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The IR-Blue is an affordable thermal imaging accessory for iPhone and Android Devices. See the world in a new way.
1,290 backers pledged $195,805 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal

Posted by Andy Rawson (Creator)

We have our first stretch goal and we think it's a good one. If we can get to $150,000 we can switch to a dual mode Bluetooth module that has both Bluetooth 2 and Bluetooth 4. That means you do not have to decide which model to get, there will be only one version. If you have an Android device you use Bluetooth 2 with the IR-Blue. If you have and iPhone with Bluetooth 4 you use Bluetooth 4. When Android supports Bluetooth 4 you can connect that way also. Hopefully we can reach this goal since it will make things simpler and more flexible for everyone. 

We also had a nice article written by Ben Coxworth from Gizmag. Please check it out and share it if you have time.

Thanks again for all your support, we really appreciate it.

Andy Rawson
RH Workshop LLC


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    1. Nick on

      I'd also like to see a higher resolution but appreciate this may affect price :( I'm not yet sure how useful a resolution this low will be for real-world use. Even a 16x16 or 32x32 sensor would be a great improvement I think - despite still being a fraction the resolution of a commercial camera. I've backed the project anyway just because it seems like a great idea :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Angustimus on

      Hi all,

      I think the issue is that the 64 pixel thermopile is the last stop before seriously expensive thermographic equipment.

      Anyway, love the project and looking forward to trying it out.

    3. Christopher R. Souser on

      @jwnoctis I wasn't trying to imply that you should try to start competing with Flir.. but from the video.. it just looked a bit blocky of an overlay image and also possibly needing to move slowly for it to process. The still images in the project page though I am not sure are a mock-up based on this or actual images as they are not too blocky.. but the video ones definitely are..
      I think achieving a $130,000 over the original goal of $20,000 to implement a slightly higher resolution is a fair request and would make the the accessory a much more practical tool and more than just a toy.
      Not asking for Flir i-Series resolution or better.. just any increase in resolution I believe would be appreciated by all.

    4. Missing avatar

      helder on

      completely agree with Christopher, please do try to have a reward for increasing resolution if you can as this will give a much nicer user experience for everyone... a worthwhile wait great device!!

      @jwnoctis, as for competing with professional equipments, well, every now and then we often see great devices such as this that if not competing directly with the so called "pro" will give power to wider sort of "pro" and not so "pro" users to implement their own solutions and play their own experiments that probably would never would have the chance to do it if not be the easier and less cost option.

      i my opinion i can see in the future many "pro" using this device, like other devices that start as an "amateur" usage and end up as many "pros" using it..., but i guess only time will tell ...

    5. Missing avatar

      JWNoctis on

      Incresing the resolution by any amount would likely invalidate the current pledge levels, and I don't think this project is supposed to compete with professional equipments for resolution.

      Hope this stretch goal can be reached. If only someone will do a feature on this now, instead of some 8 months ago.

    6. Christopher R. Souser on

      I personally think the primary stretch goal should be to increase the resolution from the very clunky resolution it is at now; not legacy support of Bluetooth 1. Bluetooth 2 has lower power consumption and going forward greater compatibility and support.

      As someone who has owned a Flir Thermal Imaging camera.. I think this is a great idea.. but think for it to truly be a success you need to focus on increasing the resolution of the product so it is more than a toy.

    7. Nine

      Nice, thumbs up, now we only have to reach that goal

    8. August Sturm on

      Way cool! I'm telling my friends about this, again!