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A real-time strategic medieval combat MMORTS with Sandbox Empire building where everything lives on a seamless map. Join today!

A real-time strategic medieval combat MMORTS with Sandbox Empire building where everything lives on a seamless map. Join today! Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 28, 2014.

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   See Alpha Gameplay - City Building with Randy Johns

  How Do Empires Work & Guild Systems in Avalon Lords?

When we set out to make Avalon Lords, we weren't just trying to make a traditional RTS or MMO strategy game. We wanted to bring back the glory of traditional medieval real time strategy while bringing totally new elements to the genre, and avoid intrusive microtransactions.

Design your cities by placing buildings however you think best. Terrain and proximity will affect each building’s effectiveness, so making an efficient city will require experimentation and cleverness. Build as many cities as your economy can support and your armies can defend. Customize the appearance of your buildings and armies with a wide range of options available both in-game and in the Avalon Lords store. Choose from a selection of buildable cosmetics to enhance your city's appearance and watch your peasants go about their daily lives.

 Avalon Lords has an advanced AI that allows your troops to respond to changing situations without needing 24/7 player control or micromanagement. You can choose to control your individual squads in battle, or sit back and let the AI drive. Your AI will defend your kingdom while you are offline. If you want to exercise your tactical skills, you can go beyond the default AI and define custom tactics using a visual interface. Behavior sets that you create can be given to other players or even traded on the in-game marketplace.


Discover friends and enemies as you explore a 3D map that’s as big as England. Uncover ruins and vanquish NPC brigands. Find mountain passes or other interesting points on the map and set up watchtowers and fortresses to guard strategically valuable locations. Battle to keep your army and cargo safe as you pass through hostile territories and claim lands for your Kingdom and Empire.


Use local terrain to your advantage as you plan your battle campaigns, hiding in deep forests or using mountain ridges to cut off your enemy's retreat. Run battles yourself or set up custom AI tactics to tell your troops to respond the way you want them to. You can control the battle as it plays out in real time, changing tactics to respond to new threats and bringing in reinforcements when needed. Each battle occurs on the actual world map, so players must be wary of their surroundings and watch for nearby Kingdoms sending their forces into the fray. 


Form guild-style Empires with your fellow players and their Kingdoms and hold massive battles to fight for server domination and end-game victories. Declare war or make formal alliances with other Empires as you battle for control of the map. Build roads and create trade networks with other Kingdoms and Empires. Guild leaders will have access to an extensive Empire Management system, which will include in-game calendars, player polls and remote Empire warehouse access. 


Most servers will be generated with new terrain and several complex, competing end game victory conditions. When server victory has been achieved, successful players will receive exclusive cosmetic in-game rewards to carry with them to flaunt on new servers and their Empire’s victory will be written into the history of Avalon. World domination will be a tough, difficult challenge that takes at least six months and will require you to outmaneuver all other Empires, but that triumph will be truly worth celebrating. We will run at least one social server with no endgame scenario for those who just want to relax and build, in which players’ cities are protected from destruction. 


Avalon Lords is a game with richly imagined history and lore which influences the way you play. The story is set in a grim, dark world, two hundred years after the fall of a great empire. Players are tasked with the challenge of bringing order to this once-great land, forming Empires of their own and fighting to control the realm. Those who succeed will become part of Avalon’s history. A detailed backstory supports the game's factions, with each of the three Great Orders cultures being distinctly different. This difference is reflected in the Elite Units available to each Great Order and in our gorgeous concept art. We’ll be focusing on the Order of Dawn for initial testing and release, and introducing the Orders of Darkness and Divine with their own territories later in the development timeline.

Avalon Lords will not be pay-to-win - we will never sell items that give in-game advantage. The game will be available for purchase, straight up. Traditional PC MMOs like Wildfire, Everquest, World of Warcraft, EVE Online and Final Fantasy XIV charge an upfront box price and monthly subscription. We’ll do the same and avoid annoying microtransactions. We want Avalon Lords to be about skill, not the size of your opponent’s wallet.

