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Ultra low cost development platform for micro-robotics which can be easily assembled with through-hole components and a soldering iron.
Ultra low cost development platform for micro-robotics which can be easily assembled with through-hole components and a soldering iron.
709 backers pledged $24,553 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. devnill on

      Scam. Never got it. Annika never gave me tracking after it was 'shipped'.

    2. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Didn't get your stuff ?
      Please pursue via this link :-

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Brayshaw on

      Personally, Kickstarter should be sued for this to happen. We were robbed, but a story about educating kids, instead I feel the money has been used to fund trips to various talks.

      Robbed we were, completely robbed with no refund in sight!

    4. Espen Sae-Tang Ottersen

      I've pretty much given up on this project, still no shipping...

    5. Josh Blaha on

      Same here. I was told several times that it was being shipped to me. I never got anything. I'm glad I wasn't the only one and it was only $10. They really need to have a review system on here or at least some sort of feedback for us to be able to warn other backers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jorge Amodio on

      I never received anything even when this lady said it sent the package several times and later accused me of harassment and stalking because I kept asking.

    7. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Mark Carey - Food for thought ?
      Where did you get your numbers from ? 98% success.... rubbish
      This is fraud. This woman has promised delivery, promised refunds... still nothing. She has ignored emails from myself and kickstarter.

      The FTC is finally starting to prosecute frauds like miss O'brien.
      Not received your boards ? Raise a complaint here :-

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian Brayshaw on

      It's now August 2015 - more than two years and still nothing. Interesting that whilst reading people's posts, I got the exact same response from her. Should have gone to PayPal but Kickstarter do a very cleaver thing.

      They take your money early, so you cannot complain to PayPal regarding the fraud committed as its way past the standard 30 day period.

      Anyway. Still nothing, no refund and for those folk that dos get their boards - I home they turn sky net and burn down your houses ;-)

    9. Linus Björnlund on

      Still nothing. Backed for the swarm-bot kit. :-(

    10. Philip Kinchington on

      I think that there may be a fair few people like me who gave up a long time ago on ever receiving anything from this project. This is the only Kickstarter I have backed that never delivered (so far). I've had some deliver very, very...very late, and one or two where I've had to prod the creator. This was one of the first Kickstarters I backed, and I didn't want to be that annoying person hassling someone when they're just trying to get things out the door. Maybe if I'd have been a squeaky wheel my experience may have been different. But by the time I'd got to the point of thinking about writing a message, my gut instinct said I'd backed a lemon and I cut my losses and walked away: lesson learned. I hadn't backed very much, if I'd paid more maybe I'd have been more likely to start hassling.

    11. Mark Carey on

      Interesting. I've gotten my kit, and all promised components. Considering the 709 backers, and the general lack of complaints, I believe that a lot of folks DID get their kits. Looks like maybe 10 didn't get them immediately, they got lost in the post, or they are lying about it. Consider that 699/709 got their kits. That's 98.6% successful... not bad, really. In fact, I'd say that's better than the average Kickstarter results. Just some food for thought.

    12. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      The FTC is finally starting to prosecute frauds like miss O'brien.
      Not received your boards ? Raise a complaint here :-

    13. Missing avatar

      Jacky Wong on

      I asked about my kit in Oct 2013 and Annika said it's coming soon. I asked again in March and May, and finally got a reply in July 2014. She said she "shipped another kit out" and asked me to contact her if I don't receive it within 2 weeks. I never messaged her again because it's futile. It's obvious the scale of this project became too big, things started to go wrong (Murphy's law), and she ran out of funds she got from the Kickstarter.

      I also want my refund. I paid 85 dollars for the classroom kit.

    14. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Self styled "Philanthropist"...... easy to do with other people money....

    15. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      "Ive contacted Kickstarter about refunding your money"..... still no refund
      OY ! Scumbag sort something

    16. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      O'Brien, It is my understanding that you promised me a refund.... still Nothing.
      It is my understanding that Kickstarter have contacted you - asking you to respond to your backers and you have not bothered.

      Very professional

    17. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      This person deserves no "Kudos". So many people received nothing. So many ignored emails, so many excuses.
      Make Robots, Not War. Make money, screw everybody more like.

    18. Missing avatar

      matthieu verpoort on

      Still nothing here...

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard Fabian on

      Thanks for the boards. I've managed to teach a few people about microcontrollers from these boards. I hope the negative comments don't get you down, and that these people eventually get their stuff too. Post can be terrible, I know, but you made so many more boards than you set out to, and shipped so many more than you planned to, so kudos for doing what you did. There are going to be thousands of people out there making robots that would never have done so if it hadn't been for this Kickstarter.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michal Mühlpachr on

      No response no delivery, seams like ordinary fraud ...

    21. Missing avatar

      Christian Brayshaw on

      Still nothing. I got a message in a galaxy far far away, staing if I didn't get anything within four weeks to contact her, which I did and again, silence.

      When you see those images saying "Just take my money!" I don't think they actually mean to steal from good people and never give them for which they back the project for.

      Personally, it wasn't for boards, it was so she could go on expensive trips to talk about robotics 'n' stuff!

      GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

    22. Espen Sae-Tang Ottersen

      Any updates on shipping my (and several others it seems) pledge rewards?

