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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Charles Heiser on

      I have since upgraded my phone from when this project had started and because it has been delayed so long I now have a phone with USB-C how can I get a cable to work with the superbook?

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      Dr. Thomas Ulrich on

      Wow, just an amazing work! The delay is completely acceptable and before backers start to complain about, they should first something comparable to judge anyways. Again, great work :) I have trust in you and many others also.

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      Darren Marshall on

      I'm actually happy that Sentio have the gusto and integrity to announce and run with this sort of delay, especially since it is in the best interests of all.

      Crowdfunded projects, especially ones that aim to deliver a newly designed product, are exactly that. Projects. Projects don't always succeed, and sometimes the ones that do succeed fail to meet expectations. It's not an online store. Those who are getting worked up over a delay (which the guys have openly and honestly told us all about) obviously never read the fine print when signing up to back these kind of projects, and never took the time to really consider if they could take on the risks of doing so, which is really disappointing.

      I'm happy that there are valid reasons for the delay, and I'm also happy that Sentio are offering the lifetime discount vouchers (I'm already looking to buy more of these) and to cover customs charges where applicable.

    4. Timothy D Hoogland on

      I really do not care about anything in this post. I would rather have a beta product than nothing at all. I want a FULL refund. I am calling my credit card company and issuing a chargeback. It is not out problem that you didn't properly spec out your component costs. You are just trying to make more money off this instead of delivering the product.

      This is the last time I back a higher priced item on Kickstarter.

      @Fabio Tatsuo - This is because they are not focusing on the Kickstarter people because they already have the money and they are even running ads on facebook now for the product that has still yet to be delivered. Issue a chargeback.

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      Fabio Tatsuo on

      Hello, I am beginning to be afraid to back up any Kickstarter which has a lot of funds. I have backed up 2 recently which has a lot of funds. And both are delayed a lot.

      Anyway I hope this project made it and we all received the Superbook.


    6. Scott Thigpen on


      I signed up for the early bird special and had looked forward to February. Your product does indeed look amazing and I was eager to back it and I am very disappointed to see the delay.

      I would like to withdraw my backing and get a refund. I'm sure you understand why I am asking for this, you would feel the same way too should you be in my shoes.

      Thank you

    7. NachoKingP

      Quick question...I understand that the non-Early Bird backers who were expecting their shipment in February should now expect it in June. Should that math extrapolate out for Early Bird backers as well? If we expected our shipment in January, should we expect shipment in May?

    8. Robert on

      I feel that delaying a deadline is the correct thing to do if you are honestly looking out for your customer's best interest. I commend your dedication and diligence. You seem to understand the concept of what a brand name is supposed to stand for. You care that your product represents "you" and you took that personal. As long as it is evident in the device that I receive after the delay i.e no wobbly keys or buttons; no masking tape inside the build; no light bleed from the screen. I support the delay.

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      rommel003 on

      @Dafrizzy, the Andromium OS app works really well with suggestions posted on the web. The only missing piece is the optimizing of apps to switch the experience from phone to desktop mode. I see that as the top selling point for this kickstarter.
      I wish the they made a beta update available; the one that I have (v0.6.5) hasn't received a meaningful upgrade in months. (I know they're really busy, but it makes waiting easier if I have something to test in the meantime.)

    10. Marco Müller on

      Bit funny: on the silver prototype above is already the Sentio-Logo. On the sentio-webpage are pictures with old logo, new logo and without logo. Would be interesting, what we will receive...

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      Dafrizzy on

      For everyone that keeps asking about the software side of the package, it's already available on the Google play store. So if you have any means of mirroring your device screen to a second display, and connecting a bluetooth keyboard / mouse to your device you can give it a test drive. I've been using it on occasion since the first kickstarter and it is great!…

    12. JJ on

      @Stephen. Log back into Backerkit to change it. When I logged in on the weekend it still allowed address changes (but not changes to add-ons etc.).

    13. Chingtai Wong on

      Thanks for the update. I do understand your challenges and I would patiently wait for June. You have my support. I would rather have a better superbook than having it sooner.

