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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

April: Another container heading towards US!

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

Hi backers and supporters,

Hope you’re doing great. We’ll keep this update brief, as there’s nothing to do now except ship.


  • 12k manufactured so far
  • 5,400 currently on a boat to Oakland
  • 1,000 currently in our warehouse in Gilroy
  • Couple recent obstacles: 1) waiting on a needed firmware upgrade to fix a power delivery issue and 2) our chip distributor sold 10k of our DisplayLink chips (that we prepaid for) to another customer without telling us. Now they’re experiencing a cash crunch, which has resulted in a delay in us getting the chips we need.

The home stretch has been a little longer than any of us had hoped for, but we’re making good progress. 

We’ve gotten 12k Superbooks manufactured so far (1080p units). 5,400 of them are headed to Oakland, CA port as we speak:

A couple recent obstacles are worth mentioning. The first one is that while there are units sitting happy in a warehouse in Gilroy, CA, we can't send them out just yet. We are resolving a power delivery firmware bug, but expect that to be done by next week.

The second one is a little unfortunate, which is that one of our distributors sold off the inventory we prepaid a year in advance for. Now the distributor has financial issues, meaning additional delay on the chips we need to finish up manufacturing. We expect this to be resolved by the end of this week -- but I'm telling you this to let you guys know the type of issues we face regularly as a small company trying to manufacture a lower cost good.

So timeline for shipping right now looks like this:

  • Late Next Week: We expect the power delivery firmware fix to be completed mid next week. 1,000 US Backers should start receiving shipping notifications late next week. 
  • Late April: Assuming we are able to resolve our chip delay, units should be ready to ship out to Europe and Asia / Rest of World. Units will go out on a boat to the Netherlands. Backers in the APAC region should start receiving shipping notifications shortly after. 
  • Early to Mid May: The shipment of 5,400 Superbook arrives at our warehouse in California. US and Canada backers should start receiving shipping notifications by the 2nd week of May.
  • Late May: The remaining Superbooks should arrive in Europe. Backers should start receiving shipping notifications shortly after.


Important - Confirm Shipping Address 

By request and since we've had a few more weeks go by than we anticipated, we're going to ask all of our backers and pre-orders to verify their shipping address. Go into your backer portal, click on your order, and in the Order Information area, click on the 'CONFIRM ORDER' button. 

If your address isn't correct, please let know right away so we avoid sending the order to the wrong address. 



1. Please check your orders on Dashboard and help us confirm your order looks correct. Click confirm if everything is right. If you see something off, please email

2. Any questions or issues? Check out our support or ask our Backer Slack group!

Love, Team Superbook

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    1. Matthew Q on

      It has been 76 days. That is getting close to 2.5 months, since the last update.... do you think you could provide any more information?

    2. Missing avatar


      WHERE IS MY PRODUCT?????????

    3. Missing avatar

      William on

      I understand some delays. But more than a year. All love for the product is gone. I also see competitors bringing the very same solution as the superbook tried to be. I just hope all these delays are not just another way of saying "another ks scam".

      I hope that my money was not stolen.

      All the delays so far has been about a bad decision in design time or negotiations with suppliers.

      Best of luck to sentio Team. If there's is a way to get my money back I prefer that to the superdelayed superbook.

    4. Mika Bachar on

      Hi, It's May and I haven't got my Superbooks yet.
      Contact me ASAP.

    5. joshua lillis on

      @John Ta I don't know what future you are in, but it hasn't even been 2 years yet since the end of the funding period of this kickstarter. I hope you aren't from the future and they still aren't done over a year for now xD

    6. Missing avatar

      mr_btw on

      +1 to having Batch numbers linked with production and delivery dates.

      Also, is there any chance that, when you finally do get your DisplayLink chips, they'll be the HDCP-licensed (i.e., "small letter N") variant your originally ordered and paid for?
      (I'm one of those interested in using my SuperBook as a second Windows display.)

