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Anobium Books Presents: 'Sebastian's Relativity,' a limited-edition chapbook by Jonathan Greenhause with design by Jacob van Loon.

Sebastian takes off his shoes,
placing them in front of the mirror as his eyes stare back at him.

     He pauses,
hearing the sound of the trickling water from his leaking toilet,
then peers at the tiny goldfish swimming precise circles around the bowl.

He steps back into his cluttered bedroom to search for some glue.

     Fido, his plastic German Shepherd,
mentally follows along from his resting spot in the corner.
Where did I leave my brother? Sebastian mutters to himself
     as he digs through a heap of discarded underwear.

- From the poem Sebastian's Shoes, entry #17 in Sebastian's Relativity, a new chapbook by Jonathan Greenhause scheduled to be released this fall by Chicago's own Anobium Books.

- - -

Sebastian's Relativity is a 40+ pp, perfect-bound book by Jonathan Greenhause about a young man whose best friend is a plastic dog named Fido. He has Siamese sisters, he philosophizes with a burrito, and he's learning to make sense of his broken heart in a world of gas chambers, time travel and wholesale cutlery.

Jonathan Greenhause is a Pushcart Prize nominee and has been published in dozens of national and international journals, including Rattle, The Bitter Oleander, Nimrod and others. The book is designed by Jacob van Loon, whose flowing, complex illustrations serve to compliment and amplify the already compelling text.

Not only is Sebastian's Relativity a significant work of independent literature, but it's a book of firsts:

- It's the first official collection of Jonathan Greenhause's inimitable hybrid style of surreal, dreamlike prose-poetry.
- It's the first book of it's kind to be designed by talented and accomplished illustrator, Jacob van Loon.
- It's the first chapbook to be released by Anobium Books.

With the cost printing and shipping continuing to escalate, we need your help to make Sebastian's Relativity an Absolute Reality.

All money donated to this project will go towards offsetting material costs for this important project. We're not asking for much, because Anobium Books prides itself on its ability to do a lot with a little.

In this time of substantial cultural change, it is imperative for us to continue upholding the value of the arts. By donating to this project, you will not only be supporting the important work of independent artists, but you will you also be aiding the strength and continuity of the greater literary and artistic community.

Expected release for Sebastian's Relativity is scheduled for October 31st, 2011.

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And of course, if you have questions, always feel free to ask!


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