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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

June update: Shipping and other progress

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

Hi backers, supporters, and people who have been unreasonably patient with us,

First and most important, 100 units shipped yesterday. 300 units are shipping today, and overall 800 are shipping out this week. Baby steps.

If your order shipped out, then you should receive an email confirmation of such. These are delivered via USPS in the US. Our 'Getting Started Guide' can be found here.

Second, there are a total of 6,300 units in the US. Most of these units do not have chargers (see prior problem we had with distributor). Those chargers will come in the July ocean freight shipment, and those units will ship out in July.

Third, firmware charging is now working for a good chunk of popular phones (Samsung Note 8, 8+, Pixel, OnePlus 3T, LG V20, Huawei Mate 9, HTC 10, etc). Please note: Charging compatibility list will grow, as will charging and battery capabilities. Those will be rolled out in firmware updates that will happen via the Sentio Desktop Android app.

Fourth, Sentio Desktop has its latest release on the App Store, and we’ve begun work updating it for Android P. This should be ready by Android P launch (fingers crossed).

Many backers have asked us for photo evidence of things. Rightfully so. Here they are (also please scroll beyond the photos for more important info):

Updating the firmware in the 800 units in Gilroy
Updating the firmware in the 800 units in Gilroy
Boxes on boxes on boxes. Ready to ship!
Boxes on boxes on boxes. Ready to ship!
What 6,300 Superbooks in boxes looks like
What 6,300 Superbooks in boxes looks like
Panorama view of the Superbooks in California
Panorama view of the Superbooks in California

More info on manufacturing 

Some other important updates on manufacturing: 

  • We’re currently at our US warehouse to update firmware manually on the initial 800 or so units we shipped there that have an older firmware.
  • Currently there are 6,300 Superbooks in Gilroy, CA, with the remainder in Hong Kong right now. We're waiting for production to finish before shipping off to Europe and US, as well as out of Hong Kong.
  • Production is started back up and we will finish all of the 1080p units within the next couple weeks. We will then start on the 4K or so 768p units.

Important request - confirm your address

Since again, we’ve had a few more weeks go by than anticipated, we're going to ask all of our backers and pre-orders to verify their shipping address. Go into your backer portal, click on your order, and in the Order Information area, click on the 'CONFIRM ORDER' button.

If your address isn't correct, please let know right away so we avoid sending the order to the wrong address.

One more note

Finally, I wanted to mention that while manufacturing kicked our collective butts, it was harder yet to ask you each time to wait for us. We’re pretty grateful that you guys have been amazingly supportive and provided us with sometimes undeserved kindness.

Andrew, Gordon, and the entire Superbook team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Heinzl on

      Hello, I am still waiting for my Superbook.

    2. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      Any updates? I'm group one (I think) but haven't seen any p emails regarding the unit being sent. Keep up the effort guys!


      It is difficult to be respectful and considerate when all you want to do is click the Share This Project button and send it to your ex-spouse.
      I can understand the mess these guys got themselves into, but no updates for 2 months.
      The worse part isn't the wait or even the loss of money.
      It's the checking on status.
      I want a refund.

    4. Johan Dahlstrom on

      I'm never going to use Kickstarter again... This looks like a dead fish! And I have a few of these. Superbook WAS a nice thing... TWO YEARS AGO. I really hope it will be a good thing and that it lives up to the promise that it will be a new experience every time an new phone comes along. Fingers crossed. But I'm bit sceptical... ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Len caldow on

      Sorry to hear G Lamar Wilkie order for his bride to be.
      Could be divorced or widowed well before then .
      My commiserations.

    6. Missing avatar

      Len caldow on

      Wot an abosulte shambles. If any of you guys were operating a business in a comminist country all would have been shot 18 months ago. Probably because you all deserve it. Where is the July update, just repeat the June update.
      Just about had a gut full of this shit.

    7. Nick Hay on

      Seeing as im batch 5, there should be enough time to change my cord as ive updated my phone to a Samsung note 8, so ill need a usb C, As we have waited so long from our original order and updated our phones, this should be done.

    8. G. Lamar Wilkie on

      Hi guys - hang in there! We're a month out from the last update - so I'm anxious to hear where we are in the process at this point. I'm in Batch 5 (whatever that is, I don't know how many are in a batch) but it's encouraging to know that you are knee-deep in shipping now and - hopefully - the worst is behind us! Keep up the great work!

