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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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    1. Ankama Creator on

      Thank you all so much for your feedback and support! If you do have contact information for people inside the industry who would be interested to talk with us, don't hesitate to send us a message! It might take a little time for us to respond, but we are reading them all!

    2. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      Since chapter one i couldnt stop watching. This beautiful and amazing story must continue, since its very rare to find such treasure in today's animations. From laugh to tears, i love Wakfu with all my heart and i hope to see new adventures in which Yugo and his friends grow ever stronger and heroic. Mister Tot, your letter reached my heart to the core and i share the feelings poured into it :). May the channels wake up and allow you to continue the magical adventures!

    3. SamuraiMujuru on

      I'll admit, I'd seen Wakfu online in passing but never gave it a second glass. That is, until the forums for the Exalted RPG starting talking about it as great setting and concept material for it's specific brand of wuxia crazy. Checked a couple scenes on youtube, tracked down the first few episodes, and now I'm hooked.

      Adore the art, loving the characters, and am happy to contribute to the goal of getting it viewed worldwide!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ryan Elliott on

      Tot, you have my full respect and I hope you get Season 3 in the way that you've envisioned.

    5. Xiang Qin on

      Wow Great Story Tot My face Melted When I First Saw Wakfu Last Year
      Looking Forward For English Dub & Season 3!! Cheers:)

    6. Bruno V. on

      @Emma In the right sidebar, under the Manage Your Pledge button, you can see Ankama's profile and a Contact Me link.

    7. Emma Stow on

      Who (and how) do we contact about our contacts in the media channel business?

    8. Franko Fonseca on

      You always had fans in the North America.

      I've seen them, I've heard them, I've become one.

    9. Xelloss33 on

      Salut Tot !
      Merci pour ta lettre, je suis de tout cœur avec toi face à cette difficulté de gestion des audiences et des programmeurs de chaînes (je n'aimerai pas être à ta place). Notamment parce qu'en tant que membre de la génération des années 80, j'ai toujours aimé les séries plus matures (oui, totalement pas partial, ouaip). Donc bon courage pour vendre ta vision de la saison 3 !

      Hi Tot!
      Thank you for your update, I'm totally with you for these target demographics stuff problems (I so wouldn't switch my place with you). Born in the 80's, I always liked more mature shows (So totally not partial here, nope). Good luck with selling your vision of what should be season 3!

    10. Alice on

      I just wanted to say, I could really hear your heart speaking in this update, Tot. :) Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful series!

    11. Missing avatar

      Miguel Borges on

      Ah yes, the smiling duck, my old nemesis...

    12. Missing avatar

      William Varanese on

      Ok. I'm seriously going to suggest Netflix. I believe this will be your best avenue by far, and let me tell you why.
      1) Their growing power. Netflix shows have been sweeping the awards this year with their original programs and any good businessman know they're going to want to pull this again. Good hype = good money. More original programming, especially one with an already produced backlog, will greatly be appealing to them.
      2) History. This would also not be a new avenue for them. They have pulled this for Arrested Development, which was widely successful for them. Big chance they could try to emulate this with a show that appeals to not one but two countries.
      3)21st century viewing. Ok, you guys argued that television stations wish to play with time slots and non-serialized stories. But with Netflix's set up, this will be no problem at all. All episodes will be uploaded simultaneously, so it’s up to the viewer when they wish to watch an episode. If they can't remember an episode, they can just go back and watch the previous at their convenience. They can also marathon episodes at a time so serialized shows would actually be much more appealing to audiences compared to the episodic format. Another appeal is the selection. They already host a number of foreign shows and movies, AND in multiple dubs and subs. Viewers will have the choice of selecting which they preferred to see, instead of being forced by single viewing networks.
      Please please PLEASE let us know if you hear back from them. I really believe from the bottom of my heart this will be the best option for all.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ben Oldenburg on

      Great Update. You have something really special but there are a lot of people who haven't seen it yet. Focus on getting the first two seasons out there and I feel you will get the audience to support future episodes, through kickstarter or otherwise.

