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Make your own amazing flipbook animations with Andymation's Flipbook Kit!
Make your own amazing flipbook animations with Andymation's Flipbook Kit!
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Holiday Gift Certificates and Production Update

Posted by Andy Bailey (Creator)

Hi Backers, we hope you are all having a great holiday season!

Printable Christmas / Gift Certificates:

For those of you who are planning to give Flipbook Kits as gifts--because our shipping dates were delayed beyond Christmas, we have made a certificate available, which you can print and give to your loved one in advance of the ship date. The printable certificate is available in both PDF and JPG formats at the links below:



FYI, for printing reference the color profile is these files is CMYK.

Manufacturing Update: 

The metal injection molds for the light pad were finished recently, and light pad production is moving along.

Packaging production has begun in earnest, which includes the boxes for the Kit, boxes for the 8X Paper Pack, printed flipbooks, all paper components, and accessories. 

The molds for our custom screws are still being made, and we expect to see samples soon. After samples are approved, screw production will begin in full. We are making a total of 400,000 individual screw pieces for our first run! It’s insane.

A reminder about delivery dates: We had been getting lots of emails about Christmas delivery--please note our current estimate is to begin shipping in February. For more info please see the previous Kickstarter update.

And last but not least... a sneak peek photo of the 8X Paper Pack Packaging!

We will have more photos to share in the next update. 

That’s it for now. Happy Holidays! 

Andy and Laurie


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    1. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Thanks Jason!

    2. Jason W. Christman on

      You can tell who the Kickstarter Noobs are in here for sure. LOL Sorry you get so much flack. They really don't understand the process of developing a new product, or the risk and understanding of what being a backer really means. Thank you for the updates and keeping the product true to your vision. Looking forward to a quality product when it gets here.

    3. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Hi Justin, thanks and I appreciate your thoughts. If you refer to our previous updates our delay was not caused by packaging. The delay was caused by issues at our light pad factory. I can appreciate your notion of getting the product out on time with generic packaging. But in this case the light pad itself would have been unacceptable. The packaging had nothing to do with it. We were unwilling to rush out a light pad with which we were not satisfied. As far as reputation goes, I would rather be late with a quality product than rush something with shoddy quality control. So we have taken the time to improve the light pad components and assembly process. I understand that doesn't always go over well with everyone, but I'm willing to take the criticism. Thanks again.

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin Lolofie on

      Are you shipping in February or delaying again?

      If I were you I would have spent less time and money on the packaging. If you would have honored the original offer you made to all these people who gave you money the packaging might not have been as nice but your reputation would be intact and you'd have an army of people to get the word out for you via social media, YouTube, etc. Instead you have an army of people who, even if you do deliver at some point, are disgruntled. Their message will be more about the delay than your product. Better is the enemy of done. And, a first iteration that comes in a generic box is better than a polished product a year later. It is an extremely common mistake in business to think it's better to do what's best for the company at the expense of a few customers with an eye on many future customers. It's a gamble. Good luck.

    5. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Hi Deborah, Thanks for you and your son's patience. In answer to your questions, you can still go into your survey (with the original survey link sent to you) to change your address. We will not lock down orders/addresses until 30 days before shipping. Incase you need it, I'll email you the link to your survey again.
      As for placing another order, if you would like it shipped to your same address, you can add another Flipbook Kit with your same survey link, since orders are still not locked down. Then you could send her the gift certificate and deliver it in person.
      If you would like to purchase it for your friend and have it shipped directly to her, then you will need to go to and place a separate order for her and put in her shipping information. Let me know if you have any other questions at
      Thanks, Andy

    6. Missing avatar

      Deborah on

      Hi Andy-

      we look forward to receiving the Flip-book in February. Thanks for all the detailed updates.
      While my son is disappointed not to have it for Christmas, it is a lesson in patience and we are learning a lot about your trials and tribulations in starting a project a taking it to the finish line. Good for an 11 year old to learn about. We think you had a great idea and I am sure it will go really well and it will be success.

      TWO questions:

      1. I have recently changed address. How do I communicate to you so the flip book gets delivered to the correct place?

      2. I want to gift this FlipBook to another friend for their Birthday. I would like to give them the gift certificate and have a second set delivered to us. How do I pay for this?

      Thanks, Deborah

    7. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Hi Felipe, I apologize for the delay and any missed communications. The update we sent in October outlined the delay in detail, but I understand sometimes emails get missed, and we should have sent more updates regarding the revised shipping schedule. Thanks for your patience. I can't wait to get the kits into your hands!

    8. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Hi Minyon, yes unfortunately it is all too common for Kickstarter projects to experience manufacturing delays. But we are through the biggest hurdles now and moving ahead nicely! Thanks for your understanding. I really hate knowing I have disappointed anyone, and I can't wait to get the kits shipped out and delivered! best regards

    9. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Hi Gerald,
      I completely understand where you're coming from and I apologize for the delay. We sent a detailed update regarding the shipping delay back in October, and I'm sorry you missed it. I hate knowing that I have disappointed people, especially kids. And yes you're right that we should have sent more regular updates leading up to the previous one. And I apologize for that as well. Please let your son know I'm sorry, and be aware that we are working VERY hard to get the manufacturing finished as soon as possible. The factory delays have been very difficult, but we are through the biggest hurdles. Most Kickstarter projects experience delays, but I know that's not an excuse. Anyway I'm sorry. It will be done soon though and I think it will be worth the wait.

    10. Missing avatar

      Felipe Palomo Törnvall on

      I backed this project a long time ago, I still haven't receive a single flipbook, and not explanation to this point. I want my money back!

    11. Minyon Bond on

      What a twist! Your project is obviously a highly desirable one. How bizarre for it to become a casualty of its own success! I'll be happy to get mine. A side effect for me is a hesitency to invest in other Kickstarter projects. Heads up and Full Speed AHEAD!

    12. Missing avatar

      gerald on

      Get fucked mate. Barely any conversation since we backed your idea. Now this: a certificate. My son is utterly disappointed to the extend that he wants his money back. A creative inspiration turned hoax.