place. I'm a little miffed that I will be one of the last people to see the film while being one of the first people to back it (#758).

    49. Creator Mark Sereda on December 29

      I truly hope this film gets some Oscar nods! Keep up the good work folks & thanks for the update!

    50. Creator Starburns Industries, Inc. on December 29

      @Jack @Adrian We can't wait for you to see it – Let us know what you think!

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