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      Stephen Ripple on

      What if I am moving out of state between February and June. How do I update my shipping info. Starting to have buyer's remorse.

    15. JJ on

      @Hilary. For 304 backers it's 5 months delay, for everyone else it's 4 months.

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      Hilary Nwosita on

      This is really disappointing. 6months delay... no good reasons for a 6 month delay. Never expected

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      Skyler Lindsey on

      Thought I was going to be able to handle the delay, but I am now just thinking about it each passing day. Arg.

    18. Fred St-Pierre on

      So... How about the beta software for us backers?? Still wondering when we'll get any of that, as I never received a link anywhere. I see no point in buying hardware when I have a Surface Book already. Thanks.

    19. Justin Bennett on

      Thank you for the updates, and more importantly, *thank you* for taking the time to get the project done *right* instead of *quickly*.

    20. Missing avatar

      rommel003 on

      yeah, that silver one looks really cool. i wish i could change my original order from blue (which looks black to me) to silver. gold ain't my thing.

    21. JJ on

      @Chris Ricci. They posted in these comments below on the same day you first asked (12/28/2016). They will not be issuing any refunds.

    22. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Is it bad to say I prefer the silver look to the advertised gold haha... I wish they had the option to have the part not be painted gold and remain the nice silver professional look. (I know sku issues, but I can dream)

    23. Chris Ricci on

      how to get a refund, 3rd time asking. ... not impressed.

    24. Missing avatar

      Terry88 on

      Just voicing my support.

      The delay is pretty much expected as Feb was fine for delivering 200 units, but now we are talking about 20,000 units with extra features. In ANY project, with that much changes there will always be delays.

      I still think in terms of "kickstarter", that we are taking the risk of supporting something new with risk of losing money. It is NOT a marketplace where one can buy and expect refunds.

      To a successful project and look forward to seeing it in June.

    25. Adam Foley on

      @Chirag Not sure where you are getting the idea that any of us have "burned our cash." The project has been delayed, not cancelled. Understanding the risk of both unforeseen delays and cancellations is the responsibility of the individual backer. Instead of coming to here to gripe about no refund, try doing something positive with your efforts, such as testing the software and providing helpful feedback to the developers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chirag Joshi on

      Hello friends who have been not able to pursue Andromium to return the pledge amount, seems like we all have burned our cash pledging it on Kickstarter as this is the official response of kickstarter when I asked them to process refund:
      "Here at Kickstarter, we expect creators to fulfill rewards, offer refunds if they’re unable to complete their project, and communicate with backers at every step along the way. While Kickstarter is the platform for this agreement, we are not a part of it. We do not investigate a project creator’s ability to complete their project, nor do we facilitate refunds or the fulfillment of rewards. While in most cases you’ll find that rewards are delivered as promised, it’s also important to realize that some projects might not fulfill as planned.
      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our Terms of Use:
      These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn’t fulfill their obligations under the agreement. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.
      I hope that this helps to address your concerns, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions."

    27. JJ on

      @Sean. Personally I'd prefer all updates were official ones also (aside from the fact we get an e-mail they generally also have pics). However in most of the other KS projects I've had there has been backlash from many of the more casual backers when updates were too frequent (more than twice a month). Other than when there have been significant updates (like this one) the comments section in this KS has been pretty quiet so updates in the comments section won't get lost so quickly.

    28. brentil on

      As a backer of NexDock any delay to perfect the device is a good delay. I was one of the first 600 to get a NexDock which means my device was very flawed. It wouldn't power on without an external power source if you were trying to power USB, the screen flickered like crazy, the touch pad pops out of its casing, the system doesn't work as described in the documentation it ships with, etc. I then had to ship it back (for free at least) to have it repaired. They had us use USPS one size boxes which were smaller than the laptop + padding so the boxes were funky as hell. They shipped it back in that exact same box and it was covered in finger prints/smear marks/black marks but did work at least now. It was a frustrating process to say the least...

    29. bonuswavepilot

      @Chirog - welcome to Kickstarter! I assume you haven't backed a large-scale project here before, so you might not be aware of a couple of unfortunate truths.

