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As the head of a family of monsters, hunt down and slay insufferable college kids holed up in a cabin in the woods!
As the head of a family of monsters, hunt down and slay insufferable college kids holed up in a cabin in the woods!
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    1. Sean Wheeler

      A few complaints about doors, yes I agree to that somewhat. But the minis I have are all great and the number of times we have played this game and the models are as good now as the day we received this game? I will be backing the expansion, I have not had an issue with this game at all apart from the pad coming undone on one side for the doors.

    2. BloopidyBloop on

      @Remi what was your contribution just out of curiosity?

    3. Missing avatar

      Rémi MOLLINE on

      Hi all
      I gave my contribution to develop this game, and I received the promise of sending the game when it would be released... well curiously, I have absolutely nothing Received... I do not find it very correct!

    4. Harrison Lovell

      What is the plan for shipping to the US this time around?

    5. Nathan Ratley on

      On it like a comet!! Can’t wait!!!

    6. Ankama BoardGames 4-time creator on

      Hi Monsters! We're all glad to see how excited you are.

      Again, we want to confirm that we do have something coming up in the next Kickstarter campaign regarding the doors, you'll just have to wait and see :)
      We will also update our official website soon - hopefully befaure the launch but we're focusing on the campaign as we speak- with downloadable content.

      We'll have more to share soon!

    7. Danny Shafer

      I agree with others about addressing the "doors issue". Mine are all pieces of crap. Need replaced with plastic. Until they address the door issues, I won't be backing. I hate getting a defective product.

    8. Michael Thomas Hasenfang on

      Oooh, to have a Peter Vincent style extra cameo in this game though... ;)

    9. Eric "Spooktacular" Skizas on

      Awesome! This has been a regular at our game table since it first arrived. Even barring the hiccups in production, it's a solidly fun game. Can't wait to dig deep under that Cabin and see what's down there..

    10. Cedent on

      Y aura-t-il du KSE ?

    11. Doug Williams on

      More brittle plastic minis, more cheap cardboard too? PASS!

    12. Wolfen Samurai on

      If I get my missing add-ons by time this one launches I will back for sure...but if not its a hard pass

    13. Mischeel Klatt on

      These are great news.
      but when do the translate cards and everything else finally come? they were often addressed but so far there is no date or time frame.

      -》》》please give us the translated cards first

      -》》》please first create the problem with the "doors". all are broken and unstable. I thought they would help here. There was enough feedback about that !!! Now give us some feedback.

      Best regards

    14. Tomasz Rospondek

      @Sabine so I’m not the only one drooling on Arkeis... 🥳

      Counting down till 25th.

      And that door addon is not a stupid idea. Mine, after a home made upgrade, are strong as a real door but still some will buy the working items with a huge smile on their faces.

    15. Missing avatar

      Frank Trampedach on

      If you add a addon that upgrade the doors/new set of doors, im in. I like the game. Doors, not so much considering how much they are used

    16. Drewsalem on

      Needs more monsters.

    17. Ankama BoardGames 4-time creator on

      Hello Monsters, it's great to see you again! :)

      @Krazus: we've given a lot of thought about this, and we'll offer a solution for players who couldn't participate in the original Kickstarter campaign.

      @Sabine: Arkeis will come later this year on Kickstarter, we haven't announced a release date yet. :)

      @BloopidyBloop: we hope you'll like what you see. :)

      @CulturePassions : attention, il s'agit d'une extension plus petite que le jeu d'origine, la boîte ne sera pas aussi grosse que le jeu de base.

    18. Bored Gamer on

      Honestly quality of production and project issues aside I just feel an expansion will probably only make this solid game worse. Factor in that ankama is nearly as bad as Petersen games when it comes to running projects and this is likely a pass.

    19. VGer 2097 on

      Note that three KSE monster families are pictured on this expansion cover...

    20. Kevin Knox

      When I first read the title of this update I thought we were getting a basement/cellar board... but still not disappointed.

    21. Games & Tea on

      Oh hells yeah! Monster Slaughter has become one of the most popular games in our little group, so more can only be good!

    22. CulturePassions on

      Génial !!! Faites nous une aussi grosse boîte que la première avec tout plein de bonnes choses dedans. Dès le jour J je participe !

    23. Dan Lipscombe on

      Take my money. 👻🤡🧟‍♂️☠️

    24. BloopidyBloop on

      I feel like this new kickstarter is just going to be full of comments from people complaining (and rightfully so I suppose) about the doors lol. Might have been wise to address those quality concerns with the main game before launching an expansion but that’s just my opinion.

    25. Citrus on

      Ooooh expansion time already! My stretch goal hopes are either a Demon or Killer Plant family and/or some upgraded doors. :)

    26. BreezingThrough

      Bit of lucky we can get some door upgrades...

      Look forward to seeing what is in the new expansion and even more too getting it into the mix.
      As long as Tom is not invited... Tom has been banned from parties in our games as we is just to clever for our own good.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Yay, if theres anyway for me to get involved with this project please let me know, this is one of my favourite games which if course I will be backing.

      Furball Gaming

    28. Sabine *baking Monster Slaughter: UG* on

      are there also any news about the Kickstarter for Arkeis? :-)

    29. Sean Wheeler

      Awesome, I am in. The game is great fun.
      @Shawn Hilliard +1 for the co-op that would be fun. Having to stop the government from unleashing a monster repellent or something. Start of as kid monsters and grow in to the daddy ones, maybe :) .

    30. Sturm on

      Juste un addon ça sera donc un petit budget de ks ? Il y aura du KSE ?

    31. Krazus on

      Will people be able to get the ks version of the original game? After seeing mine a few guys at my club were gutted to mss out?

    32. Shawn Hilliard

      I had the same idea after our first play! Hoping this includes a cooperative mode where you play as government workers underground trying to stop AI kids from killing or redirecting monsters your way.!