    9. G. Lamar Wilkie on

      Awesome news! I have been waiting for Superbook for a long time, as a gift for my Darling Bride to see and do more with her phone!

      Question, though - backer kit says I'm in Batch 5. What does that mean? How many units are in a batch, and when can the various batches expect to ship? Thanks!

    10. Neo Sunspring on

      in my order sheet, it's shown that my production will be in batch 5 . can you tell me when will it be ETA to Bangkok Thailand. Thanks

    11. Phil Stocks

      As per some of the previous users, I have updated my phone to one that uses usb-c. Can I use a standard usb-c cable, with the superbook, or is there anything special about your own ones that would make them a requirement?

    12. Raphael Poon on

      It has been 2 years. The Superbook is no longer useful for me . May I ask for the refund?

    13. GrandSlambert on

      I am still waiting on a shipping update. The "Your order belongs in Batch 3" means absolutely nothing to me since NONE of your updates talk about when different batches are going to ship. Of course, I no longer care, as I don't need these things anymore having purchased inexpensive laptops to use in place of these. But, I can no longer cancel my order so if they ever do arrive, they'll mike nice dust collectors on my shelf.

    14. Yash Asher on

      Now it has been more than 2 years since you launched this. Did you celebrate the kickstarter campaign launch anniversary. Also, come August, will you celebrate 1.5 years of delay anniversary?

    15. Missing avatar

      Alan Dickey on

      OK, so I overreacted. Pressed the power button for 10 seconds and phone booted.
      Sentio Desktop now runs. Not very useful without the Superbook. Hope it arrives.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alan Dickey on

      So I thought I would at least try the Sentio Desktop App on my Pixel XL.
      I just sent this email to

      After following instructions HERE:
      I rebooted my Pixel XL. Phone won't boot.

      How do you spell 'NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME?"

      I'm still waiting for my Superbook. I'm not holding my breath.

      Thank you.

      Alan F. Dickey

    17. Dennis Finegan

      I forgot I backed this it is so long overdue. As with so many late tech projects, you have been surpassed in the marketplace. Over designing just means lateness, not necessarily a better project. I do not expect to see this product for another 6 months, if then.

    18. Andrew Nichols on

      Patient backer here, I'm grateful you continue to issue updates and I'm glad you're on track for release. Can you please update sometime this month with when (quarter timeframe) certain batches should be shipped?

    19. Kat Watson on

      as it's been so long I've updated my phone and the extra micro usb cables are now no longer useful as I have updated my phone to a Samsung note 8 can I update the usb cables I've ordered to all being type c?

    20. Jason Griffith on

      I too would really appreciate an update. I know there have been a lot of hurdles and it sounds like the whole batch thing got messed up due to all the delays but I'd really like an update clarifying this. I'm in batch 2, the first 500, but have not received a notice about anything shipping. I also have one of the 768p models, so does that mean that the batches are being ignored for those of use with certain models because those havent been made yet? I'm just looking for some clarification.

    21. Missing avatar

      Gretchen A. Foley, Esq. on

      Batch 3.... still waiting.....

    22. Jouva Moufette on

      I think what we REALLY need is an update of what batch we're in. Is this batch 1 we're speaking of? Does this COMPLETE batch 1? How long is it taking to make each batch? Things like that. It'll help to know if "Batch 4" basically means "you're next" or "you're going to still be waiting several months" or whatever.

    23. Missing avatar

      Donghwi Jeong on

      Wait, he mentioned that "1080p units will be build within couple of weeks" ?????? So my item is not built at all in this time, right? I think I will get my item in next year.

    24. Janardan Nathan on

      Hello from Singapore. I appreciate the comprehensive update and I'm excited to receive my Superbook!

    25. Sibus Kry on

      Can we have an update please!

    26. Missing avatar

      Albert Ulmer on

      this is a joke, right? I originally backed to gold superbook and now my backer page says I'll get the black one...

    27. Missing avatar

      Bianca Batsch on

      i havent got my superbook yet. :/

    28. James Nadile on

      I am in Batch 3, should that not be in the 1st 800 ??? I have not recieved anything or an update on my delivery date... what is going on please provide more updates.

    29. Aaditya 'AJ' Shah on

      Has anyone actually received theirs?

    30. Francis Hui on

      Hi Creator

      Can I know the shipping for my superbook?

