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NailSnaps lets you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail polish stickers you can apply yourself in minutes for custom, wearable art.
NailSnaps lets you turn photos into nail wraps you can apply yourself in minutes. Download the FREE NailSnaps app to create your own custom nail art today.
NailSnaps lets you turn photos into nail wraps you can apply yourself in minutes. Download the FREE NailSnaps app to create your own custom nail art today.
928 backers pledged $49,157 to help bring this project to life.

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5 Killer Announcements About NailSnaps


Hello Kickstarter backers + fans! 

It's been awhile since our last update and boy-oh-boy, we have tons of good news to share! 

1. NailSnaps 1.4.0 update is hot and fresh! 

Run, don't walk to the iOS App store to get the latest FREE NailSnaps app update. NailSnaps version 1.4.0 (available now on the App Store) is packed with so much goodness! In addition to some simple bug fixes, we're thrilled to announce several new features:

  • Search! Now you can search for people who use NailSnaps AND their cool Nail designs. See out all the awesome nail wraps people are making from photos of their cute cats, pretty sunsets, and end even Starbucks cups. Way cool!
  • Activity! A new Activity tab shows you notifications about your order status, who’s followed you and liked your designs, and insider tips about pop-up events and exclusive offers. 
  • Find friends! It’s easier than ever to find friends on NailSnaps that you follow on Facebook and Instagram. Visit social settings on your profile to link your social accounts. 

Please rate + comment on NailSnaps 1.4.0 in the App Store to help us get on the Best New Apps list again!

App store comments and 5 star ratings from our Kickstarter community helped the us get on the Best New Apps list when we first launched. We need your support with a quick rating and review so that this latest build can get the attention it deserves. 

2. Android Beta Test is beginning!

This morning we announced sign ups to beta test the Android version of NailSnaps! This initial test is only open to Kickstarter backers (see update #19) but once we've resolved any show-stopping issues they find, we'll do a public beta with those of you who've expressed interest. We're thrilled to be in the home stretch of making NailSnaps available on both platforms!

3. NailSnaps is now available in Japanese!

Earlier this summer we announced that we had secured a partnership with Felissimo, a Japanese direct marketing company, to introduce NailSnaps to Asia. Thanks to our arrangement with Felissimo, they've helped us make the NailSnaps mobile app is available in Japanese! Konichiwa!!!

Interested in helping us provide translations into other languages? Please email to volunteer! :-)

4. See and be sold! #NailSnapsStar

You guys have been killing it on social media sharing how pretty your designs look! So we're piloting a program to allow special NailSnaps creators (who are making exceptional, original nail art with NailSnaps) to sell their creations right through the app.  

Think you have what it takes to be a NailSnaps Star? Share photos of you wearing your gorgeous creations with #NailSnapsStar. 

5. It's all because of YOU!

We're so grateful for the support and encouragement we've received from the Kickstarter community! Thanks to you, we went from 928 backers to over 20,000 app downloads without spending any real marketing money!  

Love NailSnaps and want to see the business thrive? Here are 4 easy ways to help:

Thank you for being with us from the very beginning!


Angel + Sarah
NailSnaps, Inc.

NailSnaps on Android - help us test!

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Android NailSnaps? Are we there yet?


Hello Kickstarter backers, 

Don't forget to get your free NailSnaps! 

Most of our Kickstarter backers have downloaded and started creating NailSnaps to wear and share. If you're on iOS, don't forget to use your promo codes because they expire at the end of the month on March 31st. Can't find your codes? Email for help :-)

We haven't forgotten our Android backers. 

We know it seems unfair that our backers on iOS are now happily using NailSnaps to make their mani dreams come true. We know it's frustrating for Android users to have to wait so here's answers to your recent Android questions: 

  • What about the promo codes Android users got as backers? Since the Android version is still in testing, your backer reward promo codes will be extended so that you can use them once the Android version launches. 
  • Why don't you update Android backers more regularly? We send out updates every time there's something new to tell. When we're confident that Android is ready, we'll share the good news. 
  • Why won't you give us a date when Android will be ready? Android is tricky. As you may have read in update #17 there are over 3,997 device specifications on Android (iOS only has 8) so it's a lot harder to make Android ready for the world. We don't want to give a date and then miss it because another bug pops up. We are working hard but we won't release something that isn't ready. We want the Android experience to be world-class and as soon as it is, we will release it to the world. 
  • Wait, wasn't this supposed to be done by April 2014? No. Our Kickstarter ended April 1st, 2014. That's when our campaign was FUNDED meaning that's when we received the Kickstarter money to build the iOS version of the app. We Said our goal was to launch on iOS later that year and we did. 
  • If the Kickstarter $ was used for iOS, who's paying for Android? NailSnaps is paying for it. As stated in our March 2014 FAQ "We're starting with iOS, but the Android version is the next thing on our roadmap. If we hit our fundraising goal early, our first stretch goal is additional funding to develop the Android version sooner!" Android would have been our first stretch goal but we only raised $2k more than our goal - not nearly enough to build a 2nd version of the app. However, since so many of our supporters were on Android, we decided to bootstrap (use our own money) to build an Android version. Bottom line for Android users: you matter so much to us that we're using our own money to build the Android version for you!

We continue to work like crazy to get it done. As backers you will be the first to know! Thank you again for your continued support and patience. 


Angel + Sarah 

PS - Want more ways to stay up-to-date on NailSnaps progress? Following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Where's the Android Version of NailSnaps??!


Hello beautiful Kickstarter backers!

We know many of you are Android users and that you're chomping at the bit to get your hands on NailSnaps. We can't wait either! Trust us, no one's more eager to release the Android version than we are!

Sure, you knew Android was fragmented. But did you think it looked like this? 


There are over 3,997 different Android devices, all with different carriers, device widths and screen resolutions. In contrast, iOS developers only have to build and test for up to 8 devices.

You deserve the best.

Each time our dev team produces a new version of the NailSnaps app for Android, we diligently test it to make sure it looks and behaves properly. We'd planned on releasing it at the same time as iOS, and then by the end of 2014, but it just wasn't ready. We are pushing our developers as hard as possible to get the Android version up to par so Android users get all the flexibility to create that our iOS users get. Like the famous California winery, "we will sell no wine before it's time" but we wanted you to know that we've been working like crazy to get it done. As backers you will be the first to know!

Thank you again for your continued support and patience.


Angel + Sarah

PS - Be NailSnaps' BFF by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

NailSnaps Has Launched!


Hip hip hooray! NailSnaps is here! 

We are thrilled, ecstatic, and tickled pink to announce that NailSnaps is finally live to the world! Any image your heart desires can now be turned into glossy, gorgeous nail wraps. Thank you so much for supporting us on Kickstarter. 

Download the NailSnaps app now! Share with your friends and tell them that YOU helped make NailSnaps a reality! Have fun creating, sharing and purchasing nail wraps – all designed from your very own photos! You might even make some to give as holiday gifts. Festive, fabulous, and 100% custom made. 

Thanks again for your support!