      Firstly, as folks are fond of saying in the comments, "this is not a shop". You give projects your money with your eyes open to the possibility that the project may fail completely and leave you with nothing, so long as the project runners were actually trying to finish the project and didn't just run with the money.

      Of the projects that do succeed, most are late to deliver, particularly when they raise considerably more than their goal. The teams who put Kickstarters together are often formed for the purpose, and so do not tend to have pre-established manufacturing arrangements etc.

    30. Missing avatar

      rommel003 on

      I agree completely that there is worse out there in terms of delay. My hope is of course that after delaying delivery by 4 months, that the Andromium Team will have enough time to address supply chain issues.
      My only request has to do with the Andromium OS app, which fortunately isn't vaporware. It is vital for all backers to get a couple of good updates to the app between now and June. That way we'll actually get to experience the progress being made, especially with regards to app optimization. Without something tangible for us to check out, backers will have more reasons to feel anxious.

    31. Sean Hull on

      @JJ I agree that more frequent updates would be preferable right now, at least until we feel that things are back on track and won't have additional delays. However, I think updating in the general comments would get lost quickly.

    32. JJ on

      Delays, although undesirable, were to be expected. I haven't had a single technology KS with any sort of complexity that's delivered on-time and as with any other late project the exact same comments from the impatient or non-KS savvy backers ensue (as do the supportive ones from backers who know better).

      What I would say however is this. The amount of information coming from Andromium is too infrequent. I have no issues with the official updates being monthly (I'd prefer fortnightly but monthly is pretty normal) however I'd appreciate at least weekly mini updates in the regular comments section. Surely that cannot be so difficult to achieve?

      On a side note, does the delay nullify the OPT-IN for the early/beta units? If not have those backers been chosen yet? Some info on this would be appreciated.

      By the way, the unpainted silver looks nice.

    33. Sean Hull on

      For all those complaining about how bad the delay is... Take a look at this other project I backed...

      Supposed to deliver Nov 2014. Current expected delivery Q4 2017

      Worst delay of any project I have backed yet. Worst managed project. They went on KS with nothing but an idea and some vague commitments from resources. Once they got their money, first thing they did was move into a huge office... Only to downsize later...

      I'm not happy about the delay either, but in comparison, this is a fairly minimal delay, for a completely valid reason (nearly every manufacturing project gets delayed on KS), and they have been fairly straight forward about things.

    34. Bader altamimi on

      I will always back you up , Thanks for being shareful and explaining the details , my trust is growing bigger towards you and good luck with your work

    35. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holden on

      Thanks for keeping us updated. Sad news but that's life. Good luck in sorting the issues out and hope we don't get any more delays.

    36. Vernon Vincent on

      I'm not upset about the delay per se. Kickstarter isn't a store - it's a crowdfunded project incubator for speculative endeavors. So I understand that a project may be delayed or not turn out as expected.

      However, I've had a few Kickstarters simply drop off the radar or that have come no where close to fulfilling the stated intent. A large part of the disappointment comes from lack of timely communication. I can forgive a multitude of sins if I know what's going on as early as possible so that my expectations are managed.

      I don't know how long you've known that the expected deadline may not have been possible, but I would like to have known earlier that there was a possibility the deadline could slip - along with the reasons that would contribute to the slippage. If those reasons don't materialize, then great. But at least let us know that it could happen.

      So - going forward: please keep us informed with regular timely updates as to your progress. It doesn't have to be a video showing off the Superbook every time. Just let us know - "hey - we're on track this week" or "hey, we made more progress than anticipated" or even "hey - we hit a snag, but hope to have it corrected ..." Send these updates out every week or so if you can. More updates mean you're making an effort to keep us in the loop, which in turn makes us feel like you care about us.

      Finally - the coupon is a nice gesture. But if you're going to push things back at least 4-5 months, it would be nice if you could throw in some free upgrades to the product we pledged for. Throw in an extra phone dock or some cables. If we didn't get backlit keys - do a free upgrade for that. You don't have to give us everything - but do something that will make us glad we waited for the final product and reinforces our trust in you.


