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The IR-Blue is an affordable thermal imaging accessory for iPhone and Android Devices. See the world in a new way.
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Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by Andy Rawson (Creator)

Thanks so much for all the support!

We are very excited that the stretch goal has been reached. It means harmony between Android and iPhone users, a simpler choice for everyone and a better product overall. (Well maybe not harmony between Android and iPhone users...) We will be updating the project page soon to reflect the change to the Dual Mode Bluetooth model. 

The next stretch goal

We don't have one! There have been some great ideas put out there but nothing that we feel we can actually promise and deliver in a reasonable amount of time. People have been asking for higher resolution for the sensor, it would be great but we can't find a sensor with better resolution that is anywhere near the cost of this one. You could add a lens to change the resolution of the sensor but the IR lenses we have found are more expensive than the cost of the sensor itself. 

So, if you have a great idea for a stretch goal let us know and we will see if it can be done. 

PCB Backers

If you are a PCB backer the change to a Dual Mode Bluetooth module makes the soldering of the module much harder since the pads are only under the module board. You would need to be comfortable using solder paste and a reflow oven or skillet to mount the module. So, you will have the choice of the Bluetooth 4 only board, the Bluetooth 2 only board or the Dual mode Bluetooth board. The Bluetooth 2 only and the Bluetooth 4 only boards each use a module that can be soldered by hand. You will be able to pick which one you want after the Kickstarter ends.

Here is a video of the assembly of a Bluetooth 4 version PCB.

Other things

I just wanted to share a snapshot of how our window in the living room leaks air. The trim is cracked and even with some window caulking it is still bad. I think all the trim needs to come off to see how bad it is behind there.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Minuk Choi on

      Andy, Oh thank goodness... it's not that I don't like a good challenge... but I dread the SMD soldering for the sake of having to buy HW and then the learning curve...

    2. Andy Rawson Creator on

      Minuk, yes they are there to help center the bluetooth module for PCB only backers. If you are ordering the kit you will not need to do any SMD soldering.

    3. Missing avatar

      Minuk Choi on

      Interesting video! I'm a bit confused by "There are holes for a diode lead to be cut and fitted as guides for the placement of the module" - I guess you are saying that the leads trimmings are used to serve to center the bluetooth module? Very cool, and hopefully more details(higher res) instructions will be available later!

      ... I think your kickstarter project may lead me to try SMD soldering :P

    4. Andy Rawson Creator on

      David, I am looking at testing 2 sensors but there are some things that need to be worked through. I would like to leave the second one empty but available for future use if it works out.
      Andrew, here is a link to the footprint doc

    5. David M. Cotter on

      I know you can't find a higher rez sensor, but you you could double the resolution just by including two sensors? (one tilted slightly up, the other slightly down, then you can visually stack them and cover more of the window?) "Why build just one when you can build two for twice the cost?". I would not mind at all paying double for twice the rez. Frankly, i'd pay triple for 3x the rez.

    6. Andrew Curtin on

      What package is the combo bluetooth device? I've got a hot air rework station, and I think I can probably manage to solder it.