      Just don't change your vision based on what might be more acceptable. As many said, The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra proved that a more serious/mature animated series can do well. And with avenues like Netflix you don't have to fit into a single network's model. Also makes me think back to Samurai Jack which could get pretty dark for a cartoon, yet had that right mix of style, humor, fantasy, and pop culture that made it really unique and told an interesting story regardless of age.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nathan Destler on

      Well said. Well said indeed. As for getting a network... that's gonna be tricky, but there is precedent, at least on this side of the lake. Look at Avatar: The Last Airbender. That show was very Wakfu-like, and very successful. More to the point, it spawned a sequel series (the Legend of Korra) focused on mid-late teens and even more serial-oriented. Korra's done very well, so maybe you could leverage that. Point out that you're doing something in a similar vein. It's been shown to work, and you've proven you've got a good base to work with. If the networks want to capitalize on the Avatar/Korra success, a Wakfu continuation would be a really good bet.

      Anyway, just a thought. I'm not a business person, just a fan. Whatever you end up doing, I wish you the best of luck.

    15. Duskglass on

      Sadly, networks underestimate the value of quality serial kids shows. (As a kid I didn't care for sitcom-style shows and would have loved to see something exactly like Wakfu, and even now it's one of the best western cartoons I've seen.) You've got something great, and if the networks are turning it down it's their loss.

      and I love the idea of a season 3 with older Yugo and Adamai. I hope you will find the opportunity to create it!

    16. Sandkid on

      This was such an inspiring lecture. I have complete confidence that you guys will pull through. I may not know a lot about media management, but I know that with enough support, it'll be hard for anyone to deny you what you demand. I wish you the best of luck and would like you to know (and I speak for nearly everyone here) that if you choose to truly pursue this, I and many other will undoubtedly support you 100% of the way.

    17. Justynn Palmer on

      Well, as depressing as this news is, I suppose it could be worse. If you guys ever start a Season 3 kickstarter though, I'll be the first to donate ;)

    18. Dayaan Scarborough on

      you guys are the best ;_; this was very insightful. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

      Perhaps the future is online? It'll still be tough to do full-time episodes, but it might be the best alternative to looking for a network right now...

    19. safyrejet on

      First, I'm American. I've never seen Wakfu. And just from this KS I'm already excited to get my hands on season 1 (and hopefully season 2).

      There's something about Wakfu that makes me think of many anime I've loved and the American series Avatar: The Last Airbender. I think American networks need to pay more attention to airing real serious story serials. Not every kid's show should be designed as fluffy short sitcoms with some built-in hit you in the face moral lesson. I wish they'd get that picture. I haven't been watching American animated shows because they disappoint. The last one I fell in love with was the Avatar one. Other than that I turn overseas for the kind of shows I want to watch. So I'm thrilled to see your studio dubbing a series like this into English. I don't have any brilliant connections to help you get season 3 produced the way you guys want it done. But you have my meager support as an excited future Wakfu watcher.

    20. Missing avatar

      Gnathonic on

      A whole season of adult Yugo sounds entertaining. Here's to hoping you guys can manage it.

    21. ABIB on

      This was a really great read. I'm very grateful you took the time to write all this, it's very illuminating. I have lots of characters and stories too, but I'm always too afraid to do anything with them. But even with the problems you've had, you've shown that it's not entirely hopeless to create and promote original IPs. Even if there isn't a season 3, there has been a season 1 and 2, and they are absolutely fantastic.

    22. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      As a fellow writer, this post made me get all kinds of emotional. You've delivered some amazing work, and it's really unfortunate that it's not getting the attention and love that is so obviously deserves. Just know that, whatever the networks say, we're still huge fans and these stories are in our hearts.
      If you ever decide to do a campaign for a season three, you let me know. I'll be the first to donate!

    23. James Patrick Michael Corrao on

      I have to say reading this update really was touching, and I want you to know that while I don't share the intimate bond that you do with your creations, I still feel connected with them, and I too wish to see them grow. We don't need to have another Pokemon [the whole character never aging thing, not saying Pokemon is bad]

      These animated serials should have depth, and that is probably the essence of why we as backers are flocking to it is because it offers more than anything else I've watched ever offered in terms of emotion and depth.

      I wish you all the best of luck, and as for a suggestion, what about seeing how much you guys can put in, and then seeing if you could raise another kickstarter for a full season three? Just as an attempt, I know it's a long shot but if it was popular enough maybe networks will pick up on it! [also I have a job, I'd gladly throw some of my paycheck(s) into this!]

      Anyways I understand if you can't, won't, or if that idea would do more harm than good. But I want you to know you have at least one backer if you did.

      Though if it doesn't work out, I at least hope we can see some specials from or after Season 2, that'd at least give us some of the story you want, without having to degrade it for a network.

