Passion Planner: The One Place for All Your Thoughts

by Angelia Trinidad

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      Kristen Chong on

      DONE! I've loved my planner this year. I've felt more organized and love all the space to write notes down and the inspirational quotes. I will never use another planner and hope that whomever gets the planner partner to the one I just backed will enjoy it just as much as I have. <3

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      Natalie W. on

      Is it possible to back for a Blue and Gold combo? Instead of a Gold and Black, or Gold and Blue?

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      Debbie Crawford on

      I love my passion planner and am thrilled to get to back you again! Great idea of the buy 1 give 1!

    4. Lisa Engle on

      LOVED my planner this year and now you are a Buy One, Give One company...with OptiMOM Coaching having a similar model w/ the Pay It Forward sessions, your company speaks to my heart as much or more than your product even. <3