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A ukulele-composed Folk Opera exploring loss (of memory, time, people and places) through the love of a two elders and a small New England town.

QUICK VERSION: We are going to record the Folk Opera as it is now. Printing limited edition 12" vinyl, download-cards, and special Puppet Packages for our backers. If you need no more convincing, press that green button to your right. Otherwise read on for our full plan!


The Folk Opera is a continuous piece of story-telling music. It uses the Operatic influence to draw out themes hyperbolically (tragedy strikes quick and deep! and love sprouts wings at first sight!) while nestled comfortably in the Americana Folk music form. It is a story of loss (of memory, time, places and people) that rocks between a caricatured portraiture of small-town life and the tragic effects of time's fickle transience.

Here's the thing. The Folk Opera might not be done yet. There might be more songs to write, and further orchestration to compose. But what it is now is magic. We want to capture its sweet simplicity, stripped down. And we want to make this the First Edition - รก la Whitman's Leaves of Grass - and make it something really special for you.

Here's what we've come up with (in a timeline):

30 days after we reach our goal: We will have recorded the entire piece live in the Tower* living room. This means we'll record it as one piece - with mics set up all around the room and the whole cast sitting together - and cut it up into separate tracks later. By doing this we think we'll really grab the magic of listening at the feet of the players. The piece will then move on to the mixing and mastering process.

The finished tracks will get sent off for a limited edition short pressing of 200 12" vinyls (yes, that means actual records). They will also get sent off for a run of 1,000 download-cards. (See explanation on why we chose to do this vs printing CDs below.)

45-60 days after we reach our goal: While we wait for the products to come back, we'll make available the "First Listen" streaming site for all our backers, and host the exclusive Listening Party at the Tower for those who give $50 or more.

When we get the vinyl + download cards from the printers, we'll mail them to you, along with your very own Puppet Package! WHAT'S THE PUPPET PACKAGE??!!!???!!!! You might ask. Well, this will include paper cutouts of all the major Folk Opera characters and scenic backdrops, along with a manuscript of the Folk Opera itself so that you can put on your own little paper puppet version of the Folk Opera just by adding some popsicle sticks!

90 days after the end of the campaign: We'll host our official album release party & show!

Here's our anticipated budget:

$2,000 - Engineering, mixing, mastering
$2,000 - 200 12" vinyl records
$600 - 1,000 download-cards
$500 - Design of packaging for vinyl, cards and puppets
$500 - Production of puppet packages & manuscript
$400 - Miscellaneous unanticipated expenses
$300 - 5% Kickstarter Fee
$6,300.00 Total

We know that it takes a community to raise a child, and this truly is our child. We most graciously ask your assistance at whatever level you're able and are humbled in advance by your generosity.

Love to you!

Annie Bacon
Elizabeth Greenblatt
Joel Dean Stockdill
Savannah Jo Lack

* The Tower is Annie's home (with Jeremy)

** Why we chose vinyl + download cards vs CDs: We know that most people do not have record players anymore. But we also think CDs have not been able to replicate the amazing listening experience you get from records. Most CDs these days get uploaded to a computer and the packaging thrown out. We figure, why waste all that packaging? Download-cards get the music to you in as good or better digital form without the waste; they are the size of a credit card, each with a unique code that allows you to download the entire album from a designated site. If you want it on a CD - say to listen to in your car - you'll be able to burn it from your computer onto a disc. For those of you who DO still have record players . . . this decision needs no explanation. All vinyl will be accompanied by a download-card as well, so you'll have it in both formats.

*** Photo by June Moon - Video medley by Iris Clearwater - (Thank you both!!)


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    Above + Download-Card of entire album & Puppet Package so that you can stage your own Folk Opera along with the recording.

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