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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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    1. DanyaHerald on

      1 for season 1, but 2 for season 2. It fits the thematic shift.

    2. Missing avatar

      Katherine Starr on

      Aww can we get the second cover as an option per backer? Or the second cover for the second season??

    3. Missing avatar

      PsychoGaze on

      #1. Maybe you could use #2 for the second season?

    4. Shannon Sheu on

      #1 for season 1. #2 is too serious.

    5. Thomas Compton on

      Both covers are great, but cover 1 captures the spirit of Wakfu more.

    6. Tetho on

      #2 for me, much more interesting composition.

    7. SamuraiMujuru on

      I think the art for #1 is better, but #2 will probably look nicer on my shelves.

    8. Zachary Sharon on

      Choice #1 is the cover I prefer.

    9. Missing avatar

      Genny on

      I vote for #1 as well. On it Yugo seems to say: Come join the adventure!

      Quick questions: are the DVDs region locked?

    10. Diggeh on

      #1 for sure. The image in update #17 would be a great cover for Season 2.

    11. destiny_seeker on

      #1 for season. #2 for season 2.

    12. D.J. Cole

      # 1 - is number one in my book... The "fun" style fits the story-telling style of the first season AND the art matches the style of the Season 1 Artbook covers as well. Win/win!

    13. Missing avatar

      Aria on


      It's cute, bright, and more dynamic.

    14. Jenny Silagi on

      Definitely #1, it gives a better impression of Yugo's personality and it's so cute!

    15. Daviann Morais on

      #2 is cool but i feel #1 is bests and fits the season better.

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Oh yeah, 1. The season was a light hearted adventure, and the lighter colors in #1 matches that.

    17. R. Power on

      #1. They're both pretty good looking, but #1 just feels a little less contrasty to me.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kinneman on

      #1 - the second one just doesn't look like Yugo.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nathan DeAubrey

      #1 is much better

    20. Missing avatar

      Logan Miller on

      I'm gonna go with #1. The light-heartedness of it captures better the character of Yugo and the series as a whole, I think.

    21. Ben Clayton on

      I'm happy with both, but I think I prefer #1. Light colours definitely 'feel' more right in his case, and I really like the effect of Yugo bursting through a cloud!

    22. Greg Demchuk on

      Hard to say, they're both really good... but I think #1 is better for the Season 1 box art.

    23. Ginger Animator on

      Gonna have to say the first one!

    24. Missing avatar

      Sean Twohig on

      1 is my choice. Two is cool, 1 is straightforward.