$55,764 pledged of $665,000 goal
By Ed Annunziata
$55,764 pledged of $665,000 goal


In an adventure game the player authors their own story based on their experiences and choices they make during the game. In the Big Blue major events will take place that drive the overall story arc. Here I will detail some of these events to give you more of an idea of what the Big Blue is all about from a narrative perspective.

I would not say these are spoilers since the game doesn't even exist yet and none of this is final, however stop reading now if you want more surprise when you play the game.

Here we go:

Silence is Golden

Humanity with its motorboats and sonar and cargo ships, all emit loud noise into the ocean. This background noise is so loud it is blinding to sea mammals and could be the reason why whales beach themselves - since they use sonar to “see” and navigate. Imagine you were in a loud stadium with a crowd of thousands, chattering and cheering. You would not be able to call out to your friend across the stadium. But if everyone shuts up for a moment, you could. This is what happens when Mankind disappears. One day there is loud white noise in the ocean, the next day silence. Imagine the first Singers who sing out, “hello” and another singer from across the globe answers, “hey whats up?.” 

 Our story starts with the end of Mankind and the beginning of a new age of communication, intelligence, and enlightenment for the Whale-kind. As we know when many individuals communicate and share knowledge and build off of the knowledge of others, rapid progress in technology occurs. The rise of the new dominant species on earth and technology of song begins.

A Million Dolphins can't be wrong

During your adventure you will come upon a Super Pod of dolphins. Over one million dolphins as far as you can see in all directions. As if this scene isn't odd enough, the dolphins exhibit very odd behavior.  Each dolphin sings a song burst to a neighboring dolphin, then pivots in another direction and sings a different song to another dolphin. The songs are dense with information and the sound bursts are quick and loud. All one million dolphins are doing the same thing. Singing these song bursts at the rate of 100 per minute. The whole scene is surreal: The Dolphins seem to be in a trance, almost machine like.

If you try to enter this matrix of dolphins, they will sing a Repulsion Song that will throw you back 100 meters. Other than that, they will not acknowledge you in anyway, but they will NOT let you enter their space.

Quest: Find a dolphin who will talk to you about this mysterious Super Pod.

The Archeologists 

There is a sect of singers that are obsessed with learning about past civilizations; namely  humans. The surface levels of the ocean have risen, so many of our cities have sunk into the sea long ago. These cities are unrecognizable because they have been encrusted over by generations of coral and sediment. At first the Archeologists were called the Lookers because they developed songs to image the buried cities using sonar. The Archeologists have been studying humans for 100s of years and have learned a lot about us. Now the Archeologists have developed a new song that shatters stone. They intend to excavate and expose the entire city so they can continue their study about us in more depth. The 1000s of dolphins and whales that belong to the Archeology sect are using the Shatter Stone Song to unearth New York City.

Quest: Help the Archeologists unearth the Empire State building.


A million tons of plastic endlessly swirls in the Pacific Gyre. It is our trash; water bottles, plastic bags, etc. Nature does not know how to process this inorganic material so it just remains there swirling in the coriolis effect of the earth’s rotation, for a hundred thousand years. 

Eventually some microbes find a way to use the plastic bits as part of their membranes. Almost like way a hermit crab would use a snail shell as it’s home. These microbes fuse with the plastic and create a sticky sludge. The sludge, made of billions of plastic bits begins to move like a giant amoeba, and then gets hungry. Gyreforms are creatures that consume organic life and grow. Gyreforms are big but have small worm like spores that hunt and devour anything they touch.

Luckily there is a sect of singers that focus on fighting back the plague of Gyreforms. The Hunters have developed special songs that help them fight the Gyreforms, but just like organic life, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, it appears the Gyreforms are becoming resistant to the weapon songs used by the Hunters.

Quest: Join the Gyreform hunters to fight off the outbreak of Gyreforms. Help develop new songs to combat the plague. 

Ocean of Thought

Remember those million singing dolphins? I am going to tell you what that is all about: To put it simply these million dolphins form a giant floating brain. Each one is like a super neuron. The songs they sing are like the impulses between brain cells.   A meta-mind emerges from the songs of the super pod: Now the earth can think. Once this mind becomes sentient, it starts to grow, adding more singers greatly increasing its capacity for thought and calculation.

Quest: Find the center of the mind and talk to it. Get some songs to help fight off the Gyreforms. Save the Earth Mind from the malevolent Gryeforms. 

Seeing with Sound

As you already know sea mammals can SEE with sound. But the echolocation doesn’t just give them visual information; Singers can simulate reality in 3 dimensions in their minds. Then, they can re-sing that reality to another. So imagine I want to tell you about my office here in Burlingame California. I can describe it, and send you pictures, so you can see how cool my office is. However, if we were Singers, I could sing a 3D simulation of my office to you. In your mind you would be able to walk around in my office and look at it from all angles. You could open draws of my desk and see what’s inside.

Singers can Sing realities to each other. Singers can form virtual realities where they can hang out together, even if their physical bodies are great distances apart.

Quest: Enter the Earth Mind’s virtual reality.

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Back to the Earth Mind, and Super Pod. The dolphins on the surface spend a lot of time gazing at the sky. What ever they see, they project into the brain structure. Now the earth can see. Because the visual information comes from 1000s of dolphins across many miles of the ocean surface, the Earth Mind can visualize a clear picture of the universe. It can see the stars, the planets, and the asteroids that orbit the sun. One day the earth mind spots a giant asteroid, almost the size of our moon. It calculates the orbit and realizes this moon will smash into the earth. The planet Earth and all life on it will be destroyed. It is inevitable.

The earth mind comes up with many plans to try to avoid this cataclysm.

Quest: Help the Earth Mind create Sea Globes, some may survive the impact and be ejected into space, where eventually will find another planet to seed with the life of earth. (The Archeologists concluded that this process happened before and that all life on Earth was seeded by Mars.)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Draikin on April 9, 2013

      The setting sounds interesting. I could imagine the Super Pod moving slowly, with dolphins exiting and entering the main "hub". The main question I have is whether or not the impending destruction of Earth would cast a shadow over your actions throughout the game. If the game lets you experience all the wonders to be seen in the oceans, it might be disappointing for the player to learn that everything is inevitably going to be destroyed. Of course it's a great motivator for collecting various creatures for the Sea Globes, but actually being able to save Earth may make the other quests feel more rewarding. Perhaps having different endings would be interesting here, determining the outcome based on your level of preparation.

    2. Missing avatar

      yodan on April 3, 2013

      Just by reading that, I was back in front of my genesis (it was called megadrive in europe) filling amazed to be dolphin able to change into a bird, do all those crazy things ! I remember spending hours flipping in the air with Ecco. I hope the project will get funded.

      And if I may ask just one thing , could you had the possibility to surf like dolphin do ? I loved the aerial tricks and I can't marvel enough how cool it would be to surf as a dolphin.

    3. Daniel Hermle on April 3, 2013

      This game sound so magical. Miyazaki-eque in a way. I really hope it gets funded as I can't wait to play it!

    4. Stiler Orion on April 2, 2013

      Some of these sound great!

      I do hope you guys are trying to get the word out, sites like Gamespot, IGN, giantbomb, etc and trying to get more buzz for it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dycus on April 2, 2013

      This sounds fantastic. I seriously hope this project gets funded.

      Do you guys have any backup funding plans if this doesn't work? It seems like we've just about reached the limit of old Ecco fans who want to see another game... we need to convince everybody this will be an awesome game.