$55,764 pledged of $665,000 goal
By Ed Annunziata
$55,764 pledged of $665,000 goal

Optional Update: About Me & You

My absolute favorite part of the Kickstarter movement is the potential of involving an interested community in the game development from day one.   In my experience it has always been me and a team of people, working in a vacuum and hoping for the best when the game is released.   Things are different now.

Wisdom of the Crowd

Ok, I admit it, getting funding for a dream game and not having to answer to money guys who don't really understand games has huge appeal.  But honestly, hundreds of interested people giving feedback and ideas along the way has HUGE potential.  Sure I'll still pick and choose what I act on.  But if everyone agrees that an MMO is not a good idea, well then there aint going to be an MMO!   

Having a community from the very beginning has other advantages too:

  • If you like how things are going, you will be a customer when the game is done!
  • If you're involved and proud of what is being built you will tell your friends about it
  • You will point out things we miss because we are so IN the game we can't see it from the outside.
  • You will help me and everyone on the team think about things we normally wouldn't 
  • If most of you like it by the end of the development cycle then odds are lots of other people will too.

Nothing is Ever Easy

Sounds great but I know it isn't easy.  First it takes a lot of time and effort to keep the community involved.  And, I know from experience you don't always like hearing what some folks have to say.  As a creative person I know the ego gets it's butt kicked often when you put your ideas out there.  Sometimes you think, "This is an awesome idea, everybody is going to love it!"  But you get, "That sucks!"  Ouch!   

I have to get over it!

Putting myself out there

The hardest thing about this Kickstarter experience so far was making the video.  That 60 seconds of me took ALL day to shoot.  I was a nervous wreck.  I thank god for Spencer and his team who were infinitely patient with me and finally was able to edit something...

I realize now I have to get over this shyness thing.  I want to engage and connect with anyone who is interested in my games or the game development process.  I need to force myself to do it more so I can get more comfortable talking to the camera (you) so I can connect with the community and explain things better. 

Lately I've been making little videos of just me talking.   Most videos are horrible and embarrassing - but I keep doing it every day - and slowly I am starting to feel slightly more comfortable.  

But, I realize it isn't making the video that is so hard, its showing it!  Putting myself out there is very scary for me.  So I will force myself to do it until I get comfortable enough that it becomes useful.

Below is a video of me just saying hi.  There is no valuable content here so don't waste your time watching it unless you want to just see me and the REAL Big Blue:

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    1. Kévin Le Helley on April 15, 2013

      Being pretty shy myself I can imagine how hard making that kind of video can be. If you are like me though, to have some information you are eager to share or to end up talking about subject you are passionate about should be enough to remove part of the stress and make things a lot easier. Plus you do not need to be alone in the videos, I guess sharing the screen with another member of your team would also help ease up the pressure. :)

      I personally am in no hurry to bury this Kickstarter. It sure did not start too well, but I want to believe it can still succeed. There are a lot of good advices in the comments, and with a bit of tweaking of the home page, the sharing of some more information a content that can be reused by video game websites and blogs to advertise your project a second time (a good occasion to handle misunderstandings that occurred when the first wave of articles).

      I'd be curious to know what you like the most about the sea and how it inspired and motivated you into working on this game, as well as the Ecco games (I am afraid I do not know the other games you've worked on very well, having never played them). Maybe you could also draw some parallels between Ecco and The Big Blue, talking about their common points and their main differences? I am looking forward to reading/watching your next updates. :)

    2. Andrew Darovich on April 15, 2013

      Yeah, I agree, being on camera is a bit rough. I'm one of those people who fidgets and stumbles over words on camera.

      but, remember! All of us fans/supporters are dying to hear updates from you and the rest of the team.

      Sure, you'll catch some flack from some of us if we disagree with the way something is heading.... but it doesn't mean we're going to bail on the whole thing! We'll still be here, waiting to explore the big blue.

    3. Missing avatar

      Csaba Tóth on April 15, 2013


      I'm sure you know everything about game development, but this might be helpful information about the Kickstarter (sorry if not):


      Good Luck.

    4. Filena77
      on April 15, 2013

      sorry 2 error in my post, ask for TWO million, and MOST know french video game site

    5. Filena77
      on April 15, 2013


      sorry for my english, i just want share my tough :

      1 : on the most french game video web site, when they have put new about your project, i can say 80% of the word was... meh a other mmo... i think its where this go wrong for the most parts.

      2 : i think a 2D game not mmo like first would cost less, so ppl would jump more easly in boat, i have to said when i seen 600k with mmo part, was at 99% sure this was going to fail, look, camelot unchained project ask for 1m, at 1m now its a mmo, but done per a team who praised for have done the best ever pvp mmo, and they gonna fail too to meet the fund i think. since you unexperienced in this genre its more hard to believe in a well done mmo when you can see 99% of the mmo who get out of market is full of bug, low content, and usually boring after 3 month for a lot of players.

      3 : I just love game with some card involved, but most players i know, think when a game have card involved its just very very expensive so they ditch this without looking, even me if i see there is only 1 card i am unable to get to collection i won't play this ^^

      4 : i have seen project failled, escape zombieU, then they found other way then kickstarter to make their game and now i am playing this on my ipad... telepath tactique failled too... they have rework the idea and stretch goal etc etc, comming back few month after with the new work and success now with 200% of fund.

      I hope you not have take anything personnaly, because i think this would have make a cool idea but probably hard to get kickstarter found as this was writen at first.

      I wish you the best, and hope you find a way to make your project alive a way or a other, and even if the project not get fund you know you can still give out mail to backer if project live on other way so they may buy/help with other way you found.

    6. Missing avatar

      Conor McNicholas on April 15, 2013

      The video is great. I'm quite happy to have the real you and everything that goes into that, quirks and foibles included. I bought into you and your vision when I funded, not a business plan, so never apologise for being yourself. There's a community of people who loved your work and want to help you realise your dream now. We're on your side. Be who you are.

    7. Peter Jacob on April 15, 2013

      Don't be afraid to delegate face time to a staffer with a higher charisma stat to do more of the pitch. I'm particularly fond of the KS pitch video for Planetary Annihilation. The CEO does maybe half the talking. Talky alone, pretty dull; combined with the soundtrack, game narrator, concept video, editing and a dash of silliness, professional pitch that pulled in $2.2mil. It's a work of art.

    8. Stiler Orion on April 15, 2013

      That video was fine, nothing to be shy about at all. It will get easier the more you do it.

      Also I think part of the reason some people didn't like the mmo idea (personally I'd love an online open-world ocean game where you can control and play as dolphins and other creatures) is because they assumed it would just be a new Ecco, in gameplay/style instead of something different/new. MMO scares people, will it be free to play? cost money to play? etc. Then the creature cards scared some people, thinking it would be similar to skylanders or such.

      I say, do what as a designer, and as something you want to do. If you make another kickstarter (if this one doesn't make it) do what you want from the start. Just be clear in your pitch, quick and to the point outline what the game is about, how it plays, etc up front, so people aren't left wandering how the game will play/what it will be about.

      Best of luck to you.

    9. GameBarSpaceStation on April 15, 2013

      YOU, sir, made Ecco the Dolphin.