The monthly subscription will be available via payment with in-game credits that can be freely traded in the auction house, similar to EVE Online’s PLEX system. Players will also be encouraged to submit their own content and if approved, they can offer their models on the auction house for trade as well.

We’d like to see the MMORTS genre move away from limited free-to-play titles that are riddled with microtransactions. Instead, we want to show everyone that hard, challenging games without paying to win can be rewarding and enthralling too. In order to do so, we need the support of our community!

We've put together a great selection of rewards that give our supporters something to show they were hear at the beginning. The main thing we wanted to offer as a reward was a copy of the game, and early supporters can reserve their copy for up to 70% OFF.   

If we meet our goal of raising $150,000, we will pay our artists, developers and server costs to continue work on Avalon Lords and produce a playable combat-system alpha.  We will then secure funding to implement the full feature-set from private investors and publishers. Or better yet, we’ll meet all our stretch goals and not need any extra funding!

Sandbox city construction: $250K If we meet this stretch goal we will complete the building and fortifications system. We have many resource-gathering, military production, logistics, defensive and other buildings complete already. We need your support to finish the UI and complete the full set of buildings and fortifications.

NPC Armies: $280K Make bandits invade the land of Avalon! When we meet this stretch goal we will make NPC armies spontaneously generate and fight. Fight regular players or test your skills against AI-driven enemies.

Quest System: $300K What’s an MMO without quests? Avalon Lords’ quest system will be flexible and reward players’ good behavior, obsessive dedication and deranged creativity. Avalon’s rich backstory will begin to emerge through gameplay. 

Kingdom Expansion: $480K This stretch goal is a big deal. We’ll put the ginourmous seamless map in place and allow players to expand their territory, spawn cities, have their political control of a territory dynamically reflected on the world map and conquer other people’s cities. 

Multiple World Servers: $540K One world to conquer is not enough to satisfy our ambition! Help us achieve this stretch goal and we’ll set up a system of multiple world servers with different parameters. We’ll set up a social server where buildings can’t be destroyed and people can experiment and socialize. We’ll have hardcore servers where all gloves are off. We’ll set up a speed server where everything progresses super-fast. More, too! 

Dynamic World Map & High level Army Combat: $600K When we meet this stretch goal, we’ll add a satellite-view high level map with armies crawling all over it. You’ll be able to plan your campaigns like WWII generals with big arrows depicting your and your teammates’ plans -- if WWII generals were playing 3D MMORTS games, that is.. We’ll let you assign missions to armies and make the AI figure out how to achieve them. Less work for you, more for Tim the AI Scientist! Toggle troops between manual and AI control. Set up armies and tell them to patrol your border or explore to the West or to conquer Franktopia, then sit back and watch it happen. 

User-customizable AI: $630K Now that your troops are running amok under Tim’s AI guidance, take back the reins. When we reach this goal we’ll implement the visual control system for setting your own tactics and behavior sets. 

Automated Economy: $645K When we tackle this stretch goal, we’ll set up automated trade routes. You’ll be able to direct surplus resources to different cities or even different players, in exchange for pre-negotiated payments. We’ll add an “escort” mission to the military AI, so you’ll can set up standing companies to protect your precious cargo as it travels across the land. 

Expanded Research: $655K There’s so much to learn! We’ll implement a University System so your citizens can go to school and make their parents proud. Each Order has its own special knowledge and mythology, and Empires will have their own joint research projects to do. 

Sophisticated Empire System: $675K We want to go beyond the standard guild system and give teams all the tools they need to succeed. In-game polls, calendars, and a built-in mutiny system! 

Integrated Diplomacy: $695K Declare war and let the bodies hit the floor. When we reach this goal, we’ll set up Diplomacy System so your Empire’s Diplomat can declare war and set up coalitions with other Empires where your allies’ armies will march alongside yours. The colors on the world map will reflect the dynamic politics. Watch the meta-game unfold. 

Sophisticated Espionage: $735K We will make a complex espionage system with sabotage, persistent agents and double-agents. Help us reach this stretch goal and set up your own virtual spy agency. Chia Lin says that an army without spies is like a man without ears or eyes. An eyeless, earless army would be pretty terrifying, but probably not very effective. 