      If not, how is that software workaround coming along?


    7. Johan Dahlstrom on

      ... still waiting :(

    8. Missing avatar

      dre on

      Can we get approximate date for each batch? Saying we belong to a certain batch isn't really informative now.

    9. Mike Messerli on

      this has sure taken a long time. ........

    10. David Nilsen on

      Any new update? Did they arrive in California?

    11. Missing avatar

      John Ray on

      I'm disappointed in the delays, but for those who are really pissed off, maybe a little shift in perspective would help:

      Has anybody else brought a competing product to market?

      That's been my big worry. I was afraid that by the time Sentio delivered there would be a competing product that was better executed. So far I don't see anything expected to hit the market any time soon. There were at least two other crowd-funded projects in the works, but Openbook only raised $14K and was canceled, and Mirabook only raised $141K. Mirabook says they'll ship in July, but somehow I don't buy it. HP came out with some kind of laptop phone dock, but it was only for Windows 10 phones and costs $360.

      So even though we've all been waiting a long time, it looks like we'll still end up with something on the cutting edge that nobody else has. Personally, I can still make use of it in my work, so I'm still in.

    12. Missing avatar

      Marc Bell on

      Hey there Sentio Team. I just wanted to say stay strong and that not all of us here on Kickstarter are jerks! I appreciate what you guys are doing and the effort to bring this dream into reality. This stuff is hard. Supply chain issues are insane and most of the complainers on here don't understand the crap you, and all small creators, have to bear when dealing with this process.
      To those of you who continue to complain...kickstarter is not a store! You are not buying something. You are helping to bring an idea to life. Sometime its easy...sometimes its hard. Wait until its on the shelves at your local Fry's or Best Buy if you are in it for the products otherwise chances are you will be disappointed.

      Still excited for my Superbook, and happy to have been part of this journey.


    13. John Ta on


    14. John Ta on




    15. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Jansen-Percio on

      How can I get my money back?

    16. Missing avatar

      Helge Jungblut on

      The point is batch numbers mean nothing and I really want a fix date. All backers wait a hell long time now and it's getting a little bit frustrating.

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Fischoff on

      What is the meaning of batch 5? 2020?

    18. Missing avatar

      Lennert on

      Resolved the chip delay?

    19. Missing avatar

      Ivan-NJ on

      At this point, I just want the damn thing delivered, which probably I will use for 5 minutes and put it in my junk drawer anyway, the "Cool factor" is long gone, I do understand projects like this are going to hit snags, but this is beyond silly.

      What is next? Sorry, the dog ate out delivery sheets.

      I hope they've learned their lesson, gained experience and be more careful in the future.

      Best of luck.

    20. Paul Anthony Soh on

      @Farid Hashemi I'm ain't gonna buy that story. Delays after delays for any excuse, now I don't feel like even wanting the damn product.

    21. Missing avatar

      S. V. on

      I've honestly stopped thinking about this project. This is the last Kickstarter item that I am still waiting on delivery. All the other projects I backed have arrived, albeit LATE. That's just the nature of Kickstarter. For those of you who are really upset about the delays, move on with your lives as I have. When the Superbook arrives, it'll be a nice surprise.

    22. Missing avatar

      Chris Curran on

      "ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE: Your order belongs in Batch 3!"

      Wow, that means absolutely nothing to almost everyone except insiders. That is the most redicules estimated delivery I have ever seen. Does that mean 2018? 2019?? It means NOTHING.

      "The home stretch has been a little longer than any of us had hoped for..." ALL stretches for this Kickstarter have taken a little longer culminating in this being MASSIVELY longer than any of us hoped for. I don't care that your manufacturer sold your prepaid chips and they are in a cash crunch. That's your job to regulate that process and your failure.

      This whole thing has gotten absurd.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rahul Mehta on

      Zero love. This project has been a massive disappointment.

    24. 林小飛 on

      @Michael Stevens Lesson learnt: do not expect anythins for a kickstarter project, especially hardware-related ones.