    31. Paul Saunders on

      Batch 2 should be the first 500 shipped and you mention that 800 have shipped. Batch 2 people should be getting shipping notices. Where is it?

    32. Missing avatar

      bartatkickstarter on

      Nice, but i think i get color blind.
      Can somebody explain me why the BACKER colors GOLD and BLUE aren't there?
      Only the BLACK ones are produced but weren't part of the BACKER ones.
      A lot of us have BACKED the SPECIAL BLUE one.

      What's so SPECIAL about the SPECIAL BLUE one if we get it later then then at that time not existing BLACK ones?

    33. Anandan Tanabalan on

      Your persistence (and that of your backers) is testament to the Kickstarter mindset. Not a shop, but a shared journey. Happy Thursday, SuperBook Sentio !

    34. Hanrik Tan on

      Just curious.. what is the delivery date for batch 5

    35. Missing avatar

      Claudio on

      Your order belongs in Batch 5!" When arrive my product?

    36. Missing avatar

      Choi GiYoung on

      batch 4
      so... when?
      how long?

    37. Missing avatar

      Julio Fortis III on

      I've been in the shoes of the Murphy's law award recipient when working with investors. Your transparency is appreciated. I hope you guys are doing well. Be safe.

    38. Missing avatar

      Gary Stein on

      According to my pledge I was backer 969 but did "order" blue. I have heard nothing at all though.

    39. Faiq Hussain on

      A bit bulkier than I remember. Meh, it would a be nice feature to have on my coffee table as I no longer need it due to my job change and the outdated tech, glad to finally get it though.

    40. Brad Groux on

      For anyone worrying about batch numbers, they said in Slack that they are no longer using those. All 1080p models are going out starting in mid-July, followed by the lower resolution units sometime in August. Your batch number doesn't mean anything now.

    41. Missing avatar

      swaroop hangal on

      All I can see is the updates for US backers. What about those in India? Batch 5 seems to be a long long time in the future, in a place far far away.
      Still hoping to check out the product in this year. But, kudos to the team. Securing components for a product with a team this small can be a big challenge. Hang on there.

    42. Patrick

      My Superbook is finally shipping, and I'm both excited and annoyed. I moved earlier this year, so I made an address change before the addresses were locked down. A few weeks later, confirmations were sent out, but it still had my old address. So, I contacted support as instructed. They told me they updated my address.

      Now it's months later, and FedEx notifies me of a shipment to my old address. Thankfully, I had intentionally left my FedEx account set to my old address because of another project that refused to changed my address, and I was able to request that it be rerouted. Now, I just have to go pick it up from a FedEx location in my old zip code. It's annoying but better than being delivered to someone else's house.

      My point is: Yay for Superbook, but go ahead and sign up for a free FedEx account just in case.

    43. Taulant Sulko on

      @Ivan-NJ Batch 4 that is not even that bad. Try to Be Batch 5. I will have to wait ∞ years.

    44. Darius on

      Thank you for the continued updates and transparency! It's these type of messages that make the waiting worth it, especially in the vaporware era of KickStarter.

    45. Missing avatar

      Rocky Slaughter on

      My batch number is 3, and I received mine this morning. Leery about having to run some debug stuff on my phone because I'm on Oreo though, so haven't been able to successfully test.

    46. Alex Stelmachonak on

      Looks like updating to the "THE SUPERBOOK SPECIAL" bundle was a mistake... I don't see even single blue model on the photos, so likely they will be produced later, however perk desription was about getting it sooner. I understand the difficulties team has, but projects like this make me investing into kickstarter projects much less, than I used to do 1-2 years ago.

    47. Paul Anthony Soh on

      Finally something moving out...but i need mine at the end of the month. Also i wanna try something lolzy which is why I'm gonna need my micro USB cable changed to USB C cable too. I wanna see whether it can work with Thunderbolt 3 devices as an extension.

    48. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update!

    49. Missing avatar

      Ivan-NJ on

      Judging by the "delivery" estimates I think I have a pretty good idea how these "batches" work:

      Batch 2 = Wait 2 years
      Batch 3 = Wait 3 years
      Batch 4 = Wait 4 years (This is where I'm at)

      They should at least make a better effort and give an idea about how these "batches" are scheduled.

    50. Missing avatar

      resign on

      under delivery date i only have "batch 5" when is that??