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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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    1. Kyle Keezer on

      The avatars are a nice thought but being someone new to the series, who hasn't seen the characters personas, knows the world or story, and who is taking a chance as a kickstarter backer it comes across to me that the free kickstarter avatars goal is less of a thank you to us for backing you guys and more of a way to generate more backers in the short term over the next several of days(judging by the size of the wakfu and kickstarter logos vs the characters visibility). I want your kickstarter to succeed as much as the next backer that loves to see independent animation studios succeed in these times so heres to you guys *puts on avatar*. xD

    2. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      @conrad_clark I agree with the others, plz speak for yourself...and there is no need to be some kind of Mr. Grinch :/, the updates are cool, if u dont like them, then save the sour comment to yourself

    3. Micheal B on

      @Conrad- 'we' ?? I don't remember asking you to speak on my behalf.. I enjoy getting all of these updates.. hell it could even be a vid of one of the production team brushing their teeth and mumbling something about Wakfu production and I would still enjoy it..
      Please don't be so rude and remember that just because you don't like something there are a lot of people around that actually do like it.

    4. safyrejet on

      conrad, who's to say what's "important"? I mean to those of us who don't know much about Wakfu or Ankama, these sort of meet the team updates are important and interesting. And getting more avatars would be important to those who particularly like avatars and changing them often, or to people who's absolute favorite character is one they included now.

      Thanks Ankama, I for one appreciate having these sorts of team behind Ankama and Wakfu updates. In fact I've appreciated all your updates. You guys are doing great interacting with the fans and potential fans.

    5. Missing avatar

      conrad clark on

      We really do not need to know every time you eat toast or go to the bathroom. Important updated only please.

    6. Justynn Palmer on

      Nox is staring at me like I stole cookies out the jar or something. Stahp! D:

    7. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      Grougaloragran is going to my facebook ASAP *O* do you guys have a version of cute baby Grougal? i mean, come on, he is SO CUTE and fiery in temper, cant help but to love him *3*