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An appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & personal and work to-do lists all in one notebook.
An appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & personal and work to-do lists all in one notebook.
23,626 backers pledged $658,434 to help bring this project to life.

What We've Been Up To + Shipping Update + Ways We Are Improving + FAQs

Posted by Angelia Trinidad (Creator)

What We’ve Been Up To

  • Shipping like maniacs! We ship around 1500-3000 planners per day depending on how much help we have that day
  • Growing our team
  • Improving our customer service

Shipping Update

Currently we are working on shipping orders placed November 15-18.

Here is the estimated numbers of orders placed on Kickstarter and our website combined

  • November 15th ~5000
  • November 16th ~4500
  • November 17th ~3900
  • November 18th ~3800

Because we want to make sure you all feel in the loop, we will be posting on our Instagram what dates we will be working on everyday starting tomorrow.

Website Sales
Website Sales

Why does it seem like you have only shipped a few order dates?

We have taken so long on these dates because our sales were viral for that week in November (see chart). Once we get through this week and start shipping November 20th we should be able to crank out orders placed on later dates at a quicker rate.

Ways We Are Improving

Customer Service

As a CEO, you must make many difficult decisions that are not going to please everyone. Due to the necessary shift in priorities, I know that we haven’t been completely on top of our customer service for the past week, and that is my fault. In order to get you your planners as soon as possible, this has been the order of our priorities:

  • growing our team so we can have more people shipping and handling customer service
  • shipping and fulfillment
  • responding to customer service inquiries

With that being said, I feel that I have made some great additions to my team and we will be diligently working to move forward and make sure that our customer service improves everyday.

Shipping More Quickly and Efficiently

This is what 2000 packages looks like!
This is what 2000 packages looks like!

It’s crazy to think that just last year I was shipping an average of 6 planners a day out of my garage and today we ship anywhere between 1500-3000 planners a day, EVERYDAY.

This has been a huge learning process and we get faster and more efficient everyday.

It is one thing to be able to ship 2000 planners in the course of 3 days (which I thought was insane for last year’s Kickstarter), but it’s a completely different thing having to do that everyday for the past 30 days and know you still have another month to go.

With that being said, I feel that we have come so far in terms of the speed and efficiency at which we have been able to crank out these planners. If you or someone you know has ever done a Kickstarter, you know how crazy this part of it is. We thank every single person that has been patient with this whole process. 


I received the wrong size planner! What do I do? 

We apologize for the mistake, we are shipping thousands of planners a day and sometimes mistakes happen. But we will make every effort to make it right. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Please double-check your order invoice to make sure that you did in fact receive the wrong size. We have had a few customers realize that they accidentally ordered the wrong size.
  • If you indeed received the wrong size, please send an email to with the subject line “Wrong Size Planner” and your order number in the message portion
  • You will shortly receive an email with a pre-paid mailing label and instructions for returning the incorrect size planner
  • We will ship you the correct size ASAP free of charge.

I would like a refund. How do I go about doing this? 

We can definitely take care of that for you. We are sorry that things didn't work out between us and we understand your frustration. To expedite your request, please shoot us an email at with your order number and email address associated with the order and we will get to it ASAP. 

When will I get my planner?

See shipping update above.

I have emailed for weeks, over and over, why haven't I received an email? 

We are sorry you haven't received an email from us yet. My team and I are working very hard to get back to everyone in a timely manner. Please realize that we respond to emails from oldest to newest and that when you send another email to follow up, it moves all of your emails to "new" and it will take us longer to get to you. 

Will you be able to get all of January shipments out in time?

Although we will keep working diligently to ship these planners out, I have to be realistic and inform you that it is likely that we will not be able to ship out all the scheduled January shipments by the end of January. 

I think it is realistic to say that we will be able to ship out 70% of orders with January shipment dates and will have to ship the rest in the beginning of February.

We know that this isn’t good news, but we really want to remain as transparent and as honest as we can with our customers.