NPC Cities: $750K Push back the NPC invasion! What do they want? Who can stop them? You’ll find out when we reach this stretch goal. 

Ancient Ruins: $780K Hidden throughout the land are deep, dark places filled with archaeological treasures to be discovered. Hold the ruins long enough to explore them thoroughly and uncover the past of Avalon. Some ruins may have other mystical purposes. 

Intricate Crafting: $800K The lands of Avalon hold many raw materials, some rare and some common. We’ll set up a system to allow you to refine those materials and make wondrous, magical, even unique things. 

Endgame Scenarios: $830K When we get to this goal we’ll implement the endgame victory scenarios. One scenario: Empires will have a challenging series of ascension rituals to conduct at special sites they must build and defend from interference. First place winners will receive great accolades and win a permanent place in Avalon’s mythology. 

Order of Darkness: $860K With the King possibly murdered and their chieftain on the hunt for those responsible, the Order of Darkness retreated to the Pertram Mountains to find warriors worthy of leading their Order and ultimately finding a worthy leader for all of Avalon. Help us coax them out of their mountain bastions. We will develop their elite units, buildings, quest and research lines, and add an endgame scenario keyed into their special abilities. 

Order of Divine: $890K The puissant, mostly-sane mystics of the Order of the Divine are poised to re-enter the Great Game and play a role in the fate of Avalon once more. When we reach this stretch goal we’ll develop their elite units, buildings, quest and research lines, and add an endgame scenario based on their special abilities and propensity for massive works of magic. 

NPC Empire: $920K Tim, our AI scientist, wants to take over the world. His NPC brigands have been raising armies, building cities and digging in. Now they are joining forces to form their own Empire. What’s their secret plan? Help us reach this goal and we’ll find out together. 

Player Workshop: $960K Want to be part of Avalon Lords? Well now you can! With the player workshop players will be able to create their own skins for units and structures in Avalon Lords and submit them to us for approval. We will provide sample geometry and instructions on how to get started to get your creations in game. Give them awesome names and a reason for being in the world, and chances are we’ll be seeing them in the shop. Those that make it through the approval process will appear in the store for players to purchase skins! Content creators will be seeing a cut of each sale as well so you can support the game you love and make a bit of cash on the side. 

Mobile Companion App: $1040K When we get to this stretch goal we’ll put together a slim mobile companion app for iOS and Android. You’ll be able to chat, send mail, read reports, view reports and receive push notifications. Never be out of touch with your kingdom! 

Full Access Mobile App: $1140K Mobile devices don’t yet have the same performance capabilities as PCs, so we will stretch those capabilities to the limit. When we reach this goal we will make an app that allows you to play Avalon Lords from your iOS or Android tablet or phone. View live game activity and interact with your troops. How cool is that? 

Creating an MMO is a hugely ambitious project, especially for an indie company making their first game. Avalon Lords isn’t a standard MMO, RTS or browser strategy game, but an innovative, hardcore new game unlike anything currently on the market. 

Our team is more than up to the task, as our collective previous experience and our initial work on Avalon Lords shows. We have assembled an extraordinary team of passionate, dedicated and smart people who have the insight and the experience within the MMO, RTS and MMORTS genres to make it happen. We could have started the studio off by making smaller, safer games, but we came together to build the ultimate MMO strategy game, and that’s what we’re going to do. However in order to do this we need financial support to bring the game to market, and that’s why we’re here. 

So why should you support us? Well, first and foremost, we hope you’ll support us because you want to play Avalon Lords. Do you share our vision of a game where everything lives on the map, where you can employ real strategy to defeat your fellow players, where losing a city is a consequence your opponent can’t just buy their way out of? If so, join our campaign and help us make it happen. 

Avalon Lords is unlike anything else currently on the market, and we’d like to keep it that way by self-publishing. No mainstream publisher will back an ambitious new concept by a newly formed team, and no established studio is going to take the risk either. We understand the difficulties involved, and they’re pretty formidable, but we’re up to the job. 

