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The IR-Blue is an affordable thermal imaging accessory for iPhone and Android Devices. See the world in a new way.
1,290 backers pledged $195,805 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping update

Posted by Andy Rawson (Creator)

The first batch of kits will be ready to ship on Friday. The rest will be shipping the middle of next week. The assembled IR-Blue manufacturing has also started and we should be ready to ship those in the 3rd and 4th week of June. 

Surveys have been sent out to collect shipping addresses, please fill them out so we know where to send the kits and assembled units. 

For those that are interested in a 2 sensor IR-Blue, we have not been able to figure out a way to offer that at this point. The main problem is a compliance issue. We can not sell an assembled device with 2 sensors without FCC and CE testing it which is around $3500 in this case. The budget getting these made was pretty tight so investing in a 2 sensor version isn't possible yet. We hope to get it sorted out in the future and you will get a special discount / trade in deal when it is available. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nigel Tolley on

      According to Thermal Imagers are duty free! So that's good news. At least if you are in the UK, like me.

    2. Andy Rawson Creator on

      Nigel, the IR-Blue is classified as "Thermal analysis instruments and apparatus".

      Andrew, the problem with the Grid-Eye is the Field of View for the 8x8 array is 60˚ so the area each pixel measures is 4 times larger than the MLX90620.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nigel Tolley on

      I'm not sure whether it would be better to describe this as an infrared thermometer, rather than a bluetooth linked thermal imager? Technically it is just a thermometer, as it doesn't do or show any image. Also, customs might take a keen interest in a thermal imager.

      I have to wonder how many will get stopped. Hopefully none, but...

    4. Andy Rawson Creator on

      For the questions about marking as a gift on the customs form, we really can't do that, it will cause delays, possible higher tax assessment and legal issues for us. About the only people we have found so far that don't consider this a purchase is Kickstarter themselves. ;-) IRS, Customs, FCC, etc all consider it a sale so we have to follow the rules. DennisK, yes we will include an invoice on the package for customs.

      The 2nd sensor code isn't completely done yet. Since it really is outside of the original scope of the project it is going to have to wait until the Kickstarter orders are all shipped before we have time to finish the 2nd sensor project.

      We won't be able to sell the sensors for much less than Digi-Key or Future Electronics so we probably won't do that right now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Anonymoose on

      I must say I am impressed with the communications that I am getting. I have contributed to one other very worthy Kickstarter project and they were similarly as good at updates.
      Props or Kudos all around.
      George Housley

    6. Missing avatar

      James E Hamman DDS on

      I second mind benders request regarding a second sensor. May we
      Purchase a second sensor if we are obtaining a Kit ? Is that modus subject to a compliance requirement? Thank you again for all your effort and work on this!
      Very Best Regards,

    7. DennisK on

      Regulations in Germany do not consider a gift as tax free. If there is no invoice attached, the value gets estimated by the customs officer. That usually results in a higher tax fee.

    8. Easyout GmbH on

      if possible send it as a gift. in austria only gifts are excluding from taxes....

    9. Easyout GmbH on

      then just give us a possibility to order a second sensor somehow + adding support in the software. i guess many can solder on their own. don`t waste only makes sense to in case you are thinking about selling a dual sensor version in the future.

    10. Kean

      Cool! or Hot! I'll know soon :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Minuk Choi on

      this is exciting news!

    12. Andrew Curtin on

      is dual sensor supported in software if we add the 2nd sensor ourselves?

    13. DennisK on

      For international backers, please make sure that a detailed invoice is attached to the outside of the shipped box. Otherwise we get the same customs issues as we had with Pebble.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Haugan on

      Great news!

      But I was wondering something:

      Since this is actually a gift from you for us sponsoring you, can you mark the packages as GIFT? This is because of the import regulations in some countries regard gifts as tax free. Thanks a lot in advance!