For the past month we have done our best to recruit as much (wo)manpower as possible (and are still trying!)

Wow, this is a huge undertaking! Are you still looking for help?

Yes! If you want to lend a helping hand in shipping and fulfillment and are located in the San Diego area, please send an email to 

We are also hiring for help with shipping and fulfillment, so if you are an upbeat, motivated and hardworking person who has the same values we do, we would love to hear from you! Please email Jacklyn and she will send you an application as well as a complete job description and other details. 

Final Notes

Please Remember, We Are People Too :)

We understand that some of you are frustrated with the situation, but please realize and consider that we have feelings before you put something hurtful or something that can be taken as a personal attack in an email. We have received threats that I feel aren’t appropriate. I find it ironic that this is happening since this is a product that I made to help people navigate their life.

We are not robots. We are all very passionate about this product and we care about the people that we feel it will help. We are taking the time to quality control every single planner as well as package it with love and care to make sure that your planner gets to you as it is intended to.

We love reading about what people are doing with their Passion Planner! :)
We love reading about what people are doing with their Passion Planner! :)

Growth Brings Growing Pains

Our business has grown exponentially in a very short period of time. We went from selling 4,000 planners a year to selling more than 65,000 between November 5th - December 5th alone! No amount of planning could have prepared us for this exponential growth.

As with any new business, we are bound to make mistakes and there are going to be growing pains that accompany our journey. We are taking every day as a learning experience and are getting more efficient and experienced as a team and we thank every one of you for being a part of this experience. 

Thanks for bearing with us through these growing pains!

Keep In Touch With Us!




Angelia's Personal Instagram:

For more frequent mini-updates and a sneak peek into my life as a 24 year old entrepreneur.

P.S. Again, if you've read this please kindly "like" this post so I know people actually read this stuff :) Also, if you have received your planner please let us know in the comments below! We just received notification that our first international backers have received them already! Wooooo!

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    1. Candice M. Sneed on

      I LOVE this planner concept, so I ordered one. Upon closer inspection, I realized it is a bound planner. I like the flexibility of personalizing my planner by adding pages, etc. (the best is a spiral binding - it's lightweight and slim enough so I can carry it in my handbag). Reluctantly, I canceled my order and found a planner with this feature (Erin Condren), but missing the planning benefits your planner offers. Are there any plans to produce a spiral design in the future? Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      john sloat on

      Excited for another update!

      I'm in the Nov 18th group. Hopefully you can find the time to respond to some e-mails!

      Best of Luck!

    3. Missing avatar

      Susanna Klumpenhouwer on

      Ordered my planner Nov 13 - still have not received package or any tracking information. Am grateful for the pdf which I have been using, but I had only printed two months out of that, thinking I was being quite generous with allowing extra time, and those months are almost filled now. Really hoping it comes soon, and that my order has not been lost in the mix of it all.

      Have other orders from Nov 13 been received yet? I've seen lots received from days after this, so am wondering if mine was overlooked!

    4. Tim Lebrasseur on

      I haven't bought another planner thinking of using this one but right now the pdf pages are a mess to keep in order for me and I hope I will receive my planner soon..! Where are you right now in the shipments ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Sanja on

      I ordered on 20th of November. Still didn't get my planner. I sent an email to them, no reponse. I sent a facebook message, no respons. I contacted kickstarter and got a reply with no information. They didn't answer to any of my questions just said that I should contact the seller. I am getting sick of waiting. What good will a planner do to me if I get it in April? Very dissappointed.

    6. M on

      I'm in the Nov 18 group. Really hope I get it soon. I had visions last night that I should put my own planner together for the year, like I did last year. I'm trying so hard to be patient. Hoping to get it before the END of February. Putting everything on the PDF isn't doing it for me, it's like finding out your diamond is glass and not real. Soon as this rush is over, I will order for next year immediately!

    7. Erin Connors on

      I ordered mine on November 12th and just received it today. I'm so excited! It's gorgeous! I had originally intended it to be a gift, but after using the PDF version since the beginning of the year, I'm sold. I'm being greedy and keeping it all to myself.

