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Goblin themed dice for Fantasy Football games
31 backers pledged £680 to help bring this project to life.





I am planning on having Goblin themed dice for Fantasy Football games created. The initial pledge will be for 3 Goblin Block dice, a throw-in/Fanatic dice, and 2 Goblin d6 (edit 10/01/18: due to some Goblin-like negotiating with the manufacturer, you will also receive a "Reelie 'Ungree" dice, a "Reelie Stoopid" and a "Kickback" dice as well!). These dice will be green in colour, 16mm in size, with white detailing laser engraved onto the dice.

Once we raise enough funds to reach the funding goal, it means the dice will be produced at the end of the campaign. However, reaching the funding goal is not the end! 
The campaign will go beyond the basic rewards of the project and the more people join the project, the more stretch goals will be unlocked.

After the funding goal is reached we will announce new stretch goals for the project. The stretch goals will add free items to your existing pledge, so the more people join the project the more free items you will get without spending more. This is a very good reason to help us spread the word on social media and in your community of gamers. If your friends join the project you will all benefit from it at no additional cost.


Shipping costs for this project will be charged after the campaign in the pledge manager when we send out a survey for your shipping address. This solution allows us to charge only the actual shipping costs to your country.

Estimated post cost are:

£5 for UK

£10 for Europe and for Rest of the world

Packaging costs will be £2 per set of dice.

Estimated delivery for this project is March 2018. Hopefully the dice will be produced in time for people to collect at my Blood Bowl event in Southbourne, West Sussex, UK on first weekend in March (no postage or packing costs if you choose this option). If they are ready in time, I will bring any pledges to Waterfowl in Stockport too. 


The stretch goals are as follows:

25 Pledges – Project is funded! 50 Pledges – Argue the Call dice unlocked
75 Pledges – 3 x Bad Bribe dice unlocked
100 Pledges - tbc...

Initial Pledge
Initial Pledge


Stretch Goal 1
Stretch Goal 1


Stretch Goal 2
Stretch Goal 2


Risks and challenges

There is very little risk to this project. I am using a very well known dice manufacturer who I have used to various tournament dice and other projects, and their quality is proven.

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