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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

July Update: More Shipping Updates, Last Address Changes, and Unboxing!

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

Hi backers and supporters,

Wanted to give everyone a quick update as we are finishing up the last of the 1080p batches for shipment.

1. US / North America shipments on their way! The last 1080p shipments are currently in the ocean, going from Hong Kong to the US. They’re expected to arrive between the first and second week of August, barring any delay at customs. Once they arrive, they - along with the other 6k units in the Gilroy warehouse - will all be shipped together as all of our accessories and chargers for the other 6k units are in this inbound shipment.

  • We have heard that the recent 25% tariffs levied on China by the US are giving our logistics companies some concern — we will keep you guys posted as the cargo arrives if we are affected.

2. Europe's 1080p units are completing production this week. We are just short a few hundred units, which are expected to be finished by the end of this week. We should be able to send out for ocean freight next week, arriving within 3-4 weeks in the Netherlands. 

3. Some HK / Rest of World units are being moved to EU shipment batch. This allows our EU backers to get their units sooner due to the additional needed time for ocean freight. The remaining HK 1080p units are targeted for completion next week, shipping out just before the US units. 

4. New Community Wiki site! New wiki site added to help backers share information with each other on device compatibility and testing. Please add to the Wiki as you start using your Superbook. The new site can be found at 

5. Some early firmware issues uncovered this week with USB_PD charging being unstable on some of the 800 Superbooks shipped out. We are in the process of investigation, targeting a firmware fix for the instability in the 2nd firmware update patch.

Opening up address updating one last time

By request, we’re opening up address updating for a few more days. Address updating will close on Sunday August 5th, 2018 at midnight PST time. Please take this opportunity to update your address as well as mark your address as confirmed. We will prioritize sending out orders with confirmed addresses, as we ran into quite a number of instances in the last batch of shipments that were sent to an old address.

Go into your backer portal, click on your order, and in the Order Information area, click on the 'CONFIRM ORDER' button.

Send us your unboxing videos!

Thanks to all of you who have received and recorded your unboxing experiences. Please share them with us and the community on Slack or by emailing us at

Here is one of our favorites:

Andrew, Gordon, and the entire Superbook team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vincent Torralba on

      Just received my Superbook -- had to install the DisplayLink Presenter on my S8 before anything happened. Simply put, Sentio Desktop was not enough to display anything on the Superbook. After that, everything was working ok. I'm having problems saving anything on the Taskbar. Every time I restart Sentio Desktop, the taskbar is bare.. just the defaults. If you save the shortcut on the desktop though, it stays. Also, I've been charging the Superbook since this morning (fast charger, Samsung) and 5 hours later the second LED light is still blinking (rapidly by this time) yellow/orange. ALSO, it seems that charging goes the other way on my S8 -- on the pulldown menu it says Charging connected device... which means the S8 is charging the Superbook? Hmmm. All in all, can't wait to give it a more thorough run-through.

    2. Missing avatar

      Meik Schlenther on

      When can I expect to receive my Superbook?

    3. Missing avatar

      Len caldow on

      Why after posting comments, with queries, wanting answers,and never to get a response from the team.what's going on , 2 years is long enough. The latest update For my 1080 unit is its going from honk Kong to europe?????? And then to Australia ??????? Why the detour?????? It should put another year on delivery time . Great work , I don't think you could organise a f@@@ in a b@@@@@l

    4. Missing avatar

      Hussam Jawed on

      Order number 5433230 batch 3 . Still waiting over two years .

      And no August or September Updates . I think Microsoft Your Phone , Vysor , portable monitors ,Note 9 Built in Dex - and this device seems to be obsolete before it ever reached its customers .

    5. James Saretta on

      People - recent announcements from microsoft have made this device redundant

    6. James Saretta on

      It's time for a very specific update people. This is getting ridiculous.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vivien Leung on

      I want to check when can I receive the superbook, my order belong to batch 5 - when will this batch be shipped? My order #5443899. It is already a year and half late, how much more time will be needed for me to receive this superbook? Although it is of no use for me now as I have already changed to use iPhone, still, I have paid. Can you please give me/us an update on the delivery date?

    8. Laszlo Freud on

      this is a joke category. How long do I have to wait?

    9. R Pooran Prasad

      Batch 4 updates???? Wait is killing

    10. Edwin on

      Its September, so any estimate date again? its been abit too long.