    23. Linus Björnlund on

      Anyone heard something? Or just consider this kickstarter a waste of money? At least for me!
      Such behavior to just stop communicating! :-(

    24. Vaibhav Puranik on

      I haven't received anything either, except some promises and a statement that my board has been shipped without any tracking numbers or details

    25. Linus Björnlund on

      Still nothing... :-(

    26. Missing avatar

      Jorge Amodio on

      Amazing, after numerous times of trying to contact this creator via normal channels the only response I received after posting a message on that group was a message that the boards were shipped twice to my previous address, shipments for which I never received any notice or tracking information. I didn't move in more than 10 years and never had a problem with items shipped from other KS campaigns I backed.

      Obviously after posting the message on that meetup board I was removed without an option now to respond, and the message sent via Kickstarter calling me "dumb" because she has my address... very professional.

      I had no intentions to harass anybody Ms. Annika, I was trying to get a response or explanation of what happened with this pledge but never got any, the last message I ever received was in October 2103 saying:

      "I got 2 more of the new boards in and neither work. I'm trying to figure out why they can't just send me the board exactly like I ordered it. Pinouts shouldn't be a big deal, but they aren't able to ship me working boards so far."

      After that, no boards, no more messages, zilch, nothing.

      You can keep the money, you can keep the boards, I'm no longer interested and I feel really bad to have backed you and your project, I just wanted a response and you just did in the most unprofessional manner.

      "Make Robots, Not War" <-- Good one :-)

    27. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      If you still havent received your product, I would urge you to contact kickstarter support to get a refund. Ive also added a new discussion on the LA Robotics Club website which you may like to add to

      Good Luck and hope you get your money back.

    28. MacGyverX on

      This is mostly a FYI. I was working on a project that required PWM. None of the digital pins on the Magnolia boards are broken out to the header on the boards. Its only 6 of the analog ports. A0 thru A5.

      If you look at the data sheet for the ATMEGA328P you see that pins 5 (Arduino pin 3) pin 11 (Arduino pin 5) pin 12 (Arduino pin 6) pin 17 (Arduino pin 11) pin 16 (Arduino pin 10) pin 15 (Arduino pin 9) supports PWM. I've added addition headers to the pins listed above and tested them with a scope. They all work great.

      On a side note, I've also gotten a I2C device working by adding the additional headers to the correct pins that support SCL/SDA .

      Happy Hacking.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jorge Amodio on

      Yup, she is the hot maker social media abusing chick

    30. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Doesnt seem to be too stressed, have a look on google +
      the seems to be part of the con too

    31. Missing avatar

      Jorge Amodio on

      I'm also still waiting and this lady does not respond anywhere :-(

    32. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Hi, Is any of this sort of crowd funding regulated ? I ordered a Swarm-bot Robotics Kit @ $40 + UK shipping. Emails have been ignored and many people seem to be out of pocket. Fine, its a local robotics club but tht doesnt justify beng ignored.......

    33. Linus Björnlund on

      Haven't received anything. No answer on kickstarter messages or email.
      What happened?

    34. Brian Degger on

      havent seen any goods.... wonder what happened?

    35. mc_ott on

      Annika O'Brien:
      I am loosing all hopes that I will ever receive my reward! Please reply to my message.

    36. Cody J. Morgan on

      I got mine late guys. Maybe try to message Annika on FB or G+ she always responded to me.

    37. Missing avatar

      Christian Brayshaw on

      I was hopeful in getting at least a partial refund but neither messages, goods or moneys have made it my way!

      I'm a victim of fraud. If I was never going to get the goods then fine, I would have donated $5 for her robotics club or something!

    38. Missing avatar

      Brendan Capel on

      Still nothing up here in Canada; neither response to message nor my kit.

    39. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schliebner on

      I agree with Felix Kolk, this project shows no sign of life anymore. I will also be more careful with overfunded kickstarter projects.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Nixon on

      I'm still waiting on my pledge as well

    41. Missing avatar

      Peter Grew on

      I haven't received my swarm-bot kit either, but the purpose of the project was to make a platform for the robotics club and I'm happy to donate $50 for that cause.

    42. Missing avatar

      Brendan Capel on

      Still no response to my message; it has been over a month. Any further word on this project?

    43. Missing avatar

      Felix Kolk on

      Hey everybody, I personally regard this project as dead.
      There is no responsibility of Kickstarter for this. I surely will be more carefull with gross overfunded KS projects.
      Take care everybody

    44. Missing avatar

      Christian Brayshaw on


      I've contacted kickstarter regarding a refund as I've never received my pledge. Good people had paid good money and I'm one not to give up on a quest. I want either my money back or my boards.

      Why aren't people getting their pledges when over $24k was made....

    45. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schliebner on

      Annika keeps posting in Google+, so I think she's still alive and we don't have to be worried about her. However I agree with most of the recent comments here that this project seems to be dead and quite a few people - including myself - did not get their pledge. Disappointing in the end but yet another lesson learned. My last call to Annika: Please be fair with all us patient backers and give us at least a statement. Thanks!

    46. Glenn Mossy on

      Received by board plus FTDI, dead on arrival, unable to get it to upload any sketch. I'll try desoldering the tx,rx LEDs as suggested and see if that gets the board to work.

    47. devnill on

      She said mine was shipped ages ago. No response in 2 weeks. I think she gave up? I know this was way more work than expected, but this is really unprofessional.

    48. Missing avatar

      Darren Stone on

      6 weeks have passed since my last request for an update but yet to have any feedback. Do I write this off.

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