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Make your own amazing flipbook animations with Andymation's Flipbook Kit!
Make your own amazing flipbook animations with Andymation's Flipbook Kit!
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First Packaging Sample

Posted by Andy Bailey (Creator)

Hi Backers!

We've been working hard to get everything rolling with manufacturing, and here are just a few of the things we've been up to:

We are currently working with a designer on the packaging artwork.

We added the glowing registration pegs to the Light Pad, made some improvements to the assembly, and our factory is working on the final Light Pad prototype.

We also added a heat sink to the interior of the Light Pad, which lines the back side and connects to the PCB (circuit board.) This will distribute potential heat produced by the LEDs.

Check out this screenshot of the exploded view of the Light Pad assembly!

We have been finalizing the Flipbook Kit's box shape and inner packaging construction. Our designer is currently working on the inner packaging tray which secures all of the items within the kit box.

And we received our first "white dummy" sample of the 8X Paper Pack! A "white dummy" is essentially a prototype box with no printing. Factories make these blank versions for approval before moving on to the die-cut production version with printing. 



What you see here are 4 stacks of paper, each stack containing 2 flipbook's worth of paper--for a total of 8 blank flipbooks. Also note the actual screws will be gold/brass color, and there will be more screws than what you see here. I love this layout design we came up with!

As soon as we have a sample of the main kit's box, we will share that with you too.

On another animation-related note, I also recently spent a week in San Diego for Comic Con and got to animate at the Laika Live exhibit. Here's a video about it:


And I posted a new flipbook video on YouTube :)


Thanks again for backing the project!!

More to come,


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    1. Missing avatar

      gerald on

      Hi mate, we haven’t heard of any updates. What‘s been happening? What’s causing the hold up?

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin McCloskey on

      Hi, it's now mid- October and last update #10 was July so could we have some updates, ETA.?
      Much appreciated, Martin.

    3. Missing avatar

      Aroha Treacher on

      Hi when will these be ready to post out to everyone who has ordered?
      Thanks a lot

    4. Missing avatar

      Maya Bergeron-Métivier on

      Hi Andy! Any update on status and delivery? Haven't heard from you in a while... Are you still on track for delivery in November? Thanks for getting back to us! I'm wondering if this will be in before the holidays. Cheers!

    5. Andy Bailey 2-time creator on

      Thanks Teresa! Malachi, thanks glad you liked the video. :) Regarding the pegs in the Batman video--There was one part where I wasn't using the pegs because the paper I was using at that point was old and had the holes drilled in the wrong place. So I ended up redoing that part of the flipbook and tracing that section onto my new cards with the correctly placed holes. There were probably a few other times I didn't use the pegs, simply when I was doing something quick, or if I need to offset the paper.

    6. Malachi de AElfweald

      I agree. The video was very inspiring (esp. since I have a George armature coming). I really liked the details about the magnets holding the different pieces on.

      The box layout for the 8-packs looks very nice. Would we need to take the center piece out to get at the paper pads? If the center is immovable, might consider a pull-tab to lift up the pads, like used on some batteries in toys.

      On your sketch video, I noticed that you did quite a bit of the sketching without using the posts. Is there a reason you choose to attach or not?

    7. Teresa @tlarraya

      Thank you for this amazing update! I loved the tour video. I never imagined animated movies were made like that. I thought it was all done with drawings I guess. It´s great to have access to that insight, thank you so much! : )