    11. Missing avatar

      George Everette on

      Oh, and a fair amount of backer money went for a field trip to Africa to see if they could provide some units for that continent. Do you all recall that update that they were so proud about? Noble, but me thinks the focus was not on the basics.

    12. Missing avatar

      George Everette on

      This is in response to G. Lamar Wilkie: as a former product manager many years ago trying to bring some cutting edge technology to market I warned Sentio over a year ago that they were on a slippery slope when deadlines and milestones began to fall by the wayside. I related how a product I was working on was obsolete by the time it hit the market - and, sadly, this has happened to the Superbook.

      Obsolete or not, the same as Taulant Salko, I am in the USA with the estimate date of "Batch 5" and I'd like an update on when it might arrive.

    13. Missing avatar

      John Bartley on

      Still have not received mine: Order 5436534. Please advise status.

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul James on

      It's been exactly 2 years since I've backed this project... just sayin'

    15. Jamie Chisholm on

      Any word on when I'm likely to see it here in Australia?

    16. G. Lamar Wilkie on

      I'm probably the most patient and understanding person when it comes to early adoption because I'm aware of the risks and challenges that face new technologies. But even my patience is wearing thin on this one. I get that the chip supplier ripped you off. Then the units were at sea, on the way here. Then they were going to the distributor. I still don't have a shipping notification... you know what I do have? A Galaxy Note9 that I can plug into my monitor, or any HD display, with an HDMI adapter cable and use it like a computer! So this technology is now (for me) obsolete - and yet we're all still waiting on it. No update in a month.

    17. Taulant Sulko on

      Any news for the North American shipment? The end of month is approaching. My estimated date still says Batch 5.

    18. Missing avatar

      Zachary Gates on

      I'm willing to bet the units that did get shipped out were the only ones that actually got made, sent out in order to make it seem like this wasn't a total scam. If there were actually giant "batches" sent out, it wouldn't only be a small handful of people who got theirs, it would be tons of them.

      This is why I stopped Kickstarting anything that wasn't a finished product already.

    19. Jacob Gorny on

      What is the status of this USA shipment situation? There are people already selling theirs on eBay from the US and the rest of us haven't heard a thing about it.

    20. Jason The Backer on

      In USA. Where is mine?

    21. Missing avatar

      sirajdn on

      This is like a long term scam.. every single update is some delay ..i ordered it when i had the S7 and now moved on to S9 when will i get this ? This is just ridiculous ...

    22. Missing avatar

      Zachary Gates on

      August 31 update:

      "Hey guys, so the shipment hit some bad weather and sunk, all the Superbooks were lost. Don't worry though, we're starting again from scratch, the first batch should be done in 2020!"

    23. G. Lamar Wilkie on

      Hi Sentio - are the US 1080 units shipping
      It is now August 21 and your backers would appreciate an update. Thank you!

    24. Hiroyuki Enomoto on

      When is Batch 4 Shipping for Japan?

    25. Rex Tong on

      I was asking a question regarding your latest note on July 31st but still receive nothing. I am sincerely asking you how to get my refund. This team is really a disappointment. From all the updates I can see you are inexperience, unorganized, ill planned. Having said that, I don't trust you can deliver a sound product. The idea was good 2 years ago. Now? It's getting old. This is really delayed too much and getting no where. Again, I want to know how to get my money back.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jason LeBlanc on

      Any updates on if we can actually expect to receive these?

    27. Missing avatar

      B. Hicks on

      15 months of waiting....I have nothing nice to say about that. I could have used that money on so many other things instead of just flushing it down this digital toilet. Do you honestly expect people to have an infinite amount of patience?

    28. Jonathan Warshay on

      Now on see on Slack that they did arrive last weekend but a few of the boxes burst open and there is additional customs review.

    29. Jonathan Warshay on

      "They’re expected to arrive between the first and second week of August, barring any delay at customs."

      It's the 17th of August, so now in the 3rd week. Did they arrive?

    30. Tim Lammert on

      Since it answeres some 768 questions, I will post thise here too.

      Some more info from Slack

      Thursday, August 2nd :
      Hi guys just want to drop by to give a quick update:
      1) The EU 1080p units production are complete, and the team are in the process of exporting them from China to HK then put on the next available container ship for EU.
      2) The factory has started production for the rest of the HK 1080p unit, they expect to have them done by end of next week.
      3) The 768p units will start after the HK units are completed next week. Will announce schedule when the HK unit complete production.

