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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

March madness: 1st batch is in CA and other updates

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

Hi backers and supporters,

Happy March to everyone, and welcome to a long awaited update. Quite a bit of news, both on progress made in manufacturing (our 1st production batch is in Gilroy, CA) and on how we're handling various challenges in the production process.


Endless boxes
Endless boxes

Last week, our first 1,000 mass production Superbooks landed in our warehouse in California. It was an exciting moment for us, but as we've grown accustomed to with hardware development there were some small issues that cropped up. As we inspected each of the units that arrived, quite a number of them experienced weakening of the glue that holds the trackpad in place during the ocean shipping process. This resulted in some units having the trackpad completely removed (or loose) on the Superbook. Gordon and members of our team have spent the last few days testing out solutions to fix this issue, and we've found the solution -- something that'll be applied to the remainder of our mass production process. 

Units with loose trackpads, on the 'fixing' line
Units with loose trackpads, on the 'fixing' line
Gordon hard at work testing the finished units
Gordon hard at work testing the finished units

These units will get fixed as well in our warehouse, which should finish up over the next week. Since these are our first units to ship, we are being ultra careful in our inspection process, opening and inspecting / testing each unit both at the factory in China and at our end warehouse. 


When your Superbook arrives in the warehouse, you'll receive an email from us confirming its arrival and asking you to review your order (1,000 of you have already gotten this). It looks like this:

After your Superbook is passed onto the ground courier, you'll receive a separate email from our logistics provider, Rush Order, which will have your tracking code, which will allow you to track your order. 


We mentioned in the last update that mass production should kick into gear post-Chinese New Year. It indeed has gotten started, however we've had to pause for a week or so to diagnose and fix the trackpad issue. That, along with production constraints from our manufacturer mean while mass production has started, the progress is a bit slower than we'd prefer. 

For those of you that have experienced the joys of contract manufacturing, you'll know the challenges of trying to push your manufacturer -- sometimes it works, but most times unless you are a major customer, it requires treading very carefully lest you annoy someone who holds your company's lifeline in their hands.

In any case, we currently expect the following timeline:

  • Now until Mid-April - Mass production continues until around mid-April
  • Mid-April - Shipment of units to warehouse in Hong Kong; Containers to head to our warehouses in the Netherlands and US.
  • Late April to Early May - Backers in Asia to start receiving units
  • Mid-May - Containers to arrive in warehouses in Netherlands and US, sorted and sent via ground.
  • Late May - Backers worldwide to start receiving units 

We'll continue to keep you guys posted with the timeline. I realize right now it feels like the timeline keeps shifting (it indeed does as we resolve small issues left and right), but it is a bit of "one step back, two steps forward" and progress is being made, close to the finish line. 


1. Please check your orders on Dashboard and help us confirm everything looks correct. We've had some issues pop up on the database side, with some cancellations that were incorrectly displaying. If you see something off, please email

2. Any questions or issues? Check out our support or ask our Backer Slack group!

Love, Team Superbook

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    1. Luca Tommolini on

      Traces have been lost of the expedition and now every justification seems implausible. What do you intend to do? Will you return the money?

    2. Alexander Pöschko on

      Your order belongs in Batch 5!
      When will european users get their orders ?

      I´ll get a new phone next week, so i need an USB C cord !
      How would it be if you send all customers a mirco USB and a USB C cord ?
      We are waiting such a long time, you got our money since a long time, so you should be able to add a cable which will cost you some cents!

    3. Missing avatar

      Victor Mitchell on

      Why dont I see my upgrades in my order?

    4. Missing avatar

      Yin Lei on

      Your order belongs in Batch 4!
      No estimated delivery date, YET.

      From California.

    5. Dean Loh on

      > Your order belongs in Batch 5!

      I just hope this means before Christmas 2018...

    6. Missing avatar

      Rob Paine on

      When do backers in Australia receive their Superbooks? Referring to the list above, are we in the "Late April to Early May" batch, or the "Late May" batch?

    7. Missing avatar

      Felipe on

      Any update on batch 3? is it in California or still in China ?
      Your order belongs in Batch 3!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexander Vyacheslavovich Borodaev on

      Just one other sarcastic comment. Seriously, we just tired waiting. I hope after all we will not get just piece of ... and ongoing excusions that it is our fail and we didn't give you time to reach a good quality.

    9. Paul Anthony Soh on

      To all those who remarked about us people complaining, you don't understand how it's like to wait two whole years for a product like I have!!

    10. Paul M Edwards on

      BTW, for other backers who are complaining about how this project is going... I'm in batch 3 and have no estimate for when I will receive it, but seeing how it's going I have complete and total faith that we will all receive a well made product with the issues (which are inevitable in any moderately complex undertaking such as this) properly sorted out.