So we’re asking you to help us. If you share our vision, get to know us through our Kickstarter campaign, forums, Dev Diaries and email. We know we can pull it off. Our team has the collective experience and brains to do it, and our blood is afire with the passion to make it happen. Judge us by the work we’ve already done and join us to help create a deep, satisfying new strategy game. 

Better still, become an evangelist for us. Ask your friends and gaming buddies to sign up to the Kickstarter and to ask their friends too. Post about the game on forums and social media. Help us create some buzz and show the world that we want Avalon Lords!

Animus Interactive is an independent games company based in New York, with staff working remotely from all over the world to create a game that will revolutionize the RTS genre. Our team includes AAA developers, talented artists and writers, and a dedicated community team.  Here's some of our team members' previous work.

Frank Cefalu, Founder ☀ Dev team lead at Major League Gaming

David Wu, CTO ☀ Founder of Pseudo Interactive and lead technologist behind Cel Damage and Full Auto, CTO behind Halo 4 at 343i

Jen Ketzl Brame, COO ☀ Mathematician & experienced IT executive  

Randy Johns, Dev Team Lead ☀ DC Universe Online and 30 other games

Tim Hays, AI Scientist ☀ X-Files for Sony Playstation, dozens of other games & major geek

Fredrik Larsson, Art Director ☀ Battlefield 4 @ DICE

Braden Bronson, UI Developer

Michael Bishop, Developer

Alice Wilkes, Editor/ Writer ☀ Editor @ Gamersaurs

Kitsunami Lupo, PR/ Writer ☀ PR & Writer @ Gamersaurs

Waldo Rodriguez, Lead Writer ☀ Lead Reviewer @ Gamersaurs

Ryan Camus, Composer

Jeremiah Brooks, Sound

Todd Delong, Artist

Mudit Sharma, Artist

Raymond Minnaar, Artist

Karen Lowry, Community Manager, US

Deborah Calvin, Community Manager, Europe CM ☀ Writer @ Gamersaurs

Justin Reherman, IT

Andy Thomson, Intern

Our Community Managers Deborah ‘Qukatt’ Calvin and Karen ‘Adiera’ Lowry’ are both experienced moderators and community ambassadors. They have been part of dozens of gaming communities, whether as part of the fanbase or serving as community leaders, and have seen both good and poorly implemented practices of community management that have defined their own high standards for communication. Their main goals are to offer great community support and engagement along with open and transparent communication with the fanbase.

We understand that not everyone can contribute pledges, but everyone can still help us out. Please let your friends know about Avalon Lords and the Kickstarter campaign!  

If you have any questions about the game, the Kickstarter campaign, our studio or just want to give us feedback, please speak up.

Thanks for all the great press coverage!! Here's some choice quotes, and please check out the full list of press coverage on our forum megathread! 

 “Avalon Lords looks like a promising new take on the RTS genre, with a substantial community backing it. We are deeply interested in what lies in store for this upcoming game.” Collin Fincham (

 "Avalon Lords is a bold and inspiring addition to the MMORTS genre. I particularly appreciate its focus on quality world-building and intriguing lore." Vinny Parisi (

 "Of course, if you’re not online yourself, your base is going to be exploded and you’re going to lose everything. Avalon Lords has a lot of wording about countering this, which is awesome, more games should follow the lead and say “this is what’s wrong and this is how we’re going to fix it.”" David "Xerin" Piner (

Risks and challenges

We are going to deliver a AAA game experience. But depending on the funding levels reached, the initially released version of Avalon Lords may have a limited feature-set or we may choose to push back the development timeline. Even with our very limited self-funding we have been able to build a great core system, which is why we can show you gameplay that’s so visually arresting that some people are unable to tell the difference between gameplay and pre-rendered cinematics. We will deliver if we have the financial ability to keep the current team focused on the project.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Minimum for PC (subject to change)
    CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz (dual core)
    RAM: 3 GB
    OS: Windows XP
    Video Card: Graphics card with DirectX 9 level (shader model 2.0) capabilities. Any card made since 2004 should work
    Sound Card: Yes
    Free Disk Space: 4 GB

    Recommended for PC
    CPU Speed: 3 GHz (quad core)
    RAM: 8 GB
    OS: Windows 8
    Video Card: DirectX 11 card
    Sound Card: Yes
    Free Disk Space: 4 GB

    Extensive testing on Mac, Linux and mobile platforms hasn't been performed yet. Write us if you have specific questions!