    25. Dean Loh on

      I understand you are doing your best. Keep it up!

    26. Missing avatar

      Shawn Markins on

      To those asking about what batch they're in, I was told that the first batch that arrived were black 1080p superbooks. So, if you ordered another color (such as the blue Kickstarter special ones), your shipment isn't in the first 1k that have already arrived in the warehouse.

      ... and for those that are super upset because yours is late, imagine how many of us in the first 150 feel.

      It's been a long time coming, personally, I can only hope the product is as amazing as many of us had hoped, when we backed it. (before all of the various knockoffs/competitors appeared on the market) The endless delays, while understandable, don't do much to keep the hope alive, sadly.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Stevens on

      I'm in batch 4 as well. Can I expect it in May or will my Superbook be the talk of the old folks home?


      @matt Zachari Sucks to be you. But can't blame you that much since you're new on KS.

      Hopefully it seems you won't back projects on this website anymore.

    29. Missing avatar

      Derek Schimnosky on

      I love getting my monthly "The Superbook will be delayed an additional month" email.

    30. Jeremie Lariviere

      appreciate the update; i'm looking forward to receiving it

    31. Missing avatar

      David Moore

      Thanks for the news, keep going!
      So many things learned along the way, makes you stronger.

    32. Edc.N.Stuff - Amy Bell

      Thanks for the update! I can't imagine how frustrating all the delays are for you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Karl Gottfridsson on

      Always nice to hear from you guys. Looks like you've learned alot during these years. Only hope that you have any people left buying when this is all done. For me it all depends on the product. If it's as good as I hope I will bypass this minor delay (Hey, what's a year and a couple of months in the long run) and meet the future as a satisfied costumer. Good luck

    34. Missing avatar

      Dan Swartz on

      Which batch number is currently being produced? Trying to get an idea of where my order is in production.

    35. Missing avatar

      matt Zachari on

      I've never hated a company more. Every time I get an email from you my blood boils. Every time it's a new excuse and delay. Worst decision one ever made, giving you my money.

    36. Viewtiful Joe on

      Farid Hashemi@
      I have read, and even know there is "Assuming we are able to resolve our chip delay" before what you quote.
      You better have this kind of reply AFTER the sh*tty chip issue fixed. For now, it is an unknown. Why can't I doubt about it? Where do the confidence come from?
      Maybe on you but not me. Even someone got the shipped email can't be real happy at the moment.

    37. Julian Gardner on

      What batch is this as my deliver is supposed to be in batch 4, i was backer 4xxx.

    38. Missing avatar

      Farid Hashemi

      @Paul Anthony Soh - a company in financial trouble would double sell products, hoping to be able to restock before the company that said 'we want these on this future date' needs them.

      @Ontin Ant - Can you read? 'Late April: ....Backers in the APAC region should start receiving shipping notifications shortly after. '

    39. Viewtiful Joe on

      Hong Kong was supposed to be in the patch of very first 1000 machines made, it was a fairy tale before Chinese New Year.
      Guess what? Hong Kong is not even mentioned in this update anymore.
      What's left to Hong Kong backers to be waiting for are some heaven blessed machines that without a known less hardware functional chip and have been told the chip provider is going to broke in no time.
      Well, small market, Asian countries, are left behind and in the lowest priority.
      Suspense turn to thriller. Enough is enough.
      Trust is lost and that's all.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tim Conroy-Stocker on

      Yawn...more unavoidable delays....

    41. joshua lillis on

      Looking forward to getting that shipping notification a month from now.... Just a year and 4 months late

    42. Paul Anthony Soh on

      The point of the distributor selling off the DisplayLink stuff just doesn't add up... who in the right mind would ever do this?!

    43. nick.does.bags

      Are you entitled to compensation from this chip supplier as they've messed you around quite bad. Should hope so!

    44. Aston Chew on

      Just ensure no more delay in shipping the product.