      For those who haven't received theirs yet, be patient. It's well worth the wait!

    8. Missing avatar

      Che-Wing Cheung on

      What order date are you at? I ordered on 23rd November. Can't imagine for people ordering in January. Only receive them in April- June?

    9. Missing avatar

      Che-Wing Cheung on

      What order date are you at? I ordered on 23rd November. Can't imagine for people ordering in January. Only receive them in April- June?

    10. Missing avatar

      Lesa Fox on

      I still have not received my planner. I ordered back on November 20th. I DO understand the enormity of all of this and you guys are doing an AMAZING job!!!! Look forward to receiving it SOON!

    11. Missing avatar

      Erica Derr on

      I haven't received mine yet which is OK with me. When I choose to back a project I realize it's just that..a project. I am not placing an order I am giving to HELP build the capital the creator needs to start, finish or produce their products. From the photos and constant updating I am not worried about my invest. Kickstarter is an amazing tool and I think you have used it wisely. Things happen everyday in the business world like your shipping port issue but you handled it professionally and made the tough choice of spending more money just so your backers got their products sooner than later. I have total confidence that my reward for my pledge with will be delivered on or around the delivery time stated in the description of my reward. So from one business owner to another congratulations on your HUGE success and keep up the hard work and dedication you are putting forth to build your company!! I will get my planner when I get it and I will enjoy it knowing the money I pledged has been used to fulfill someone else's dreams.

    12. Erich the Wizard on

      Placed my online order on 11/10/14 for 2 PP and still haven't received them. As a former entrepreneur I understand growing pains, believe me, but I don't understand a successful campaign with a time based product not hiring to get the product out to customers, no responses to customer inquiries, and seeing money spent on staff, new car, warehouse, etc. Customer service first, delivering product on time and quickly. Simple business model. I wish the PP team well but be respectful and considerate to your customers especially when you had their money for months.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ivan Flores on

      Can I drive over to you and pick mine up? I live in Los Angeles!
      Backer #17014

    14. Missing avatar

      Ivan Flores on

      I pledged November 19 and am yet to receive my planner as promised end of January, unfortunately. One month out 2015 I can't use, but I am staying hopeful that this arrives soon. Any way we can preorder 2016? S.O.S! 2/4/15

      Backer #17014

    15. Missing avatar

      Marie LaBella on

      Ordered mine on 11/12 and have not received it. I'm cutting some slack here and telling myself that not only do I live on the other side of the country, but we just got slammed with 3 snow storms in a row so I'm sure the mail is backed up a bit. I really hope I receive it soon and that nothing is wrong with my order.

    16. Heidi T. Tuason on

      Ordered mine on 11/11 (Backup #3656), and received it yesterday (2/2). Thank you!

    17. Glenn Townsend on

      I hope I receive mine soon. I ordered Dec 3. I want to get this semester organized. I can't wait to use it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      hope it comes soon...I backed on Nov 11th....I am lost with all these scrap pages in a duotang and trying to stay organized also does not look professional in front of clients. Can we pre-order our 2016!

    19. Missing avatar

      Kristie on

      I pledged Nov. 12, funded Dec. 3. I received my Planner(s) today, Feb. 3 and couldn't be happier! Some of these comments on this post are very aggressive. Everyone needs to remember that Angelia and her team are new at this. Relax, be patient, be kind. Angelia, I love my new Planner! Thank you for ALL of your work. Don't take any of these comments personally. Although feedback is a gift, people get nuts when it comes to their money. You have helped so many people already! Keep it up.

    20. Ann Ludington on

      I opened my mailbox tonight to find my Passion Planners. I ordered one of each size. I was planning on giving the smaller one as a gift. I'm having a problem though because I can't decide which of the two I like better. Tomorrow I'm going to grab one and start using it.