      Anyways, that's my long comment, keep up the great work! I love you all, and this world you have brought to life!

    24. Ross Putnam on

      I have to say I really really love the idea of the story progressing with the characters getting older and the story getting darker, It always gets so much more interesting and fun to watch rather than watching the same things but with a new enemy. I have never previously watched Wakfu but after seeing this kickstarter I am really looking forward to getting the chance. I would love to see the characters and story progress in the way that you have suggested.

    25. Liow Wee Sheng on

      The only regret is not even trying, where words are merely stick and stones.

      As much as there're supporters backing you up, there will be haters too. Nothing is perfect to all.

      Still, it's glad that you'd taken the first step out of the comfortable zone. I'd say some age progression is fine, throwing Yugo into adulthood may be cutting the lines early. (Unless that was a hint that season 3 would be a finale).

      That said, don't lose your way from all these minor setbacks. This kickstarter is off to a good start, with the results backing it up.

      Iirc, Ankama did went for the Japanese Convention? Pretty sure you could tap into the Asian markets with potential clients.

      Cheers, and all the best in your future projects.

    26. Katie & Jess Sosebee on

      Depends on how dark you'd want it to go though..Toonami's a good idea since CN does like action-y shows with some violence..But if you wanna be sure of it I'd go for Adult Swim or maybe even Netflix or Hulu as a last ditch effort.

    27. Jesus Regalado on

      You could attempt to have the show get picked up by Netflix, they may allow the older themes. Cartoon Network so has Toonami where they air shows meant for slightly more mature audiences.

    28. Xiang Qin on

      All Right! All Right! Just Everyone Keep Calm and Carry On eh!

    29. Derrick DeWitt on

      Xiang.... i wish you would stop bringing up MLP...

      It has nothing to do with this and it seems like you try to give it some sort of traction on every Update.


    30. Xiang Qin on

      Yeah Without Wakfu MLP Will Be All Over US!!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Bilateralrope on

      @Stephen Swart
      Even shows with a full length season often split the season into two parts. I suspect that's so the people funding it can see how popular the first half season is before they have to commit money to the second half.

      If that's what's needed to get a season 3 funded, so be it.

      @Chris Niosi
      While Legend of Korra does have child characters, they are secondary characters, not part of the main cast. Which only makes your point stronger.

      So the dub looks like it will open up some more options for season 3. Though all of those options seem like they would want the English version done first, or at least simultaneously. So there could be some language barrier problems.

    32. Missing avatar

      Logan Miller on

      "What's the point of creating if not sharing?"

      How true, how very true. I see we are of the same mind about creative projects, sir. I have found an immense amount of enjoyment in the world you have shared with us and most fervently hope that I can one day share my own worlds with others for the same reason.

      You have created something fantastically beautiful, not just in its vivid imagery, but in its depth and bredth of story and characters. The quality of your work trully is amazing. And I agree that children need adventures and heroes, things to inspire them and to aspire to. We had those when I was younger, but I see a tragic lack of them nowadays. I certainly hope you can bring your future visions to life.

      Your passion and dedication are an inspiration, sir, and I am so glad that I could help you in your endeavors, if only a little.

      Please keep creating, and I'll keep enjoying.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ian Moir on

      Don't know if you've thought of it or if it's an option, but you could maybe try getting it to air on something like Netflix. It seems they're looking for more Netflix exclusive programming, and I don't think they have as strict viewing laws as the networks.

    34. Nameless on

      Thank you for this update, it was a very interesting read. I really hope the plans for a season 3 comes true and I promise I will support it if I ever see it on KS.

    35. Woelke on

      "No children in a children's show, that's only possible in Japan." But why is this the case? Just look at the most popular Anime in America: Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell. Now some of these have teens in them but none really feature children, and they are most most crushingly popular over here. And Wakfu would share the same target audience as all of these, so why wouldn't it share their success?

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Swart on

      You could just do shorter seasons. Game of Thrones only has like 12 episodes per season.
      Though each one is like a full hour long, so maybe not.

