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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

February Update: Shipped the first mass produced batch!

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

NOTE: Important info about the Flash Sale in the last section. Please scroll down to see all the details!


Hi backers and supporters,

Hope you’ve had a Happy Valentines Day, Happy Chinese New Year, and just a generally happy set of days.

We’re pretty happy here. You know why?

Because we shipped the first entirely mass produced batch of Superbooks! 😀🎉

It took a surprisingly long time to make this
It took a surprisingly long time to make this

It wasn’t easy (as has this entire journey so far). We ran into a few *small* hiccups along the way this past month including: 

  • One of our distributors got thrown in jail, along with the majority of one critical component
  • One of our suppliers shipped 20k of parts that were a variant from what we had ordered, without telling us (more on that below). 
  • Florian got sick, after working pretty much nonstop this year 😔

I wish I were kidding, but stuff like this happens a lot.

First off the line!
First off the line!


So as it stands, we were able to mass produce 1,000 Superbooks, which are on their way to USA right now! Backer Slack channel user @mschoolbus requested proof and an offering of love if I could prove something shipped. The below email of our Bill of Lading is the best I can do:

I'll take that love now
I'll take that love now

With that, I’ll let the team go into an update on manufacturing and timelines, as well as about the Flash Sale coming up next week.


Manufacturing and timeline update


Hey everyone, happy Chinese New Year! As Andrew mentioned, we ran into some small hiccups, but we were able to get our first 1,000 Superbooks mass produced, which means as soon as the factories open up after Chinese New Year, we’ll be able to produce the remainder.

What does this mean on timelines? Here is the update:

  • Mid-January - Mass production begins with first batch of hubs, continuing on when the 2nd shipment of USB hubs arrive. First major batches will go to the warehouse in Hong Kong. [STARTED!]
  • February 14th - First 1,000 Superbooks make their way to the US, arriving mid-March [STARTED!]
  • February 12-23rd - China takes vacation for Chinese New Year [STARTED!]
  • February 23rd - Mid March - The remainder of Superbooks will get mass produced and sent to Hong Kong.
  • Early-Mid March - Backers in Asia will start receiving their Superbooks via courier
  • Mid March - First 1,000 Superbooks arrive in the US. Remaining Superbooks start their ocean freight journey.
  • Late March - First 1,000 Superbooks are sorted and sent via Ground for North America Customers
  • Mid April - Remainder of Superbooks arrive in North America and Europe warehouses, start getting sorted and shipped via Ground Shipping. 
  • Late April - Depending on the speed of Ground Shipping, backers in North America and Europe will receive their Superbooks.

Again, since manufacturing happens by product type (model and color), we will start with the 16k premium Superbooks (since they are the majority) and finish with the base Superbooks. This is just to be efficient with manufacturing time. They will all be shipped to the warehouses around the same time, over ocean.


A lot of you have also been asking us if we can select certain ground shippers over others. Since we need to manage shipment in 100 or so countries, we cannot manage that many vendors nor do we get good deals at our size. Our third party logistics provider handles both vendor selection, negotiation, and the shipping process. When the time comes for you to receive your order, you’ll get an email from our third party logistics provider RushOrder confirming your order has shipped.


HDCP and DisplayLink


As you guys know, we use DisplayLink to mirror content from your phone to the Superbook screen. Since the beginning, Android phones have been incompatible sending protected content over USB, which includes things like Netflix and Hulu (UGC like Youtube and Vimeo are fine). We've already developed workarounds for these use cases on Android, some of which we've demoed before.

However, for the small percentage of backers that wanted to have Superbook be a 2nd monitor for their Windows / Mac devices, we had paid for the HDCP license and ordered the HDCP variant of the DisplayLink chip (which also costs extra).

During the production process, one of our team members noticed that the components we received were the non-HDCP variants. We then learned that the vendor, without telling us, stopped making that particular variant and had shipped us the non-HDCP version. Both versions look the same (except for a small letter N) and are interchangeable, except for the ability to transmit protected video content. We were given no warning and have no choice but to continue production with these chips, as getting new ones would take 8 weeks. This means that for the use case of using Superbook as a 2nd monitor for Mac / Windows, currently Superbook won’t be able to show protected content like Netflix or Hulu without additional workarounds. After Superbook delivery, our team will spend some time on a software workaround.


Flash sale! Are you ready?


Hey guys, as we mentioned last time, we’re doing a flash sale for the extra Superbooks we’re making in this first mass production run. We have a limited supply, including a select number of Blue Superbooks. Here are the details:

  • Starts: February 21st, 2018 at 9 AM PST
  • Ends: March 6th, 2018 at Midnight PST
  • Where:
  • For backers, your personal discount code is $25. We will send you your personal discount code by email when the flash sale starts. You'll also be able to find it in your Backer Portal dashboard.

The discount only applies to orders with a Superbook. Once a particular model or color runs out, it’s out for good — at least until we can do our next mass production run. Everything (including any Blue units for sale) will be first come first serve.

