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Peking Roulette: Bringing a new play from Beijing to the Big Apple!'s video poster

Set in post-Olympics Beijing, this new drama examines an intercultural relationship which begs the questions of friendship, love, sex, and tradition. Read more

New York, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on April 20, 2010.

Set in post-Olympics Beijing, this new drama examines an intercultural relationship which begs the questions of friendship, love, sex, and tradition.

New York, NY Theater
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About the show: Set in a post-Olympics modern Beijing, Peking Roulette surprisingly humorous and touching story about an older Western man and a mid-thirties Chinese girl who have a strange friendship. She sees him as a father figure but he wants to be seen as more of a suitor. She struggles to deal with her duty as a woman according to Chinese traditions--to have a child--and he struggles to keep himself from mentally undressing the poor girl every time she comes for an English lesson. Eventually this dynamic shifts and brings the audience down a path of questions about love, age, culture, marriage, children, tradition, freedom, and of course, sex. Playwright Ben Thompson and Director/Producer Anna Grace first brought this story to the Beijing stage in 2009 and now will make its New York debut at the Midtown International Theater Festival in the summer 2010!

About me: After living and producing plays in China for the past four years, I feel this play can not only speak to audiences in Beijing, but to audiences around the world. Specifically, it can show just a glimpse into a world that no one but the lonely expat truly knows. I love to do theater and I am excited about my first producing experience in New York!

About the money: This is my first major producing project in the Big Apple and I really want it to be amazing, but I don't have pockets made of gold! For those who don't know a play can be expensive, even if you have a cast and crew willing to work for free the basic costs include props, costumes, sets, rental for rehearsal space, and of course the most expensive cost is advertizing. In New York, everyone and their brother wants to put on a show, so how you advertize really matters. I would like to build a website, produce flyers, and use other online and real life media to promote my show. The best part is that is will be part of a huge international festival that will help do a lot of that promoting for me, but it's up to me to fill at least 40% of the seats on my own! To do that I need good marketing and money to produce that marketing.

There are basic costs:

Participation/Theater Rental Fee: $500

Props, Costumes, Sets, etc: $500-1000

Marketing costs (Website, Print ads, Flyers, etc): $500-1000

People power (Stage Manager, Marketing Assistant, Actors, Writer, Director): $500-1000

So my basic goal is $500. (plus fees for using this website) If I can raise that then I can enter the festival and get started. If I can reach $1000 I can get all the props and costumes I need for a simple, yet good looking production. If I can reach $2000, I will have enough money to really promote the show by website, quality print ads in papers and flyers for distribution. If I can raise $3000 or more I can afford to pay those people who work so hard to make this thing happen--the cast and crew. A lot of artists work for free in this town, but it doesn't have to be that way. I hope to provide my cast and crew with at least a modest stipend to help cover the costs of travel and time that they invest to make this show a success.

I would like to reward all backers with a souvenir program signed by the cast and crew and those backers who pledge at least $25 with a copy of the final performance on DVD. I can't offer free tickets, but I do invite anyone in the NY area to come see the show and I will keep you all updated on the progress and status of the show via email with pictures and videos. The biggest reward for me and hopefully for you as well is the satisfaction of seeing an original and fresh international play get exposure in the New York theater scene. It could really open doors for all artists involved from myself (director/producer), the writer, as well as the actors.

Anna Grace
AG Theatrical Productions


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