$55,764 pledged of $665,000 goal
By Ed Annunziata
$55,764 pledged of $665,000 goal

Reward Update

Based on backer and would be backer feedback we are adding the following rewards.  Note: If you already backed the Big Blue and the reward at your level changes you will get the additional rewards that have been added.  

Please check out these new rewards:

The Big Blue Ocean Atlas

The word ‘big’ is part of the title for a reason, this game world is huge. The Big Blue Atlas will include a collection of maps of all the significant areas of the game. Including entrances to secret or hard to find locations. The atlas will include 10 large, full color maps composed with actual game assets. The atlas will be available in .PDF, printed both hard and soft bound, depending on backer level.

The Big Blue Creature Guide

Your field guide to the creatures of the Big Blue. Each creature will be beautifully illustrated using the 3D game models in various settings and points of view. Included will be information about the origin of each creature, how it evolved and its behavior. The guide will teach you where you can possibly spot the rare creatures, so if you’re hunting them, this guide greatly increases  your chances. The Creature Guide will feature over 20 different rare creatures including the 6 that Jon Berg is designing. The Creature Guide will be available in .PDF, printed both hard and soft bound, depending on backer level. 


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    1. Princess Erimemushinteperem on April 4, 2013

      Actually, according to the backer levels, there will be exclusive cards. That aside though...

      I want this project to succeed because I believe in the game design behind Ecco and we haven't seen a modern take on that in recent memory. And I think the music is extremely important as well. Unfortunately, none of the updates have really talked about those things...

      But take a look at the pledged count and money made per day on Kicktraq! We're making *hundreds* of dollars and only 10-20 new pledgers a day!

      Shadowrun, which had a lower total goal, was making tens of thousands of dollars and around a thousand pledgers per day - even during the off-time! Now, Shadowrun made roughly three times what this project is asking for (a bit less than that, actually). So let's use this math - for this game to make it, it'd require roughly 3,300 or so dollars a day in pledges in the off time. We're getting between 1-200.

      Now, is this due to the improper marketing of the core message or due to extremely bad advertisement? I'd say both, realistically. Either way - status quo clearly won't work if anyone wants this game to succeed. I've seen a lot of Kickstarters come and go and right now this one has the stink of failure (only the Kickstarter - the product sounds great). But it's not too late to turn that around...

    2. Astrobia on April 4, 2013

      @Lani Alden um the cards update makes it quite clear you don't need to use the cards to capture all the creatures in the game. It just makes it easier in the case of the rare and difficult to catch ones. The cards are purely a secondary OPTIONAL thing.

      The first couple of days were heavily backed because that's what always happens on kickstarter. There is always a spike in pledges at the start and at the end. The presentation of the updates is fine and they have certainly shown plenty of passion conveying the ideas they have for the game that excite them. As for the images thing, there are two rather interesting images in this very update.

      The only real fault of the kickstarter is the lack of balance of expectations, which they are gradually adjusting. Maybe the style of game they are offering just doesn't suit you, that doesn't make it an invalid design choice.

      Personally I look forward to them introducing even more bonuses for backers to entice people in off the fence and to ratchet up their existing pledges. The card's absolutely don't appeal to many people, but a more productive way of getting your money's worth at this point is to make suggestions of ideas of things they can add that DO appeal to you. I do agree with you they should try to stay away making too many things 100% exclusive though, that is no fun for supporters who come late.

    3. Princess Erimemushinteperem on April 3, 2013

      I suppose the other issue I take with these updates is that they seem very, very sterile and, aside from products to buy (or a title image) are pure-text.

      The pitches seem cold and professional rather than passionate and caring. If you don't seem to care about your product - why should we? I'm not saying you should be all gung-ho like the Shovel Knight people (more on them later), but it would be nice to see some passion in your posts. Maybe even a video update or something. Don't try to distance yourself from us! Connect with us as fans of your concept and as lovers of your design. If you have a Communications or Business person crafting these and they've only ever done pitches to companies before - boot 'em! This is a whole different audience.

      What's more, images speak volumes. MANY people skip the content of a Kickstarter and simply look at the visuals. Look at a more successful project like Shovel Knight, for example, which interlaces many images into the update text. It shows us a lot of the design vision of the game as well as gives us something to look at and visually associate with the game itself. Most of the images we've seen have been less 'concept art' and more 'here's a banner' or 'here's a product you can buy' (cards, books). Show us designs of the sea-life - of level concepts. Sketches, particularly colour sketches, can help break up the monotony of a bunch of text.

      Honestly, I'd go and hire a Kickstarter marketing analyst (or me =P). Your message here is all wrong for connecting to the audience and getting them to care enough to spread the word. You've got a winning product - you're just missing how to advertise it.

    4. Princess Erimemushinteperem on April 3, 2013

      I think a lot of the problem here is that these updates have been focusing on supplemental materials. To me, they just seem to highlight a "FREEEEEEMIUUUMMM! BUY CARDS! YOU CAN'T UNLOCK EVERYTHING IN THE GAME ITSELF! SPEND MONEY TO UNLOCK MAXIMUM CONTENT!" model of game-making.

      This style of game may be popular nowadays, but it's only popular with publishers - not with game players.

      Each sequential update makes me want to back this project less and less, actually. What this project needs to do is seriously re-evaluate itself and ask itself "Why do people want to play me?" In particular, it's telling that the first couple days were incredible - the producers need to ask themselves "Why was that?"

      Really, to answer these questions and to succeed in this project, the author will have to focus heavily on elements that worked in Ecco and will be in this game. The beauty of the ocean, a focus on exploration, and music. Samples, artwork, and game design philosophy should be the core of these updates. Not a message that simply says "Don't worry - you'll have to keep buying things from us, even after you've paid for the game and the kickstarter is over!" And before you say "you don't NEED to, to best the game," please understand that many gamers have OCD and need to own everything and the game designer knows this, which is why this model exists at all.

      I'm not going to argue for or against the business model here, though I find it distasteful enough that it makes me want to pull my money anyway, but simply on the content of the updates. They feel like a pitch on monetization to EA or some other company rather than focusing on the joy and gaming principles that we, as players, care about.

      Recheck your message developers.

    5. Stiler Orion on April 3, 2013

      Nice, might up my pledge before it ends, want to get one of those Atlas packs.

      I'm wondering have you guys sent out press releases and things to some gaming sites/people? I think it'd really help the funding if sites like Gamespot, IGN, etc reported on this (like they have with torment/shroud of the avatar recently) and talk with gaming people like TotalBiscuit , Matt Barton (both youtubers), Even Notch (creator of minecraft) etc. offering to do interviews and things to help spread the word about the game.

      I think with Ecco being such a staple for many people back in the genesis era there's a ton of people out there that haven't yet heard of The Big Blue yet.

    6. Astrobia on April 3, 2013

      Very nice, upping my pledge level now.