    37. Jörg Wurzer on

      I can unserstand the delay because of the unexpected number of orders. I would like to highlight, that the company behind the Superbook is still quite fast and agile in particular if one consider the innovation and the limited ressources of a startup.

      For comparison: I am waiting for a new Macbook Pro still November. Even the multi billione dollar company Apple is not able to deliver its products on time. The customers have to wait months. And the announcement of this product was about one year delayed, in the end with almost no innovation.

    38. Paul Anthony Soh on

      Hey June is too late because I need it for school like now. And if I wait till June, GRADUATE ALREADY!!!

    39. April Dámaso

      Very well written. I've backed many KS projects where they aren't nearly as sympathetic. The unlimited lifetime coupon plus covering my international charges is such a nice touch!!!

      Just hoping I get this before August. It's going to be a present for one of my bridesmaids.

    40. Missing avatar

      rommel003 on

      @Team Andromium, I appreciate the transparency but also expect that the final product will be reflective of all the promises being made -- quality hardware, great user experience, etc. In the meantime, you could make a lot of us happy if you release a confidence-building update to your Andromium OS app. That app was THE selling point in my decision to support your project, and I already have hardware to use the app today. I just need you to release an app update that gives us all a glimpse of things to come. That will go a long way -- at least for me -- to keep me busy until June. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    41. 林小飛 on

      You just reply repeatedly that refund is impossible, that is not responsible. Since you try paying VAT and coupons instead, I think you should find a proper way for those who don't wanna wait. And as cmorgan says, the cost will increase by delaying 4 months, how do you guarantee the product quality will remain the same as people's expectation when they backed this project? I know that many projects on KS delayed, but it doesn't mean that is normal and should be accepted. If so, there is no meaning for showing the estimate deliver date. Being upfront is good but not good enough, being responsible is better.

    42. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Subhash: Thanks for understanding! On the software side, we want to remain focused on creating a great user experience, increase app support, and test across various devices, and hence won't be able to work on additional features at the moment. We hope you understand. Thanks for your suppport, we'll work hard to deliver something great.

    43. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Dave: We totally understand your disappointment, and sincerely apologize for the delay. Thanks for your continued support, it means a lot to us :)

    44. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Dave: We are working hard to create a great experience on both hardware, and software (greater app support and polished UI) so that we can deliver a product you'll be proud to own. We'll continue to be transparent about progress and post updates with pictures and videos of our working prototype shells.

    45. Missing avatar

      Reynald Rollet on

      Thank you for the update!
      I'm aware hat's a crow-founding campaign, not an order on Amazon Prime, I cannot and mustn't expect something tomorrow.
      Good luck and please keep us updated! Thank you for all the good work until now.

      In the next update, I'd like to see a provisional schedule, even a Level 1 schedule thanks :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Subhash Kumar Jha on

      Team Andromium,

      Since there is a delay of 4 months and the reason provided are purely due to hardware procurement and manufacturing issues. I can understand that and hope Team Andromium will be able to completed the projects without any further delay. However i am very much interested to know(maybe other backers as well), how the software team is going to utilize this added time. Could we expect iOS support(even beta) out of the box. I (safely)presume not all the backers would be so interested in 25$ coupon but added support for iOS and a data cable would be much ap[appreciated upgrade to cover up the delay. This should be purely software feature without any hardware design change. Let us know how does Team Andromium surprise the backers and just not pushing some freebies. Thanks.

    47. Nicole on

      Which component of the Superbowl that was quoted went up in price and who is the manufacturer?

    48. Dave

      To be honest, for the postponed delivery, what I expect is not just best quality of the exist design, but also improvements in hardware, software, packing, delivery, etc.
      From many unhappy ks experiences, it's really difficult to be confident in delayed projects, you should do more to bring confidence back to us.
      Similar to some other backers, discount on future spendings and free VAT means very little to me, so I prefer free upgrade instead (refund of upgrades in some case)

    49. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      Thanks @Steve!