Don’t want to miss out? Add this reminder to your calendar to be notified as soon as the Flash Sale starts.



1. We can no longer make changes to orders. Sorry - we finalized everything with our third party logistics provider.

2. We are currently updating timelines in backer portal. It'll get updated soon, sorry for the delay!

3. Any questions or issues? Check out our support or ask our Backer Slack group!

Love, Team Superbook

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    1. Harrell Erik Wong on

      Hi Until now I've not receive it!!! What happened??? Please check with my backer number 2,073. Kindly reply my email at

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Charbonnel on

      I live in Hong Kong and still haven't received anything. Great.

    3. Viet Dao on

      I don’t got it. What happen for shipping

    4. Missing avatar

      Jakkawan Lonimitdee on

      I've left 100 dollars for 2 years in this project.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mario Kalschne on

      "Early-Mid March - Backers in Asia will start receiving their Superbooks via courier" - Did anyone ever receiver their Superbook? I am super disappointed right now and start to feel fears of beeing scammed. At least there should be another Update! Please prove me wrong.

    6. Paul Anthony Soh on

      Eh fking cheebye faster deliver can???????!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      ㅇㅅㅇ on

      Can I get a refund? I still could not confirm the location of the cargo, I was disappointed.

    8. Paul Anthony Soh on

      For the last 2 years I've been closing one eye with regards to the wait times. But I think to wait this long has been ridiculous. I'm from Singapore, South East Asia so by right I should be getting mine soon, but no news yet with regards to it.

      Like Earle Roske, I think we all earned the superbook for waiting this long. But I'd still ask for a refund EVEN IF I receive it. Because other companies now with Razer with their recent test experimental product that will fill in that niche with their phones, I dunno whether this product will fast become obsolete.

      Sorry Sentio. 2 Years is too long to wait.

    9. Pavan Nyama on

      Hey guys,

      I'm just another backer, but a few clarifications since clearly not everyone is on / has read the slack over the past few months:

      1. The preorder is for superbooks that people who wanted a refund would have gotten. Sentio is shipping them out the same time as the rest; they are essentially "abandoned" orders.

      2. You should be Batch #3. Batch 1 was the beta test batch with the initial test prodcution run mid last year, and Batch #2 never happened. All backers should not be in Batch #3, which is the first main production batch.

    10. Joanna Capper Osterman on

      Not happy.. Says first 1000 'premium" models shipping now.. I checked my order, "premium"model, says I'm "backer # 803" (within the first 1000) says I'm in "Batch # 3", not batch # 1.... which means even though I'm in the first1000 with a premium model, mine won't go out till the "basic" models go out!!!!

    11. Dennis Finegan

      Another fake news story, at least for those that aren't part of the lucky thousand. Even then, they are selling off "extra Superbooks we’re making in this first mass production run". What they are really saying is, "Sorry Kickstarter Backers, we want to make more money before we even make yours!" How can you have "EXTRAS" when you haven't fulfilled all the backers? A year late already. I totally agree with Mr. Roske, below. This offer, at this time, is an insult to all Kickstarter backers.

    12. Andy Huang

      Good work guys! I do have to say, it did take awhile was a bit rocky to start but things smoothed out a lot (the later frequency of updates helped). The title of a backer does not bear much meaning unless you guys deliver and I am glad you guys were finally able to with our help. I hope all the effort that you guys put in gives us and everyone else a great product! Keep it up!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jesse Lee on

      Congrats guys!

      What a long haul!

    14. Earl T. Roske on

      I don't think I've complained once in this whole journey. I am now. It feels like those of us who were on board from the beginning have served as nothing more than a pool of money for Sentio to create a product they were more interested in mass marketing. It feels like the Kickstarter backers have been brushed off. Having waited as long as we have, only to see you taking preorders for more sales when we haven't even see the ones we already paid for, seems disingenuous. And then to console us with a $25 discount is just insulting. I will take my superbook, I've earned it, but I'm unlikely to recommend or ever back a project by you in the future. I think everyone is tired of the excuses, valid or not.

      My apologies.

    15. Uwe Cappeller on

      The flash sale is a joke! Only delivery to Mexico, Canada and US is supported. How bad is this?

    16. Missing avatar

      SK guy on

      Why didn't the update says that the flash sale is only for US, Mexico and Canada customer. I was eager to get another one, but was disappointed when I found that I can't..... :-(

    17. Jeremie Lariviere

      the HDCP switcharoo must be a bit frustrating... netflix on a bigger screen was a major use case for me.
      thanks for continuing work on work-arounds, and the update.

    18. Missing avatar

      Maher on

      I would like to cancel my order. How can I do that?

    19. Mia on

      What an exciting step after all the setbacks which I am sure were as frustrating for you as they were for us. Thank you!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rob Paine on

      Like others, I'm also wondering: in which shipment will Australian orders be included?

    21. Robert Roberson on

      You are taking preorders without distributing the orders that were made two years ago now. How does that work?