    21. Katherine A. Moore

      Yahoo! I had a feeling from others' comments that today would be my lucky day!! I backed the project on 11/14 and received my planner today, 2/2 (it was postmarked 1/28). It didn't show up on my USPS though. This must mean a big load just went out in the mail... Thank you!
      PS. I'm in Seattle, so it came just two states.

    22. Missing avatar

      Deborah on

      I'm sorry but "unexpected growth" doesn't stand when you kept adding more and more rewards as they sold out. If you had sold only what you initially committed to I'd have had infinite patience for the delays.
      As it is I'm very regretfully seeking a refund. Mainly because of the broken promises and confusion from the subsequent updates. I wish you success in the future.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chelle on

      Brian and Bryan, I was also a November 12th backer and mine arrived today. Hope yours comes this week also!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kaye Lynch on

      AwEsOmE!!!! I'm so excited!! Received my planner today!! Thank You!
      K. Lynch. �

    25. Missing avatar

      Brian and Bryn Walsh on

      :-( I was the biggest fan and even defending on social media recently but the 1/7 Update #10 said that all shipments from 11/12 were being sent out. Now two updates later they are on to the next week. I STILL haven't received my two classic planners and I still don't know when I will. And now I am being told I pretty much can't even ask or check to be sure nothing was lost or my order didn't get taken. Anyway to accommodate those type of requests would be great. I don't know what to do? But if all the 11/12 orders were shipped and mine wasn't.... what do I do?! I have emailed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mimi Sullivan on

      Hello there- going to leave a different type of comment. I know you are mired in the customer service part of the business right now but I've got a comment on the next project. I received my planner, and I like the feel of it, the quotes, a lot of the layout but for me, the daily columns are too small. Please consider doing another addition that doesn't condense the week to two pages....maybe two days per page even the typical daily page....I'll back it! Keep up the good work!

    27. Missing avatar

      Rachel Taylor on

      Got my planner yesterday and I am obsessed already! Thank you so much for creating this. I can tell it's already going to make a difference. I'll definitely be getting it again next year if it's available. Thanks Angelia! You're awesome!

    28. Missing avatar

      Tammy Kelley on

      Is it true that the kickstarter funders will basically ship last? So... like march if I'm lucky. Poor planning, poor decision making. And please don't ever say you spent a chunk of your own money when your customers gave you the money with the expectation that we would get planners prior to the end of January. That's the mildest thing I can say.

    29. Heidi T. Tuason on

      Thanks for the regular updates. I ordered mine on 11/11 - still waiting and am hoping to receive it soon. Keep up the hard work!

    30. Missing avatar

      Ali Beth Shropshire on

      I backed the project on 11/12 and like many others, still have not received my planner. I was so excited to get mine, but tomorrow is February and I am leaving to go on a huge work trip for over two weeks starting the 9th, and I have a feeling with the way thing have been going, I won't have my planner by then either. Like I said, SO excited for my planner but it's a big letdown that I can't even use it until March sometime.....

    31. Hidden Outer Banks on

      I'm happy to see that some others that ordered on 11/11 have received their planners, wish that I was one of them. I really was okay with the scheduled delivery promised in early January, but now it looks like it will be February, and that is disappointing. These updates talk about family and friends doing the shipping-- what on earth for?? I find it hard to understand that this company raised over $600K and did not have the foresight to rent storage and HIRE staff to accommodate the shipping of their product. I hope that they follow the recommendations of some of the commenters below, and perhaps offer a discounted price for next year to those whose planners were not delivered in the time frame promised. Still trying to be excited to get my planners, but the shiny is wearing off...

    32. Missing avatar

      jill greenbaum on

      I donated to the Kickstarter campaign on November 14th... thinking that my two Passion Planners should arrive very soon!

    33. Amanda

      I received my planner last night! Excited to be able to start marking it up. :D

    34. Dee Stilwell on

      She was given weeks of delay due to the strikes; why didn't she use the time between when she expected the planners to get to her and when they actually arrived to hire staff and start scaling up? She couldn't have known so many people would want to buy, but she could have set more realistic limits on how many she was selling. Less rewards available on Kickstarter and a sold-out sign on the website when the limit had been met could have saved a lot of, let's face it, anal-retentive people from a lot of anxiety.

