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3000 years ago an on-the-run musician wrote songs while hiding in caves. His lyrics survived - we're recording them in an Irish cave!
3000 years ago an on-the-run musician wrote songs while hiding in caves. His lyrics survived - we're recording them in an Irish cave!
218 backers pledged £4,761 to help bring this project to life.

Your Cave Sessions Vol. 1 is ready to download!

Posted by Andy Rogers (Creator)
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It is with pleasure, relief and a huge dose of gratitude to you for your generosity and patience that I can finally announce that your Cave Sessions rewards are on their way! 

The video above explains in more detail what happens next but in the meantime check your email inbox for the download link to get your pledge rewards.

Speak soon.

Cheers - Andy

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    1. Andy Rogers Creator on

      @ J.T. Stoll: thanks for getting in touch and for the encouraging words on the songs. Let me get back to my computer (on the iPhone just now) and grab those links for you again.

    2. J.T. Stoll on

      I've downloaded and am really enjoying the songs. Great job!

      When I went to Mega to download them, I saw 6 MP3 files. Is that what I should have seen? In your video above, I see some bonus reverbs, WAV files, and songwriting demos? Am I supposed to be able to download those?

    3. Andy Rogers Creator on

      @ Gerbert Verheij: yeah we learned valuable lessons on this one!

      Next time we'll know what and what not to do to avoid the challenges :-)

      Glad you're enjoying vol. 1

    4. Missing avatar

      Gerbert Verheij on

      I already listened to the downloads, and today received the CD's & DVD. They're Great ! Thanks a lot, and since it's labeled "The Cave Sessions Vol.1" I will wait for the next one ;-)
      (but I won't hold my breath though......)

    5. Andy Rogers Creator on

      @ Steve Cooper: Thank you for help making it happen!

      Glad you're enjoying them

    6. Missing avatar

      Steve Cooper on

      Andy I have received both CDs - thank you, I have really enjoyed listening to the results and you must be delighted with how both versions have turned out. There is a great quality to the sound and I sense the drums (and percussion) have a really unique sound to them. Thank you for the opportunity to 'invest' in such a great musical adventure and look forward to hearing about Volume 2!!??

    7. Andy Rogers Creator on

      @ Jeffry Allan Miller: hi Jeffry, it should have come to you on Monday in a message via Kickstarter. I'll send the link directly to your email address (I assume that's still valid?). Cheers Andy

    8. Jeffry Allan Miller on

      I have not received the download for this yet

    9. Andy Rogers Creator on

      Thanks for your kind comments - once I get the immediate delivery admin out of the way I'll upload the 'iPhone out-takes' that didn't make the cut!

    10. Missing avatar

      Sherry Crann on

      AND thanks for including the wav files for download - amazing depth of sound! I can appreciate why you wanted to capture the natural reverb of the cave. Now I need to find an affordable surround-sound system, but I don't think we'll be flooding the room to achieve full effect ;) Thanks for all your hard work!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sherry Crann on

      Loving these :) And would absolutely love to hear the "iPhone demos" of songs that didn't make it as well. But only after you take a break from your labors here - well done!

    12. Missing avatar

      Terry Moore on

      Andy, congratulations to you and all involved with the project. I can't wait to hear the results of all your hard work. Don't fear anyone's response - remember, you're among friends! Cheers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ann Hamill on

      Thanks for this Andy. Look forward to receiving the mail for the download. You now deserve a rest!