      Gordon, Thursday, August 8th:
      @nouty yes, both 1080p with and without backlight are done, and is almost completed the custom clearance from china to HK, next step is put them on boat to ship to EU this week.
      sorry for being a bit quiet this week, been spending most of my time working on the firmware update changes for the Sentio Desktop app. Try to get the updates out by next week so that when the next batch of the 1080p Superbook start shipping to backers, the app will be ready to do a firmware update for those Superbooks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeanie Yip on

      Can I know when is the order coming to Singapore?

    32. Missing avatar

      Len caldow on

      A world map, coloured coded countries to signify dispatch times would be more relevant than trying to work out your current schedule, or is your current schedule so designed so as to confuse and give as little logical updates as possible.
      Where does australia and new Zealand fit into delivery schedule, or don't they?

    33. Adisa Mahadi on

      Still no mention of anything for 768 versions. What is the process for refund? It's been a long time already and frankly I've gotten alternative devices that works.

    34. Missing avatar

      Len caldow on

      Hi team.
      Just letting you I have arranged my own courier, he should arrive within the next 2 years can you please just strap the super book on his back give him a drink of water maybe a little wheat and whisper AUSTRALIA in his ear,
      OH you may have to give him a shove to get him going.
      By the way his name is WALTER.

    35. Viewtiful Joe on

      Hong Kong backer is a joke.
      Nearest location for just redirecting but no delivering; a low amount that still can Sacrifice for other regions; no such tariffs problem and no ETA prepaid benefit, just paid extra postage with a set up late delivery.
      Want the product badly? Well, you can buy one from eBay, someone put them there a month ago.
      The joke is not funny anyway.

    36. Rex Tong on

      Hi Superbook team, I am confused by your shipping arrangement/schedule for the Asia backer "Some HK / Rest of World units are being moved to EU shipment ".
      I have backed this project Aug 2016. My location is in Taiwan which is 1.5 hours flight from your fulfillment location in HK. I don't know how you set your priority of shipment but it doesn't sound right.
      Then I must say that when your project kickstarted in 2016, the technology sound just super for the time. However, since Aug 2016 until not Aug 2018, technology advanced. Samsung has it's own version of similar concept. More phones available with newer OS/Android updates. My question is can you keep up with it? Is your technology still viable? Or is it become an OLD technology altogether?

    37. Missing avatar

      Ivan-NJ on

      At this point, I don't care if I get the....ummmm...what's the product name? has been so long I've forgotten its name, well whatever, now I'm just checking for the "excuses" which I have to admit are very entertaining.

      We've had, some dude stole our chips, USB drivers defective, the dog ate the delivery sheets, now it's "tariffs" and more "firmware issues", may I guess what's next? check this list:

      - The sea was too choppy and we lost some crates
      - Some of the ships with the Superbooks got hijacked by pirates
      - China doubled the tariffs (so Sentio will blame Trump)
      - Some cases got some "discoloration" so they will re-paint them all (6+ months delay)
      - Because the long trip on containers, some Superbooks melted, Damn Global Warming!!

      But they are coming, yeah, sometime, so please re-verify your home address.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt G. on

      To Whom It May Concern,
      Is there any way we can get our money back? This is not only taking too long but now the updates are not even mentioning the units (768) that started the whole backing of this project. I guess if you don't get the premium version, you don't really matter.

    39. Bob S. on

      Stop asking about batch numbers. What part of "All 1080p units will be shipped" don't you understand?

      768p units should have been covered here but are mentioned in a comment on the main page.…

    40. Garett Harnish on

      I assume this is batch 3 inbound for North America?

    41. Travis Leonard on

      Really? Another update without a single reference to timeline or even existence of non-1080 orders?

    42. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update, I appreciate it!

    43. SD

      Nice middle finger to 768p backers. Bet we never get it.

    44. Kyle Reitz on

      Why does it seem every project on Kickstarter is managed by people who seem to have never learned anything about communication? This is why I stopped backing any projects... Too much disappointment. I haven't backed a project in year and am still waiting on 4 of them...

    45. Kyle Reitz on

      What about the 768p version? Are we not important enough to get an update?

    46. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      When is Batch 3 Shipping?

    47. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      @Alexander K we are not prioritized, still no word on either of my shipments.

    48. Missing avatar

      Henri Clinch on

      oh boy, hadn't thought about the impact of those destructive tariffs.

    49. Missing avatar

      William on

      What about the 768p units? Or we all will receive 1080p units?

    50. Riccardo Conturbia

      I'm from Italy and I honestly don't know when I will receive my superbook.