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Touch the kinetic sculpture, FACE ME, Artbeing and it will interact with you. Outdoor metal sculpture to be exhibited at ArtPrize.
31 backers pledged $2,542 to help bring this project to life.

Here's the other video

Short one minute video: Scaredy Lady

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News Flash! Face Me; Artbeing SOLD!

Hey everyone! I am so happy to tell you about selling FACE ME! 

Also here are a couple of short videos that are very cute and funny. I posted them on Facebook awhile ago but never shared them directly with you. One shows a lady dancing with the sculpture and another one shows a lady scared to death of the sculpture. 

Enjoy the videos and look for your rewards soon. Again I must apologize for being so late getting them out. I agreed to deliver the sculpture to the buyer so that has taken me away from finishing up on your rewards. I will put them in the mail right after Thanksgiving is out of the way. 

The buyer is Paul Bjorlie of Bjorlie Construction in Tolna, North Dakota. He is going to display it in his offices. Funny how that worked out. He was my biggest supporter both financially and enthusiastically. Also he is my brother and that is odd since most family just waits for me to give cast offs for free ( just kidding to anyone who is reading this and related to me)  It's true that there are other family that have actually paid me well for creating custom artwork.

Thanks again everyone for the wonderful help and support and for believing in me and this project. FYI - my brother Paul has an engineer brain and he is giving me some great ideas for the next kinetic sculpture……hmmmm…….ArtPrize next year?

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Making the rewards- coming soon (for real)

Hey there! Here's a video that shows some of the rewards I'm making for you. I'm back on track after finishing the children's mural and another painting job. Here's a couple of pictures of the kid's mural. The room is a girl's playroom with lots of pink and more trees on other walls. Now, back to work on your rewards!……..

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FACE ME was featured in an ArtPrize artists seminar!

And the winners are announced!

My favorite in the top ten was Rain, a kinetic suspended sculpture by Lynda Cole and she won third place which is $50,000. Second place went to Metaforest, a really cool tile and paint mural by Tracy Van Duinen, $100,000. The first place winner is Crucifixion, an intricate and huge mosaic by Mia Travanotti, $250,000. The 4th - 10th places each get $7,000. 

These awards are all decided by a public vote so no art elitists are determining the winners. However there are several more $7,000 awards decided by the art elitists for sustainability, 3-dimensional, 2-dimensional, installation, performance art, etc. Don't get me wrong because I am an art elitist myself since I have a college degree in art. But I think it is great to have the public so interested in art and be a part of the conversation which is what ArtPrize is all about.

Pretty cool that 2 women ended up in the top three. Last year there were 2 women also for 2nd and 3rd place but this year a woman made first place!

Sorry, the pictures are out of order here but you should be able to figure it out. 

Last is a photo of me with 2 other Artists and Stephanie who came from New York to give a presentation on Kickstarter. She asked me and 3 other kickstarter artists to join her on a panel discussion. It was really fun to tell everyone about my kickstarter experience and share the success of this adventure.

Still working on rewards- little late but they are coming! I had to take time out to do a real job for money, painting a children's mural.

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The rest of the top ten; movie of Under Construction

Here's the movie that shows the performance art exhibit, Under Construction.

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