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An external card reader that enables you to use MicroSD card on your Nexus/Android tablets and Android smartphones.
An external card reader that enables you to use MicroSD card on your Nexus/Android tablets and Android smartphones.
5,754 backers pledged $70,864 to help bring this project to life.

3 years later: Dash-i Mini MicroSD reader for iPhone/iPad


Three years ago, when we launched this project, it was the first external storage solution specifically designed for mobile devices. Thanks to the support from all of you, it was a success.

Some of you may be interested, we just lanuched our new campaign:

Dash-i: MicroSD reader for iPhone/iPad

Same form factor as our recently released Dash Type-C.


Andy & Rich

Ready for USB Type-C?

Yes, the future is here now. Mini MicroSD Reader redux, now with type-C plug, or reversible MicroUSB plug -- if you are stuck with the past a little longer:

All in aluminum casing.


Andy & Rich

Hooray, Our Newest Project: Smart & Secure Fast-Charge USB Cable and Adapter


Just having almost shipped all rewards for our last project, Cable Pivot, we are launching a new project that we have been working on for the past 6 months:

Hurry, while early bird specials are still available :-).

Enjoy life, have fun. Cheers,

Andy & Rich

Our new kickstarter project: Cable Pivot, Organize Your Cables in Style


For those who are interested:

Just launched, so early bird special is still available :-)

Happy Holidays!

Andy & Rich

One Year Later


Hello All. It has been almost a year since we started shipping the original Mini MicroSD Reader -- actually next week would be exactly one year. During the past year, while we focused on making & shipping the products and serving our backers & customers, we also have been working on some new projects and, improving and making a new generation of the Reader -- which was launched last week. Some pictures are included at the end of this update.

Based on feedback from backers and customers, we made some adjustments/improvements in version 2:

  • Some people reported loss of caps. In G2, instead of hole & ring based solution to attach to key ring/carabiner, a silicone case is provided for such attachment. Since the case can be left attached all the time, it would be really hard to lose it. As an added bonus, the case would provide some modest protection of the reader.
  • Some complained about the indicator being too bright and annoying at times. In G2, we moved the indicator light to the tail end of the reader, and keep it inside the casing -- the light would shed through it. It is now very dim, though still visible.
  • We switched to use a faster chip which has a theoretical speed of 50MB/s -- in actual tests, the max speed reached are 41MB/s write and 45MB/s read using a Sandisk Extreme Pro card. For comparison, the original reader has a theoretical max speed of 25MB/s; while in actual tests, max speed are 12MB/s write and 20MB/s read.
  • We also made some structure adjustments (including thick walls for the casing) which make G2 reader a little more sturdier and can take more beating (while being carried around in a key ring).

In addition, we designed and made a new USB-MicroUSB adapter -- now it is much smaller and looks much nicer.

However, the new reader does have 2 drawbacks compared with the original:

  • The new chip is more power hungry -- during I/O operations, it consumes almost twice power as much as the original (0.44w vs. 0.25w).
  • Due to the bigger size of the new chip and structure adjustment, G2 is a little bit bigger: it is 28mm long in one direction compared with 23mm of the original. But is slightly slimmer in 2 other directions (by 1mm each).

More on speed. For Class 10 cards and some UHS-I cards (which actually only support Class 10 speed), the speed improvement offered by the G2 Reader doesn't matter since the card itself doesn't support higher speed. For some UHS-I cards, while the write speed is pretty much the same using either reader, read speed is twice as fast using G2 reader -- i.e., 38MB/s vs. 20MB/s in our tests. For professional/semi-professional grade cards (e.g., the Extreme series from SanDisk), the G2 reader would shine with much higher speed -- e.g., 41MB/s write and 45MB/s read in our test using a Sandisk Extreme card.

One more thing. We just launched a new kickstarter campaign for a project that we have been working on for a year: Ultimus Qi: The Ultimate Wireless Charging Dock. Check it out :-).

Again, we are forever grateful for your support of our original kickstarter campaign.

Some pictures of the 2nd gen reader.

The new reader and USB-MicroUSB adapter
The new reader and USB-MicroUSB adapter


Andy & Rich