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"Behind the Old Face" a book to change the hearts and minds of society and eldercare providers one story at a time

"Behind the Old Face" a book to change the hearts and minds of society and eldercare providers one story at a time Read more
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New Shout Outs!

The momentum is building as we enter the final stretch! I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the newest backers who I am so thankful for! Diane Cochran who is a loving and committed caregiver to her husband who has been affected by Alzheimer's disease. Pam Wyess who has become a great friend and supporter after meeting at a networking group a few years ago, Elise Kert who found the project through Jared Rosen's post on Facebook and believes seniors deserve better, Michael...who I have yet to know the identity of without a last name, my Mom Sandra Rollins who knows my heart and work and is supporting and cheering me on, Page Cole who owns Visiting Angels in Owasso Oklahoma and has been a great colleague,, friend, supporter and advocate, Debra Desrosiers another colleague, friend, supporter, advocate and owner of Visiting Angels in Auburn New Hampshire, Paul Adamission who entered our family as my brother-in-law and became a very loved part of my life and our family's life and has cared for his own parents in their elder lives, Susan Heinle RN who has been a long time advocate and model for geriatric nursing and care, a trusted colleague, and owns the Visiting Angels in York Pennsylvania. Thank you to Priscilla Spencer a great friend, advocate and daughter of our loved and late Homecare client Betty Spencer, and last but not least Mary Anne Nagy who is my new Twitter friend, previous attorney, elder advocate and writer of Mary Anne Nagy's Baby Boomer Blog. I an honored and grateful for the support of Nurse Talk and their recent post supporting our project. Being supported by my peers in nursing is a privilege and honor so Thank You! Anthony Cirillo the author of "Who Moved My Dentures", elder advocate, expert writer for's Assisted Living site and more has publicly promoted our project more than once with the recent being on Thank you Anthony! All of your pledges and support have meant the world to me and mean a lot to the intention of this entire advocacy project! Thank You ALL!! Love & Hugs! Angil