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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

May update on production and shipment

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

Dear backers,

This is a quick update for you on our progress.

We continue to face some supply chain challenges. I am not entirely sure if it is because we placed confidence in the wrong people or we faced bad luck. Chances are it is a combination of the two, along with faults from our own team. We expect to finish manufacturing and shipping, but have to get through problems such as:

  • As mentioned last time, distributor who holds ~$300K of inventory for us sold off some of our prepaid for goods and had a serious cash shortage to cover it. He is also now ill and in the hospital. We have sent our head of supply chain to go visit him in the hospital, and while he is actually ill, it is nevertheless unfortunate for our timeline. It sounds like the problem has been resolved, but after getting the runaround for a month, we can’t be 100% certain until our manufacturer receives the components. These are critical SoC chips that only a handful of exclusive distributors are allowed to access, so our options are limited beyond working with the distributor and being patient.
  • Our firmware development has been quite a bit slower that expected, due to work of contractors earlier on in the development process. Some early design decisions resulted in a lot of fixes and workarounds that have slowed down mass production.

Time-wise, our main bottleneck is missing components from our distributor. Another 5.3k units have arrived in North America, making the total 6.3k in the US. We are waiting for our firmware development to finish, following which we can start sending out Superbooks. I am going to resist giving out timelines, only to say that the current problems are solvable within a few weeks. Please be patient, as our hardware team is working night and day to resolve a pretty sticky challenge.

Finally, I deeply apologize for not communicating as frequently as we had in the past. It is hard to be open when nothing seems to be going right, and the easy thing to do is to push off communicating, waiting for good news instead. That is my mistake as a founder. I never realized just how hard it is to tell bad news to people who believed in you and supported you.

We will work hard to do better.


Andrew and Gordon


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    1. Sergey Budaytis on

      I have been waiting for your superbook for too long. A month ago, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now I connect it to my computer directly. I don't need a superbook already. Give me back the money, please.
      Sergey Budaytis (

    2. Greg Mitchell on

      My thank you for backing email is dated July 21, 2016. Any chance I will get it before the 2 year anniversary?

    3. Shree Deshpande on

      I don't understand why Kickstarter should become party to such scams.I'm sure like me,many are going to abandon Kickstarter projects in future.

    4. Brad Groux on

      Hey backers, according to their Slack channel, they have a firmware update, and have updated and shipped 800 units!!! The Slack has pictures of the units, so this looks promising. Below are a few of the messages from Slack.

      UPDATE FROM SLACK, 2018-06-17
      Hi guys, sorry been a bit hectic this week, Just want to do a quick check in here and let everyone know,
      1) we are on track for the firmware update next week. I am going onsite on Monday this upcoming week to Gilroy to do the update for the 800 units, will take pictures and provide status as the week progress. I am anticipating will be able to send out shipment notices for those 800 units starting mid-week next week.
      2) Production has resume for the remaining 1080p units, Andrew will provide status update on those during the next KS update.
      3) Remaining chargers cross boarder shipment is in progress, and on schedule as I communicated last time.

      Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and Happy Father's day to the father's out there. :tada::tada:
      UPDATE FROM SLACK, 2018-06-20

      Hi guys just want to pop in and provide a quick update. We started shipping today for the 800 units. Shipment within the US will arrive between 2 to 7 (depend on distance from Gilroy, CA) days, once the shipment is send out.

    5. Michael

      Thanks for the update guys, keep up the hard work

    6. Dennis Holdorp on

      They're still active on slack, including new pictures added yesterday. Also the sentio app is still being updated frequently.
      Not sure why they can't just update here saying they are still here and working hard. The silence on kickstarter is not helping anyone

    7. Missing avatar

      Josep on

      I need my refund now, sincerely we will think for don't come to Kickstarter for new pledges if not arrange the situation of this one and others like "Superscreen" other big scam ;(.

    8. Luca Tommolini on

      Bene, a questo punto ritengo di essere stato truffato. Richiedo alla piattaforma kickstarter informazioni per essere rimborsato della somma versata, quasi due anni fa!

    9. Missing avatar

      ArndtiPuh on

      They are gone. For good. Good luck guys. Well played. Unfortunately this will shine at Kickstarter. Will cost them a lot of future pledges...

    10. Michael Haner on

      If you would just communicate better I might trust you more. Silence for over a month is unacceptable. If you don't want people to think you're a scammer and report your project at least communicate with us.

    11. Chiew Huan Chong

      The story of a supplier falling sick is so lame. Just just give us our money back.

    12. Missing avatar

      Bruce Robinson on

      Just want what i paid for or my money.

    13. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      UPDATE #44
      No one receive this device, because it's scam 😂

    14. Missing avatar

      Gary Stein on

      My "Thanks for backing..." email is dated July 21, 2016; FWIW

    15. Missing avatar


      Has ANYONE in the World received one yet? Anyone?

    16. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      UPDATE #43
      Sorry people it's Scam 😂

    17. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      Or return my 139$ 😬

    18. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      Kikstarter you must let me do that
      I just need one million , I'm not greedy 😂💔

    19. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      $2,952,508 , wooooow Big scam 😂

    20. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam .
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    21. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam .
      Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Return my 139$ .Scam .
      Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam .
      Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam . Scam .

    22. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      It's simple
      We need our money back.

      You take our money more than 2 years, I guess it's enough

    23. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      Please everyone reported this project, it's 2 years people,
      Pls report them it's scam 🙂

    24. Brendan Wong on

      Another month rolls by (since your last update)...any updated excuses and issues? We all can't wait to hear updates.

