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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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5,707 backers pledged CA$ 483,524 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Darren Wilson on

      :D Really hope we can reach $400k but not sure we'll get that far in time, pledges are coming in fast and almost at 4000 backers. If you plan another Kickstarter for Season 3 and/or the Exclusive Episode (should we not make it in time) we'll be right here ready to support you (once our cash respawns next month).

    2. Caenth on

      Un-belie-able! Ankama rocks! Can't wait to see this series for the first ever time!

    3. Xiang Qin on

      Lets Kick-start This Sucker!

    4. Ricky Heyer on

      You guys are amazing! As a new Wakfu fan, I can't tell you how excited I am to finally see this series.

    5. Michael De Marco on

      400k might still be a bit tough in this time, but I think its at least doable this time! Here's hopin :)

    6. RocketWonderland on

      Thanks for put my illustration again, you guys are so kind and adorable.

      I hope this end well. I'm very happy with this kickstarter group... Ankama we love you!!

    7. Aaron B. on

      Honestly, as much stuff as you're giving us for backing this project, I'd almost prefer you guys just keep the cash for yourselves and gave yourself a pat on the back. Keep up the good work.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Cenoz on

      Oh God, PLEASE reach the goal!

    9. Junior Gordon on

      Ankama you guys are great and just awesome for doing this for us. I'm even more glad that I made my pledge. we'll make it to 400K before you know it :3

    10. Steve Cox on

      I'm soo excited for this

    11. Alice on

      Ankama, you guys are amazing! You're willing to stretch yourselves that far for us, I hope the fans are able to respond to your feelings and reach the last stretch goal (and beyond)!

      I know someone has mentioned it before, but have you considered setting up a Paypal option after fundraising ends so people wishing to support can also donate? You'll still get a chance to have some extra funds come in and help fill in the last bits for that special episode. :)

    12. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      I take off my hat to you guys! We are so close to reach the goal and to be part of this proyect its been amazing. My english knowlegde cant describe all the amazing stuff i've read so far in here, goes in spanish!:

      Muchas gracias Ankama por las maravillosas recompensas y por compartir con nosotros esta maravillosa historia llamada Wakfu. Nunca imaginé que vería a un grupo tan dedicado a sus sueños y trabajo como ustedes (los creía una especie en extinción hahahaha), y no puedo esperar para ver las maravillosas aventuras de Yugo y sus amigos que serán posibles gracias al apoyo de su trabajo y nosotros, los fans. Ha sido divertido, emocionante y agradable compartir estos días con la comunidad Wakfu.

      Lots of love! :)