    22. Viewtiful Joe on

      Finally, Asia was not the first shipped region as been told before and the rest of us are going to use a non-dchp chipset (without a clue of the later software workout would really do the job).
      What a disappointing wait result.

    23. Rickie Dallas on

      Dang. Was sure the last update said Asia (Australia included) was the first shipment.

      Feels like I'll wait forever at this point, I hope it's worth it.

    24. Jose

      Very Disappointing.

    25. Missing avatar

      Todd Phelps on

      I hope we can still change our address, I moved to a new city 2 months ago and am in a temporary apartment til purchase of a house goes through.

    26. Mauro Draco on

      Wow! What an update that was!

      Furthermore I also agree with Steve Diamond. People should keep sight of the big picture and have some perspective.

    27. JJ on

      For those that didn't understand, Australia and New Zealand are considered part of the Asia shipment. Ours will come direct from Hong Kong via courier (by Asia they mean all of APAC).

    28. JJ on

      Either way it'll still work as a second screen on Windows/Mac. You'll just need to run that type of content on the primary screen until a software fix is completed.

    29. JJ on

      @thexter It says you will not be able to display protected content on the second screen (Netflix, Hulu etc.) not that it won't be able to be used as a second screen. They already fixed this in software for the same issue with Android as they knew it was going to be a problem on that platform regardless. However the chip they ordered would have meant there was no need to do it in software for Windows/Mac however as they haven't received that chip (and wont as the supplier does not make it anymore) they will look at trying to sort it in software at a later date.

    30. Mario Sarno on

      @Nigel Griffiths, nobody is getting the Superbook before us. The flash sale is for leftover Superbooks once the backer ones have shipped. Backers still getting theirs first!

    31. Rene Canlas on

      An unboxing of the final packaging would be nice, so we know what to expect and if something is amiss.

    32. Bérenger L. (bel57) on

      Agree with Steve, you manage communication at a whole new level compared to other projects. I'm totally fine with delay and content protected issues, didn't think about it as a secondary monitor for my laptop at first (and I'm pretty sure you will find a way to make it work just right).

      Kudos to the team!

    33. Nigel Griffiths on

      I keep forgetting I've even ordered this! Nice to see others can buy & get it before us for $25 more....hats off to you for doing it, as someone watching on it has been a bit of a mess...but hey, it's all learning curves! Expecting mine to get lost in the Xmas post lol.

    34. Steve Diamond

      @Creator: Some of the commenters here obviously don't understand that Kickstarter isn't a retail store. Don't let them get you down. Your level of regular and detailed communication has been outstanding, far better than average for a complex technology project.

    35. Missing avatar

      S. V. on

      So Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming service apps won't work out of the box?

    36. Brad Keusch on

      The thing you ordered is dozens of months late, aaaand who knows if it's actually coming... DO YOU GUYS WANNA BUY SOME MORE???

    37. Brad Keusch on

      Lollll the thing you ordered can't do what we promised it can do... Do you guys wanna buy some more???

    38. Dario Zandolin on

      As a lot of other kickstarter, good idea, bad implementation phase

    39. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      Australia, Asia, and the rest of America will be shipped after Chinese New Year!

    40. Missing avatar

      Antony Law on

      Ok, now I know the shipping schedule for US and European backers. What about others in Asia, like Hong Kong backers like me?

      Your warehouse is located in Hong Kong, it should not take more than 1 week to ship to Hong Kong address, right?

    41. FastEddie Gloor on

      You folks are not very good at this... What compensation do we get for funding this train wreck?

    42. Stephen Post on

      Im fine with the non-HDC after all I supported the product based on first impressions, which was right in the kickstarter name "Superbook - Transform Your Smartphone Into A Laptop", does not bother me that it won't be 100% compatible as a secondary monitor, but atleast it still is compatible people just wont be able to watch certain apps like that. Good Job on the work Sentio_Team im sure you will come up with a workaround for those that actually care about that feature.

    43. Missing avatar

      Kurtis on

      How long has to wait been for this product that we already paid for?

    44. thexter on

      Charles: If I wanted those, I would have gotten one. This one fit the list of features that I needed and wanted. I agree they should go after the supplier, however....

    45. Jamie Chisholm on

      So that's great news for those in the USA and Europe. How about some love for the rest of your backers, like me, in Australia?!?

    46. Jamie Chisholm on

      So that's great news for those in the USA and Europe. How about some love for the rest of your backers, like me, in Australia?!?

    47. Charles Ball on

      Thexter: There are honestly better monitors out there than the superbook. You should be happy with what you will be getting, and Sentio should sue the supplier for breach of contract if they never refunded them the difference when shipping the non-HDCP version.

    48. thexter on

      I was really planning on using mine as a second Windows monitor. I understand this was a supplier issue, but now I am not receiving the features I was expecting and backed...

    49. Mike Dougherty on

      Isn't failure to provide the component you ordered essentially Breach of Contract, and failure to notify you you weren't getting what you ordered essentially Fraud?