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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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5,707 backers pledged CA$ 483,524 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Matthew Loudon on

      Is there a way to get a very solid "if you're in this tier, you get Season 2?" I'm just nervous 'cuz I can only really afford the lowest Blu-ray pledge (Evangelyne), but I really want Season 2

    2. Ben Clayton on

      That art of Yugo and Amalia is adorable, and the Razortime figure is mind-blowing! Congratulations on the continuing success of the Kickstarter, of course; reaching Season 2 and the bonus episode/Ogrest OVA is a huge step, so let's keep spreading the word and see how far we can get!

    3. Missing avatar

      Milinda on

      OMG you guys are the best ever I love all of you very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Pawawanpi on

      Since season two is now being dubbed most likely the time on the the pledges for delivery will be pushed back right? Though it's just an assumption because more work will be done.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Yes! Season 2 also now, awesome :)

      Hopefully we keep going and make the next goal too.

    6. Joel Detrow on

      I passively ship Yugo x Amalia. They're cute together! :3

    7. Katie & Jess Sosebee on

      i didnt know there was a razortime figurine.. :o looks nice! and yaay season two dvd as well 8V hope we can at least get to 250k before the end of the kickstarter

    8. Justin Gensel on

      I keep finding myself coming back to look at these pics because I am foaming at the mouth waiting for the stories behind this art!! What awesome new heights will our hero strive toward this season? Will the unspoken tension between Yugo and Amalia come to romantic fruition? The return of the Great Traitor, empowered by the demonic Shushu!? So many questions!!! I can't wait to hear from Tot!!

    9. Brittany Barnabei on

      I'm literally sitting backstage during intermission trying not to scream. I'm just hopping up and down in excitement an everyone is looking at me funny. Time to introduce them to Wakfu? Yea I think so :)

    10. dalton midgett on

      that art... so sweet. i do have a question about the in game item though. is it just a hat or that whole outfit?

    11. Missing avatar

      Luffink on

      @Ankama Thanks! By the way, those pics in the update... are you considering a special artbook for the Kickstarter that covers the whole series?

    12. Ankama Creator on

      @Emilie: Yes, the Blu-Rays will not be region-locked, they should play on any Blu-ray player in the world. =)
      @Yuchen: We are waiting for information from our fabrication team before we can give an official answer, but yes, it might delay the delivery of the pledges.
      @Luffink: Check back after the weekend, if all goes well, we are planning to create a Blu-Ray add-on option, which would be the best way to get Quilby and the Blu-ray. =)
      @Thomas: We hope that we can do it! We still have a lot to learn about Kickstarter, but if we do get the chance to create a Dofus campaign, we'll give it our best!
      @Jared: Thank you so much! Well, you never know, we are hiring for some positions!

    13. Josh Frost on

      If one of the stretch goals is season 3 I'll up my pledge, I would love a third season

    14. Emilie on

      I found this kickstarter so I'm not sure if this has been asked, but the Bluray will play on American players, right? I assume it will since it's from Canada, but I just want to be sure. Thanks! Glad you've gotten so much support.

    15. Orian Johnson on

      Oh! Lovely picture of Amalia and Yugo! They're both so cute. :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Luffink on

      I'd like to upgrade to the Quilby pledge, but I'd also want to have the BD. If I pledge $340 CAD, could I have both Quilby's and Evangeline's pledges?

    17. Yuchen Y. on

      One of the best kickstarter ever! Just one question. Doest the addition of season 2 affect the estimated delivery time?

    18. Thomas Compton on

      Wakfu is legitimately one of the best animated series I have ever watched and I am thrilled that this kickstarter is going so well for all you fine people at Ankama. As a suggestion for a possible other stretch goal further down the campaign, what would be the potential odds for the Dofus animated series to get a Blu-ray/dubbed release?

    19. James Lofshult ((Solav))

      Sweet, amazing deal and look forward to more. Love the images and is that the toy of nos robot? I want one! Omg so jealous

    20. Jared MacPhee on

      This is by far the best kickstarter I've been apart of. You guys are marketing geniuses, or else you actually really care that much, which is even better. I can't belive what a good deal I'm no getting. In fact, it's such a good deal, i'm gonna go ahead and up my pledge a tier or too.

      I wish I lived in france so i could camp outside your door and try to work for you.

    21. Willard Del Toro on

      @Sch@dows yep it's extremely cheap . I was just wandering how many disc are there going to be ?cause I don't think there going to fit in 2 or 3 blu rays .

    22. Schadows on

      Guys, everything was already specified in the FAQ under
      "How do the stretch goals work for people who have already pledged?" :
      If we reach our third stretch goal, all pledges that include a Season 1 Blu-ray will also receive a Season 2 Blu-ray.

      $40 for both season in bluray ... that's pratically stealing ^^
      Thanks Ankama, I've never seen Wakfu (despite living in France) but I heard good things about it, and this is the perfect opportunity to discover it!

    23. Caity Bair on

      Yugo and Amalia sitting on a Tree, B L U S H I N G!

    24. Willard Del Toro on

      Ok thx. I wasn't sure if was Blu ray . So the all Blu-ray Disc will come inside one box ? And the episodes are going to be in 1080p?

    25. Ankama Creator on

      @Willard: We're not offering any digital downloads for episodes with this project, so yes, you will get a Blu-Ray for Season 2
      @TEPL: Shipping is included in your pledge amount. If you live far away from France and you would like to chip in extra to help us cover shipping costs, we would appreciate it, but it's not required.

    26. Willard Del Toro on

      200,000 !! Yeah!
      So season two is going to be in Blu-Ray or a download ? If blu-Ray is it going to be in the same box or in another box with different art and booklet ?

    27. Tareica Boufball


    28. Justynn Palmer on

      What...WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOOO. Ankama y u make my life so hard!? Those teaser pics are killing me! (In a good way) Depending on what that new stretch goal is I may have to throw my life savings at this lol. I'll be watching this very closely. VERY closely. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rewatch season 1 and 2 *Slinks away*

    29. Xiang Qin on

      Yugo Has A Cape!
      Hell Yeah!!

    30. Trent Lewis on

      aw yea!!
      i have a question. you mentioned no additinal shipping cost.
      do people outside of canada have to place more money on there pledge for shipping
      or is shipping included in the pledge amount?

      i ask because normmaly there is a
      "please add $25 for shipping outside of canada"
      peice of text under the pldge.

    31. Justin Gensel on

      Oh sweet Mother Hubbard! Yugo has earned himself a cape of awesome in that top sketch!!! I hope that's a taste of what's coming in the 3 OVA's this year!!

    32. Angelina on

      A new pledge tier?
      I want to keep the Goultard pledge but if we get all of this fancie pictures as prints....
      Don't make me life so hard ;A;

    33. SamuraiMujuru on

      Excellent! Glad things are going so well?

      Maybe I missed it Somwhere, but is there any word on whether or not blu-rays of season 2 will be available?

    34. Jonah Good on

      i really cant wait! thanks for the update ankama!

    35. Marie Stelmack on

      oooh! looking forward to what's to come!! (I would pay Top Cashes for that last one finished and as a print, jsyk)

    36. Olivier Morin on

      Est-ce que les manga seront également disponible en Français ?

    37. Gordhan Rajani

      Your welcome, and we look forward to he next 18 days.