    11. Paul M Edwards on

      Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to soon receiving and using my Superbook!

      I really love how professional this project is being managed, communicated, and fulfilled. Much better than some others I've backed and am still waiting for with no end in sight (ahem Coolest Cooler)...

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert N. Bosworth on

      Since we have waited so long, I need "C" style connector. Seems that I should be able to get that update / change as a small token of "sticking with it" to the end. Upgraded to Samsung Galaxy S9, so need the "C" connector now!

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon Henry on

      still waiting......
      oh well at least it will stil be useful when it arrives.
      and looks like the company wont go bust....unlike two KS I have backed.......

    14. Sean Hull on

      To all the people bitching and demanding their money back. Have YOU ever brought a product from concept to mass production before?? At this point I have backed quite a few products that require production like this, as well as video games and various other things. Here are some things I have learned over the years.
      1) EVERY KICKSTARTED WILL BE DELAYED! Just build a 6-12 month delay into your expectations. I have backed ONE Kickstarter (our of 24) that was NOT delayed by more than 6 months. That ONE had already done a small production batch, but they ran into issues during large mass production.

      2) There WILL be production delays. My brother works in manufacturing, and he's walked me around several facilities pointing out various things here and there. Mass production introduces all kinds of issues that wouldn't show up in a small batch run, and you wouldn't even think of. Two examples... During mass production the heat of a cutter was causing a very slight warp in a piece, so it no longer fit during assembly. A similar heat issue was coloring discoloring, and another causing issues with the glue adhearing. It takes time to resolve these issues. It takes time to implement the fix into production and test it to ensure it actually works as expected and does in fact resolve the issue.

      3) SHIT HAPPENS! Earthquakes, Tsunamis, civil war, etc. These things disrupt supply chains, and can greatly affect pricing. After some Earthquakes 15 years (or so) ago, ram pricing went up over 300% almost overnight. If you are selling a $150 widget that used $25 in ram, you would now lose money on that widget. Sometimes you HAVE to wait it out or you could lost substantial amounts of money

      4) MONEY MONEY MONEY! All of these delays COST THEM MONEY! We aren't paying any more, but they of had to pay for travel, expenses, overhead, testing, test production runs, etc for the past two years that were not budgeted for! Have they come back and said, "Oh crap, we ran out of money 6 months ago, so we can't fulfill it" like MANY other projects have done? NO! They have kept us well informed throughout the entire process.

      It's not like they are exactly about all of the delays as well, it has turned what could have been a very profitable product for them into something that they will likely lose money on. Future units will be price higher to make up for the loss, and they will have learned a lot for their next iteration, and will likely include a large buffer of time to allow for issues, and price the units higher to ensure they aren't losing a ton of money.

      Sentio, while I have literally had hundreds of times I have said, "Damn, my Superbook would be perfect right now", I still applaud you for a well run campaign.

    15. Stella Dauer on

      I understand that this is a Kickstarter project, that can be more slow than we think, like some said in this comment area. But TWO YEARS is beyond anything that anyone can imagine. When you are a backer of something here in Kickstarter, you imagine things like one year, at best. But for an electronic, two years it's sufficient to end with a product. It's a huge deception.

    16. Missing avatar

      Krun Jiranakorn on

      postponed and postponed, sure will postponed again on May. Thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      darryl on

      Commenting here since I don't want to download the Slack app (is that the only way other than this to ask questions?)

      I may be moving in June and would like to know whether I will have a chance to change my shipping address before the item ships out depending on how much further it is delayed. My address will change from a Singapore to a US address so I need to make sure it is shipped to the address I'll actually be at.

      Hope to hear from you guys!

    18. José Manuel Gómez on

      This amazing piece of high technology has a delay of more than 1 year. I almost forgot about it. I don't have any hope I will get it.
      Excuses, excuses but nothing after almost 2 years. Guys, you are a gang of chaotic young amateur engineers.

    19. Missing avatar

      Hyunjai Paul Kim on

      Hello! Team Sentio!
      I'm also an engineer and I know how difficult it is to make new things.
      So, a little delay is understandable but I just want to use "the perfect version" of Sentio as soon as possible. As close to the finish line, I hope you guys don't hurry up and repay it with a better product for the backers.

    20. Andrey Vyrodov on

      Well, it's kinda sad that we wait extra year and half and there is no clear end of waiting, but I don't understand these complaints about thing being outdated. What is outdated? 1080p 11 inch screen? Or keyboard? Or battery?
      OK I agree, two Type C ports would be more modern and practical than mix of B and C but if keeping old one frees us from waiting another couple of months i could live with it.