    25. Mike Brookz on

      Good luck handling your distributor! I hope they get better soon and you get access to your chip.
      I'm still looking forward to this device =)

    26. Missing avatar

      greg kelly on

      Yeah my poor daughter saved over this almost 2 years ago I'm pretty sure she's never going to see it I wish I could get her money back.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wahlund on

      I've known a couple of con men, in my time, and they always find plausible reasons for not delivering a product. They keep avoiding delivery long enough for the sucker to give up. I'm beginning to suspect this is the case. Took me long enough! You haven't even updated your websites. Hope you're having a good time,, wherever you are with our money.

    28. Missing avatar

      Brendan Maroney on

      Coming up on 2 years now guys... so glad I've been waiting on buying a laptop for two years now...

    29. Missing avatar

      Teck Poh Lai on

      The previous update mentioned for backers in Asia will receive their product in February or March. Till to date I still have not receive my stuff yet in Asia where it is closest to their factory and inventory, and they still able to send the product to US!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Dawn Douglas on

      At what point do we start demanding our money back. Two years ago this technology was Meh

    31. Didita Liviu Cristian on

      I want to see pictures of the actual products, i want to see recent videos of the product in use and features, i want to see real facts of products reaching for Europe delivery, all in june 2018 !!! I am tired of excuses and delays

    32. Missing avatar

      Len on

      Maybe they're not scammers. Maybe they're just incompetent.

    33. Taulant Sulko on

      I always held this campaign in high regard because of the transparency and frequent updates. Now I feel a bit cheated that you didn't bring up these issues earlier with your backers.

      I have some questions regarding the situation:
      1. How is this one person that is ill holding up the whole process? Why doesn't this person has any or assistant or subordinate that can take over the project?
      2. What is the name of the distributor that is ill?
      3. Is there a news article/social media post to back this story up? Right now I find this story a bit hard to believe considering we only have a a vague paragraph about it with no names or actual facts.
      4. How long will the wait be?

      Looking forward to your reply.

    34. Max Bulger on

      My patience is definitely wearing thin on this. I am soon to go on a long trip, and hope to have it for that (this is a small request really, given it's been nearly two years on this). Please post another update on the shipping and provide more tracking of the boxes. If there's 6k of these in the U.S., I'd sure like to have a little more detail on when I might expect it. Pictures of things being fixed, etc like before would also be appreciated.

    35. Missing avatar

      B.S.84 on

      20. Aug 2016 : Payed and funded : Today is the 07 June of 2018 ....
      Nearly 2 years and still no Article ....
      I am really disappointed !
      Order: #5436465 belongs in Batch 4!

    36. Bighead Wong on

      it is too much of delay...... very disappointed

    37. Kees Nobel on

      I think we will never get our ordered Superbooks, it seems to be a scam!
      Why do they still come up with new excuses (a one-man supplier... is ill; never heard this excuse). No proof of the 6000 units off course and no response on refund requests.
      Maybe all backers need to join and start a Class Action. I don't think we will ever see our money back, but this will be the only way to get the scammers in jail.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jakkawan Lonimitdee on

      I need my refund now Order: #5436638

    39. Missing avatar

      Pml on

      Dear Sentio team,
      I ask for a refund. I was waiting and hoping for the Superbook and accepted all the reasons and delays. But now I am done waiting. I was defending and trusting you. But after quite nearly 2 years, I cannot wait any longer.
      So I ask for a refund for my 1080p Superbook with backlit keyboard.
      This is my order number #5437408

      I was contacting you via mail, via Sentio homepage, via Update comment and normal comment section. In case this shouldn't be enough, please contact me or give me the adequate contact mail, so that you won't miss processing my refund.

      I thank you for the vision you had, and truly hope other backers will get their superbook. But after all this time, the delays and uncertainty, I chose to have a refund instead. Please confirm my refund on my kickstarter mail adress, thank you.

    40. Missing avatar

      Charles Cartee on

      Totally over this garbage. At this point, I doubt I'll ever even use the piece of garbage even if does ever get shipped to me.

    41. Claudio Moderini on

      Ok.. everything is possible..but I would really like to know whether I have thrown away my money or not. I please for an honest reply.

    42. Missing avatar

      Gary Stein on

      In a bit of curiosity I looked back and found I "supported" this project in July of 2016, which is pretty, pretty close to two years ago. I seem to remember seeing a video of the "product" in action. This led me to believe they had the "goods" and mainly needed backers to "produce" the product. What was it they were showing in their video?

    43. Lasse Jægergaard on

      I lost my patience in this project... Continuously reporting problems that just gets bigger and bigger. As the problems gets bigger the updates towards the backers are getting smaller.

    44. Missing avatar

      Marti Ruiz on

      I'm really over it. I regret ever even buying in and wish i could just cancel and be done with this thing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Süheyl Karakas on

      Delay after delay....

    46. Paul Anthony Soh on

      I just reported this project to Kickstarter and really hoping for someone from the Kickstarter office to personally come to their stupid warehouse to verify the integrity and status of their project at its current stage. 2 years in the waiting process is just too fking ridiculous and now I'm just about to move house. To the Creator, i have to make this public because at this rate, I seriously doubt this project will ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    47. Missing avatar

      Hayon Meir on

      Stupid project
      More then a year waiting after paying the money
      I want my money back or i going to sew!

    48. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Chan on

      Show us the pictures of the 6,000 units at your NA warehouse!

    49. Missing avatar

      Matt Wallace on

      I've asked nicely both here and on the Facebook page but surprise surprise no response - It's taken so long I no longer have a need for this product so wish to get my money back. Can anyone please advise of how I contact for a refund? Thanks.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Perreault on

      If you used a discover credit card, the transaction will be saved for up to 2 years and Discover will fight for you. I have done it in the past with other projects and I will be doing it for this one. Since it was so long ago since I made the transaction, you will need to call their customer service line. I would recommend this to everyone who pledged.