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The IR-Blue is an affordable thermal imaging accessory for iPhone and Android Devices. See the world in a new way.
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PCB Are Here!

Posted by Andy Rawson (Creator)

The PCBs for the "PCB Only" Backers are here! We hope to have them all in the mail by Wednesday.

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    1. Andrew Curtin on

      ugh. I made a BOM on digikey, but digikey sucks and can't share it publicly. Here's a link you can try:…
      but it probably won't work.

      a couple things to note:
      I used a different oscillator. The one recommended wasn't available in one off quantities.
      I only have one thermopile array. if you want a second one, make sure to add it.
      Also, the bluetooth module will need to be ordered separately.

      The total for the digikey order (less shipping) is $95. The bluetooth module (less shipping) is $32. Total $127, so not that much cheaper than the build it yourself kit. (note this is in single kit quantities; I'm sure this stuff is a bit cheaper in quantity [the thermopile array definitely is])

      Any chance I can change my pledge? (I know it'll delay shipment) ;)

    2. Andrew Curtin on

      bluetooth module $32 :

      digikey has the thermopile array for $86, futureelectronics (which is down for me ATM) has it for $68.

      I will post a doc with links to everything when I get a chance.

    3. Andy Rawson Creator on

      Andrew, sorry I meant to mention that. The BOMs are posted to github. Firmware update over Bluetooth isn't currently supported but is something we will look into.

    4. Andrew Curtin on

      Any word on getting the BOM up so we can order parts?z

      Also, I saw these run pics, is the firmware gonna be upgradeable over bluetooth?