      I think that even after 1.5 years of waiting superbook is as modern as it was back in 2016, and this is the point and purpose of the whole thing.

    21. blazingwolf on

      All the whiners need to stop backing kickstarter projects. If you want something immediately then go to the store and buy it. Kickstarter is to back people and projects that are not on the market and may not ever even see the light of day. If you can't afford to lose the money or can't afford to wait then don't come here.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christy Whipple on

      Excuses, excuses. All this wait for a now outdated product - which doesn't even sound like it is a very high quality if it fell apart during shipping... Plus missing some key features promised at the beginning of the project. Waste of money at this point. Guess I'll wait until "mid-May" (and probably beyond) for my paperweight. This has definitely helped me realized that funding tech on Kickstarter just isn't for me.

    23. Missing avatar

      karl-heinz moritz on

      wait, wait, wait. i hope the waiting ends in this year.

    24. Reyhan Wiranugraha on

      i hope this is the last one that we must wait too long, no more delay again

    25. Komang on

      Wait until May..

    26. Ian on

      Always good to see progress, good luck with the final stages!

    27. Missing avatar

      henn9r on

      I'm really excited about my beautiful blue Superbook! Look forward to it! Even if the delay is not nice, one likes to wait! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Tim Conroy-Stocker on

      Hi all, just checking all your names to make sure i don't back a Kickstarter with any of you involved again. Delays are delays, but this one...just doent look like you had the competence, skills or drive to push this one through. Oh no typhoon...delays.. oh no someone's ill.. delays...oh no Chinese new year...delays...oh no manufacturers...delays......REALLY?. I work in Hong Kong and have all of those things going on all the time. Come on no more excuses, come clean and give us some transparency? Even if the tech wasn't outdated now, I've no confidence that the quality you put together is going to last past a week. The trackpad came apart in transit? What about when I take it around in my bag? It will be cheap components, poor build quality and outdated....just really poor

    29. Missing avatar

      Rahul Mehta on

      Definitely not backing an intl tech project again. This is absolutely terrible service, one delay after another.

    30. Missing avatar

      Hayden on

      Keep up the good work :D
      Can't wait to get mine

    31. Paul Anthony Soh on

      @Creator I'm already about to move soon. I cannot afford anymore delays. I'm giving a hard deadline by MID-April, I can't hold on beyond that. Some of us already about undergo this phase of moving here and there and you're catching us at an uncomfortable position.

      I've backed this product for almost 2 years since July 2016, and I've been keeping both eyes closed since then and for the whole of 2017. So I think it's more deserving we shouldn't have to keep waiting like this and that you better double your efforts and push the deliveries sooner than your new timeline.

    32. James Iovino on

      I think that at this point in time most everyone in the project wants their money back... its been 1.5 years now and I have to commend them for trying to bring an entirely new product to the market.
      With that being said, they were nowhere close to being able to achieve this... and unfortunately it looks as if the superbook will be too little, too late.
      In the last couple years phones have gotten much faster and screens have gotten bigger, the real key to this tech will be based on the app and how strong it is on the current Android platform.
      If it is capable of delivering a desktop-like experience, then for the price of the superbook... well I can see it having a market.
      If the app doesn't deliver, then essentially its a paperweight with a screen for watching movies that is going to be worse than using your phone screen lol

      Thankfully I ordered a 1080p + backlit key model so I could definitely still use it when it arrives. Although I do have a GPD pocket already and that does take care of most of the "pocket laptop" needs.

    33. Missing avatar

      dasman on

      I have to laugh when people want their money back. This is kickstarter, not amazon. You didn't buy a product, you are crowd funding a small business startup.

      Frankly, it looks like the sentio team should have been further along in the process before looking for crowd funding (the original campaign date led you to believe that they were further along than reality), but that is the risk you take with kickstarter.

      I agree with you guys that the year+ delay severely hurt a technology product and, like you, I no longer have any use for this device.

      But asking for a refund? That's just white noise. Understand the risks of you're going to remain on kickstarter

    34. Missing avatar

      Kim Mace on

      This is ridiculous and I was stupid enough to order two of them.

    35. Dan Ageman on

      Complete garbage at this point and outdated product that nobody wants and even the one that I got was garbage

    36. blazingwolf on

      Pretty darned excited. Got my email already. Can't wait for it to get here though. Good job Sentio team.

    37. Missing avatar

      Hayon Meir on

      Only mid May? Thats it! I had enough!

    38. ABDULRAHMAN M on

      It's easy, I want my money back 😬