    37. Aimee Gaines on

      this update literally left me in tears. i cannot express how much joy it gave me to read how much you love this universe and these characters. sometimes i feel like everything these days is done just for profit, that there's no love and passion in the foundation of anything anymore, and seeing how much this team loves this show, this world, it gives me a little hope back. i started watching fan-subtitled episodes of this show just as season one was ending, and i loved it immediately. i told all my friends about it, but no one had heard of it, so i threw links at everyone who would listen and urged them to watch it. when season two came out, i was on the edge of my seat at the end of each and every episode--i couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Wakfu and Dofus have a sanguine realism that is painfully rare in animated works, and i was elated to learn about this kickstarter. i'm so glad you guys didn't give up. yours is a project to be shared with the world, and i'm so ineffably proud of all my fellow fans for stepping up to the plate and helping make it happen.

      thank you for Wakfu, for Dofus, for this wonderfully diverse cast, for beautiful scenery, for fascinating culture, for clever puns that make us laugh, for dark moments that keep us thinking, and most of all for having the courage to not only create such a fantastic universe, but for having the courage to put it out there. thank you so much for everything you have done, and for sharing it with all of us.

    38. Marie Stelmack on

      tot please stop making me cry
      more seriously: I began to watch Wakfu, at a friend's recommendation, at a pretty rough spot in my life. but Wakfu cheered me up, it made me laugh, it spurred tears from me when I was barely in a position to cry about anything else. I became emotionally invested and started yelling, yo people! watch this dumb French cartoon! (I call it this out of love, you understand.) it got me writing again, both fanfiction and original stuff, and made me more confident in my ability. (sort of - you know, surely, the plight of a young writer.)

      tl;dr thank you for the laughter and the tears and the emotional support you didn't know you gave. this is really dumb sorry

    39. Cat's Meow on

      Thank you so much for this universe, Tot! I hope the Kickstarter goes some way to aid in creating a season 3. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Sushma J. Chandran on

      I would fun the hell out of Season 3. I freaking love this show!!!!

    41. Angelina on

      Oh man, that post just gave me so much feels.
      Once again you made me cry, with joy and sadness.
      But first I want to thank you Anthony, you and the whole team behind Ankama.
      Thanks for giving us this gift made out of pure feels and gold.
      Thanks for giving us the Krosmoz with all the great adventures in it.
      Thanks for letting us travel along with you on this long journy.
      You had you hard times and so did we.
      But without it we would never have had so much fun.

      Oh it feels like forever since I first saw Wakfu.
      2010 was it, the 8. episode in the german dub.
      How foolish I was thinking you just photoshoped the food in there.
      The next time I came in touch with Wakfu was when I googled my name.
      Silly me I probably missed a letter and ended up on the german wiki page for Wakfu.
      While I was reading trouhe the pages I was wondering, was this the same I have
      seen befor?
      The next day I decided to watch Wakfu, maybe the story was really that great.
      Oh how rigth I was.
      So I started watching and I instantly loved it.
      The story, animation, everything.
      And of course I couldn't wait so I searched the web to spoile me a bit.
      It was a big mistake.
      It ripped my heart in two pieces and I couldn't understand why.
      Maybe because of what happend in the end?
      Or because now this great adventure was over?
      Probably a bit of both.

      So I searched and found out that there was going to be a secound season.
      Noboby knew when but someday I may be.
      Searching some more I found the offical french page with its little animation.
      (Which I am not going to spoil for you if you havent seen it)
      At first I tought it was to late and thats why the eys of the statue were moving.
      Again I was wrong.
      Some months later I stumbeld on youtube over the first episode of the
      secound season.
      For me it was a dream come true.
      Luckily the first 3 episodes where uploaded and they even had subtitels.
      After I watched them I found the 4. episode, sadly without subs but I still watched it.
      And after that I was wondering.
      Why would they do this?
      But I was happy, I heard of some other theories of what may happen but this?
      So I followed the weekly updates and watched them first without and then with subs.
      When the secound season was near its end I tried to find spoilers and I found something.
      Wikipedia sayed that in an interview it was confirmed someone importand would die.
      So I speaculated about who would die.
      And boy was I wrong.

      So now that this season had also ended I was sad.
      Was this again the end of the adventure?
      Even if it first seemd so, luckily it was not.
      But this time thing had chanced.
      I had fun understanding everything behind the series itself.
      From animating to understanding characters and the plot.
      And you guys did it again.
      Packed with fun, adventures and everything else a good story needs
      you gave us the Wakfu franga & Dofus series.
      And I won't even start about the other books, comics and romans
      you gave us.
      It still makes fun to find little eastereggs hidden everywhere.
      And on the day this Kickstarter was released I knew you
      guys would do it again.
      And don't even get me started on the trailer and the little hidden things.
      Or the things nobody seems to notice like...
      well I better don't spoil you if you didn't see it.

