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This collaborative art book will feature over 50 artists and over 100 pages of full-color art of endangered birds from the world over.
103 backers pledged $8,130 to help bring this project to life.

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Last chance to have your name in the back of the book!

Posted by Arras Wiedorn (Creator)

Hello everyone! So, editing the glossary took way longer than I expected. I ended up having to completely redo 4 of the entries and add 2 more, and it didn't help that I had to move cross-country in the middle of doing that. The only thing left now is to type up the list of backers- but I still haven't heard from about five or six people regarding what name they'd like in the back of the book. There's still time for me to add names to the list, but that time is quickly running out! It ought to be possible to add names while the graphic designer is working on it, but after that it's off to the printer and no changes can be made. So, if you'd like to have your name in the thank-you section and you haven't told me what you want yet (or if you need to change your preferred name), please let me know ASAP!

Finished writing!

Posted by Arras Wiedorn (Creator)

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've finally finished writing the glossary and "What you can do to help" sections! I'm going to have someone read them over and then it's off to the graphic designer!

(On that note, I still have some backers who have not yet sent in their surveys- if you would like to have your name in the Thank-you section at the back of the book, I will need those in ASAP! If you chose "no reward" (and therefore got no survey) and want your name in the book, you can send me a message or email me your preferred name.)

One more important update: The wooden owl charms that Cari designed came in, but unfortunately all but 9 of them were broken in transit! We will be ordering new charms (probably metal ones this time, less fragile), but that means that any rewards that did not include a book can't go out for another few weeks while we get the order in and wait for them to arrive.

And on a fun note, check out this article! Birds really are "tiny little dinosaurs"!


Posted by Arras Wiedorn (Creator)

I would like to make a public apology for how long this project is taking. I really did not properly anticipate just how much work it would take. I could give you excuses for why it has taken so much longer than it should have, but they would be just that: excuses. Instead, I will simply give you a much-overdue update.

First, rewards:

Aside from the completion of the book, I have almost all the rewards in-hand:

Sorry for the blurry photo- pictured are playing cards, post cards, my charms, the signed prints, stickers, and bookplates.
Sorry for the blurry photo- pictured are playing cards, post cards, my charms, the signed prints, stickers, and bookplates.

I have already sent out a few of the lower-level tiers that do not include books. Many of them are mostly packaged but cannot be sent out yet because I am still waiting on the owl charms from Cari (they are finished, I just keep moving addresses because of work and they haven't caught up to me yet).

Next, book progress:

All the art and releases have been sent to me. The information has all been compiled and edited, and I have both of these things in a basic layout. I still need to finish the citation, glossary, and "what you can do to help" sections. Today I asked a good friend to help me with the citation, because I have finally admitted that I need the help if I'm going to get this done anytime soon. I plan on spending a minimum of one hour a night on the remaining two sections until it's done.

After that, I will be sending it all to a graphic designer (Whale Works Design and Illustration, who has worked on "coffee table" books before) who will make it look nice and prepare it for the printer. 

If anyone would like to see the "rough draft" layouts, please send me an email at and I will send you an invite to a dropbox folder containing a .pdf version. It doesn't look particularly amazing, but it contains low-res versions of all the images and all of the information excluding the citation, glossary, and "what you can do" section.

Finally, I completely understand if anyone is unhappy with me- I really did think this project would be done by now. If anyone who has not already received their rewards would no longer like to wait, I will be happy to issue a full refund. Simply send me an email at with your Kickstarter username, amount pledged, and preferred method of reimbursement.

General update

Posted by Arras Wiedorn (Creator)

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Running a little behind + playing cards!

Posted by Arras Wiedorn (Creator)
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Hey there everyone!

So the book is running a little behind schedule- it's currently still in editing (though hopefully that should be done within the next two weeks or so) and I'm still waiting on a couple pieces of art. I will be sure to keep you all updated once things pick up again, and as soon as I have a new projected release date.

Another thing: I may have been a bit premature in announcing the metal charms. We've had a little difficulty with the company that was going to do Cari's metal charms, so she's thinking we'll probably go with wood instead. They'll still be really awesome, though! And as for charms, the acrylic designs have already arrived (sorry for the slightly bad photo):

In other news, the deck of cards is coming along nicely! Check out the beautiful art for the face cards, done by SEM:

Face card art by SEM, Losing Altitude logo by Chantal Lay
Face card art by SEM, Losing Altitude logo by Chantal Lay

*Note: none of the species on the face cards are endangered- they were all chosen to match the suit shapes.