Andymation's Flipbook Kit

by Andy Bailey

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    1. Cloudy on

      Hey as long as you're keeping us updated with pictures and samples then I don't mind the extended delay. A kickstarter's success hinges on communication and if honest channels are kept open you can expect patience to come.

      I hope we're updated again once the lightboxes themselves are finished and sent to you.

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      Elisabeth Niederhut on

      It's a shame for people who wanted to gift these for the holidays, but thanks for your updates, hard work and honesty. Those pictures really got me exited, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished thing. Good luck.

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      Marla Neely on

      Thank you for being transparent with everything that's been going on with the process. While it is disappointing that the kit will not be here by Christmas, I totally understand & appreciate your frequent updates as well as your honesty. I know once received, it'll be a great product!

    4. Oglik Naes

      Thanks for the update and transparency. I know many of us who back Kickstarter stuff understand that things happen. And we’re mostly fine with it as long as the communication channels down suddenly shut down.

      Looking forward to the next update!

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      Madeleine King on

      Can't wait to receive this! I will however be moving after Christmas, what's the best way to update my shipping address?

    6. Missing avatar


      It is unfortunate that shipping will be delayed past Christmas (need to add some people back on to the shopping list), but a quality product that arrives late with advance notice is better than an inferior or defective one that arrives on time. As others have requested, please keep us in the loop with regular updates.

    7. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your comments and support. I'll be posting another update soon! Thanks.

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      Gaynor Howard on

      My 8 year old Grandson is going to be very sad as he has been hanging out for this, I am not happy either, I am hoping it does not slip past February. Is another update coming soon?

    9. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Gaynor, yes there will be an update coming sometime next week. I really appreciate your patience.

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      Jason on

      I can wait. Just as long as its still coming. :)

    11. Ebola Bear on

      I'm good with the delay if it means a functional product. I really want to play with hand drawn animation.