      So long story short, thanks for giving us an epic adventure and no
      worries, I'm pretty sure some broadcaster will understand that Wakfu
      is a risk one should take.
      Now we just need to hit the next streched goal, or better we just hit all.
      If you excuse me, I still need to find a way to get that Nox plege,
      I would love to meet you guys in person, get a little dubbing role and
      the signed making of books
      So keep up your good work and have a nice day.

    42. Chris Niosi on

      Tot, thank you!! It's a privilege to be able to support you and your team on such an amazing show. When I first discovered Wakfu in college many years ago, my immediate first thought was "why isn't this on US television!? This is amazing!!" - your incredibly rich story and memorable characters should be shared with the rest of the world and the show deserves proper recognition!

      As much as we'd love to see Season 3, we'd understand if it's not possible at the moment. I'd be more than happy just to see Seasons 1 and 2 again; but if the opportunity came to get Season 3 off the ground I'd jump at the chance! I think the success of this kickstarter will show that networks have it wrong to judge Wakfu on a bunch of things that make it so special in the first place.

      As far as developing Season 3's story, there's still a way to do it the way you want and fulfill the "standards" expected. The Legend of Korra overcame being able to focus on all teenage/adult characters, by including new child characters to be alongside them. If you want to bring Yugo and Adamai to be older and at the forefront, introduce a new kid to be involved in the story! Maybe Yugo and company's continued story is seen through the new kid's eyes? You guys are clever and I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work!

    43. Jesse Dlugosz on

      I would help fund a season 3 in a heartbeat, Wakfu is that special to me.

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. David Lundberg on

      Tot's letter was a beautifully written, powerful, and emotional message, and I'm glad to see he's so passionate about his work. I know he will try his best to make season 3 a reality, and I'm happy to support him, no matter what happens.

    46. Noble Valerian on

      I found out about this through one of my favourite artists on deviantART, xa-xa-xa. I will say that my wife and I don't have cable or satellite TV. Everything I watch is on HuluPlus or Redbox. I am not even sure how traditional television programming is still viable. I am guessing there is a generation clinging to it.

    47. Ciarán Golding on

      I'm just gonna come right out and say that, if it means getting to see a Season 3 as you currently envision it, I'd be more than willing to donate to another Kickstarter campaign.

    48. Justin Gensel on

      I have to say Mr Roux, that letter you wrote was just absolutely beautiful. You really do love your characters, as plainly shines through in your writing here. ABSOLUTELY stick to your guns on telling the story the way it NEEDS to be told. Life is as you said, not all rainbows and lollipops. Much like Tolkien, you've created a world that mixes joy with sorrow, levity with danger and good with evil. That your current backers can't see this is incredibly sad and disappointing to me. I would suggest reaching out to the likes of Cartoon Network's new Toonami block as a possible venue. It showcases animation with stories such as you suggested. It might also do some good to mention to the networks that the same audience that started Yugo's journey with him so long ago have also grown up alongside him. Now they're ready to take the next step and tackle bigger things in terms of storytelling! I sincerely wish you and yours nothing but the best. For what it's worth, I believe in you guys and I know you won't let the Brotherhood go down without a fight! :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Jen on

      Thank you for taking the risk, Tot. This is the kind of show I want to show my younger cousins and nephew, a show that doesn't treat them likw someone that just needs a distraction. Just from what you said about the plans of making the shows darker with adults, I couldn't help but think of a few Saturday morning cartoons I used to watch here in the sates. I occasionally scan through the cartoon channels, and I'm disappointed in seeing that maybe a handful of these kinds of cartoons are produced that have a continuous story (Legend of Korra being one of them). The closest channels I think that would be willing to release them are Cartoon Network during evening time slots or the Hub. Hub does reruns of older shows and newer (at least the last time I checked), ranging from the 1990s Batman and it's continuation Batman Beyond. Netflix is also a good option since they're now making their own shows.

      I wish to see the Brother of Tofu's adventures continue and watch as the World of Twelve expands, in whatever form it takes.

    50. Saranuu on

      Seeing someone so passionate about their work is just amazing.
      Thank you Tot.

      On a second note
      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Yugo and his friends all grown up (especially Adamai!)