    35. Laura Cassil on

      And by everyone I mean US backers.

    36. Laura Cassil on

      Just an FYI to everyone, you can create an account for and it will tell you if any packages are being shipped to your address. I did this and saw that mine was shipped yesterday with 2-Day Priority and will be delivered tomorrow 1/31. Also FWIW I was an 11/11 backer for January delivery for 1 planner.

    37. sarah mckay on

      I was so excited about this product. I understand that things happen that are out of your control but I backed on 11/11 and still haven't received a response about where my planner is. At this point, I don't even want mine because we're a full month into the year and I'm already using another planner.

    38. Paul de Bruijn on

      Will international backers get a tracking number or confirmation that the planner has been sent?

      I've pledged on the 13th november, looking forward to the next update. But even more to the planner ;)

    39. Missing avatar

      jit on

      Hey guys, its the end of January - a lot of us are still waiting. The dates that were mentioned the delivery would happen has long past. Sp when will we get out PP?

    40. Missing avatar

      MariaLG on

      Got my planner today! Thank you Angelia and Team for your hard work! I have an "appointment" with a co-worker to show her your planner, she's as excited as I am...hopefully she'll become a future Passion Planner customer! Thank you!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Nancy Hwang on

      YAY! Just got my planner in the mail today - super excited to put it to good use!!! Thanks again Passion Planner team! Your dedication and hardwork is greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work! :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Amy Richards on

      Just received mine today (backed 11/11), I'm very excited, my heart literally jumped when I opened the mailbox today! It's like Christmas morning all over again! Thank you thank you, I very much look forward to using it!

    43. Jessica Turnbull on

      When will I get my planner?

      See shipping update above.

      I'm sorry but this doesn't "answer the mail" as it were. You've told us what order dates you're shipping but have not addressed the issues with those that have not been received. I am still hoping that mine will be received by the end of this week. (I ordered on 11/12). As someone that's a bit OCD, using the pdf isn't really an option.

    44. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Do we get an email when the order is dispatched?

    45. Tokyo Girl on

      Refund please. No response on any email or message. Backer #445. Still nothing. Thank you

    46. Danielle Esposito on

      I ordered my planner on November 4th and still haven't received anything yet. I've left multiple messages with no response. I pledged last year aND was happy with my planner and service. I understand it's difficult to grow but I just want to know when (and at this point even if) my package is coming. Please respond to my previous messages on Kickstarter.

    47. Elisa Lockhart on

      Saw on instagram that there were some earlier orders that were missed during the shipping that they're working on fulfilling. I wish it was more specific, but it's something. As for the people doing the math, she's telling us about shipping 1,500-3,000 PLANNERS a day, not orders. Many orders were for more than one planner. Several backers leaving comments have mentioned they'd ordered multiple planners. Really looking forward to getting mine, I think it's in the lost 11/11-11/12 realm (backer #4149). The PDF has been working out well enough but it's going to be so exciting to get going with the real thing.

    48. Larissa Itomlenskis on

      Keep up the good work guys! I can't imagine what it is like to scale up SO much so quickly, and I am happy that you guys are still, um, sane and positive throughout the process. Please everyone be understanding and patient as they manage a huge task. These guys were crazy generous to provide the pdf for free, it is so hard to get a business off the ground, and I hope we can all be supportive and roll with it these guys as they tackle this monster project

    49. Michelle Mack on

      Angelia THANK YOU!!! It is AWESOME!!
      Congratulations on your growth.
      I ordered on kickstarted on 11/14 and got it today for others to know eta...

    50. Adrian Castillo on

      Order placed on 11/10. I am backer #2975 with a shipping address in Texas.

      I received my order today, within the period of promised delivery date under the reward level I selected.

      Hope that gives the rest of you some idea of where PassionPlanner is in the shipping process.