    Last updated:
  • The AI will manage your defenses. If your cities are attacked, it will run defense. If you have companies on missions, they will continue their missions. If you belong to an Empire, your Empire will be alerted if enemies are sighted by your troops. You will also get an 8-hour defense bonus on your cities that kicks in 2 hours after you log off and has a 12-hour cooldown. You can also designate up to 3 other players as co-players, who can log into your kingdom and manage things.

    Last updated:
  • That depends largely on the player. For players that are interested in fighting, they’ll send armies to warfronts and engage in fast-paced RTS battles. Armies will take time to travel, so there will be plenty of down-time to focus on city-building, road-making, setting up defenses, monitoring borders, setting up trades, researching and exploring new territory. There’ll be a lot to do. You’ll be able to set up to 3 other people as co-players, so one person could focus on fighting, another on building, another on trading or logistics.

    Last updated:
  • We have many fans in Europe and South America as well as English-speaking countries, so we plan on adding support for multiple languages after launch.

    Last updated:
  • Avalon Lords will be available for PC, Mac and Linux initially. We will develop a fully functional mobile client for iOS and Android tablets and phones as a secondary. We have no plans to develop console versions at this time. Avalon Lords is fundamentally a social game and keyboards are core to the ability to communicate, as well as to use traditional RTS controls in battle.

    Last updated:
  • As our final stretch goal, we will develop a fully functional mobile client that lets you keep an eye on your Kingdom, communicate and perform in-game actions.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! Each Avalon Lords world will be a persistent server with a competitive endgame competition. Once the competition is won, we’ll leave the server up so groups can win second and third place, possibly more. When competition has died down and most of that worlds’ accounts are inactive, we’ll shut down that world. New worlds will open up frequently, so there will be fresh starts and new world to conquer.

    Last updated:

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    Standard Bearer ☀ Design your own Kingdom Banner, submit it to our Art Team and use it in-game. Must be an original design that fits in with the theme of Avalon Lords. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, in-game credit and one digital copy of the game with three month subscription at launch.

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    Design your own cosmetic building to go into the cosmetic buildings pool. You will be named as a collaborator for the building in the credits. Work with the Art/Writing team to produce your building, which must fit in with the theme of Avalon Lords. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, plus a life time subscription to play.

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    Lord ☀ Have a statue created in your image to go into Avalon Lords. This will be a unique and exclusive buildable monument you can place in your cities to show your support for Avalon. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, in-game credit plus a life time subscription to play.

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    Quartermaster ☀ Design your own Elite Unit skin. Work with the Art/Writing team to produce a custom skin. This skin will be a custom appearance for one of the Elite Unit models. Must fit in with the theme of Avalon Lords. After a period of exclusivity, this skin will then be sold on the cosmetic store labeled with your chosen name. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, in-game credit and one digital copy of the game with a life time subscription to play.

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    Master Architect ☀ Design your own Town Hall skins for levels 1-4. These buildings will be exclusive to you and you only. Work with the Art team to produce your building skins, which must fit in with the theme of Avalon Lords. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, in-game credit plus a life time subscription to play.

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    Scribe of Avalon ☀ Join the writing team to create a Lore Story for Avalon Lords. Concept must be approved by the writing team. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, in-game credit , plus a life time subscription to play.

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    Destroyer of Worlds ☀ Work with the design team to invent your own endgame victory scenario. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, in-game credit plus a life time subscription to play..

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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    An audience with the God King ☀ Join Frank, our CEO, for a lavish dinner in New York to discuss the game. Travel from within the Continental US and one night's hotel accommodation included. Also receive Alpha & Beta access, digital art book & soundtrack, founder badge, in-game credit plus a life time subscription to play.

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Funding period

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