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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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5,707 backers pledged CA$ 483,524 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Fen on

      @Angelina Thanks!

    2. Angelina on

      Wow. Your fanart never disappoints me. Keep up that great work because you once again made my day better :D

    3. Angelina on

      Oh man that Super Bowl was boring
      But hey, at least was productiv and drew something

    4. Melissa Lee on

      Managed to squeeze out some fanart now that I found some free time!
      That also links to my deviantart page :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron Houston on

      Using this post as an excuse to make some fanart for you guys. I haven't seen all of season 2 but in the pics it has the characters from Tangomango so i assume she is in the second season. I love the Tangomango comic and have been wanting to do a fanart for it for a while. so, hope you like, thanks for creating such wonderful worlds and characters.
      Aaron Houston

    6. Joey Chiodi on

      Using the best artwork i could find on google I have made 12 banners, thank you @Ian Miller for the idea, use these on Facebook or Forums or etc...…

      Preferably please save the banner you like and use your own image host to save my bandwidth, thank you

    7. Ian Miller on

      (banners) Kind of art, I put them together and their graphical. They are for people who frequent forums that allow banners in their signatures. This way you can spread the word while conducting your normal business. There not professional grade but don’t look too bad, I don’t have Photoshop so I used Microsoft Publisher.

      I have them on a Photobucket account I just made so it has a full monthly bandwidth limit.

      Keep an eye on you posts since once the bandwidth limit is reach I won’t make another PB account for it. If you want to use the banners and save some bandwidth on this account feel free to download the banner and host it on your own sharing account.

    8. destiny_seeker on
      my livestream. I will be doing wakfu fanart every couple of nights

    9. Alice on

      @Ankama Yes! Thank you. :D
      The Amalia drawing was done in Panty & Stocking style. I also did a Tristepin version as well.

    10. James Larochelle

      Here is my fanart. It's all mash-ups of my characters dressed up as Wakfu characters: - Yugo and Az - Tristepin and Evangelyne - Amalia and Adamai - Ruel

    11. JT Lewis on


      Yes, she would love that! It has been a dream of hers for y'all to look at her artwork. If needed I can send proof its okay or we can donate again (we originally just put our money together to donate).

    12. TomCat on

      I wanted to draw this the whole time and this update motivated me enough to do so <33

    13. Saranuu on
      a Yugo avatar I made like two years ago! (On a base)
      He's animated!

      I've been wanting to draw up something Wakfu themed for a while now
      Expect some Wakfu fanart from me soon-ish!

    14. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      I asked my friend if I could share the greatest gift she's ever given me. Count yourselves lucky she said yes:

    15. Pier Paolo on

      I'm not good in doing anything more than a sketch, but I hope this old work can express my support!

    16. Ankama Creator on

      @Doc Acher: Beautiful shading on that piece, but watch out for spoilers... ;)
      @Jt Lewis: Wow, you have a talented girlfriend! Will she be ok with us sharing her art?
      @Jonah Good: What a great Yugo! He looks ready for adventure!
      @Gaby GM: That Yugo plushie looks like it could come to life any minute! We love his cute shoes!
      @NicosFriend: You've really captured Percy's attitude, great work!
      @Emma Stow: Oh, what a cute style! We saw your pixel work on Tumblr earlier this week, very adorable!
      @Sock McSockston: Oh, your lineless illustrations are nice, that's a difficult mode to work in! You should be proud.
      @Katie & Jess Sosebee: What a good Rubilax! Jonah, here's someone you should contact about helping you replicate the animation sprites...
      @Green Laura Ressor: Thank you for posting about the Kickstarter on Deviantart! Your Eni looks like she's studied up on all the monsters, the better to take them down!
      @Fen: ありがとうございました! The gang's all here, just as it should be!
      @Ihara: Very nice Eva and Amalia, Xa would be proud! ;)

    17. Ankama Creator on

      @Alice P: Nice work! Do we detect some Panty & Stocking influence in that Amalia drawing?

    18. Ankama Creator on

      @Jeremy: We don't want to use someone's fanart without their permission, but if you know of an artist who has some great fanart, don't be afraid to nudge them a little and show them the Kickstarter. =)

    19. Missing avatar

      Doc Acher on

      I've got a few things on Tumblr, but all my links seem to be busted.
      Try this:

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Levine on

      Are we allowed to link to fanart we like, even if we are not the artist?

    21. Gaby GM on

      Yay! Sharing time! :D
      Here! I'll leave the most decent I have xD
      This one is a Yugo plushie I made for a friend:
      This other is a drawing of Yugo and Az (drawn by me, colored by my friend):
      And this last one was made on Paint using a mouse, hence the lazy background hehe:
      I'll do more to help promote the proyect once I'm on vacations next week! :)

    22. Robert Wicker on

      @Bruno: that's what I was hoping for but wasn't sure. Time to pimp this out on facebook some more. I want both seasons.

    23. Bruno V. on

      @Robert That's what the 200K$ stretch goal is for! :)
      Once we unlock it, if you've pledged for a season 1 BD, you get season 2 added for free.

    24. Katie & Jess Sosebee on

      post art? hell yeah I can do that :V my sis Jess here drew this Rubilax after I got her into Wakfu a few weeks back..and bugged her to draw my favorite shushu i might attempt something later on :u

    25. Missing avatar

      Green Laura Reesor on

      It's not one of the main characters, but here's a drawing I did of my Eniripsa character, with her bandit sword:…

    26. Jon Klaassen on

      I'm a terrible artist, so I can't draw anything, but I've already posted the kickstarter on my fanfic page (yeah, I'm a dork like that) to get the word out. Wish I could contribute more.

    27. Robert Wicker on

      I'm not sure if it's been brought up, but I'll go ahead and say it:

      Should this get enough money, how about blurays for Season 2? I'm already down for season 1, but would love season 2 as well. It's got 22 days left and already double what it asked for. How much more money could this get to make that happen?

    28. Harrison Colwell on

      Man, this picture is awesome!
      If this doesn't get random strangers excited about Wakfu, I don't know what (PG-13 content) will!

    29. Ihara on

      I only have a little something from the past:
      But hopefully before the Kickstarter ends, I'll have more to show! ;u;

    30. sabata2 on

      Think we can see what Stretch Goal 5 is?
      I know we're far off, but there have definitely been times where hype for a far off stretch has pushed the kickstarter *very* far.

    31. Knightfall on

      Yes, I've been working real hard to promote this campaign to everyone I know and then some. I also happen to be working on a little piece of fanart myself. I'll continue to support this project to the end.