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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

And that's a wrap - important post-campaign information!

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

It's finally over.

To all of our backers: thank you. 

As creators, there is no greater feeling than knowing that people are excited about we’re building. 

Having each and everyone of you be part of our journey has been incredibly rewarding. You've made the last 30 days an unforgettable experience for all of us here at Team Andromium - thank you for allowing us to share our dream with you, and thank you for helping us bring it to life.

Count 'em up...

And now, let's take a look at the final numbers (because, if you couldn't tell yet, we're a team that loves numbers): together, 16,732 of you pledged $2,952,508 to help bring our project to life. Wow.

What's more is, you've helped us make the Superbook:

  • The 26th Most Funded Kickstarter Project (out of 300,000+ projects - we're in the top 1%! Woohoo!)
  • The Top Most Funded Technology (Hardware) Kickstarter Project in HISTORY.

My friends, we have quite literally made history. Give yourself a round of applause!

Next steps...

The campaign is over now, but sit tight - there are important post-campaign steps that you will need to take to claim your reward. 

1. Over the next week or so, Kickstarter will collect your pledges. 

Please help us make that process easier by making sure your payment information is current. 

2. One week after the campaign ends, we’ll send out a survey via BackerKit to the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.

Backerkit is a post-campaign management platform that will help us organize all 16,000 of your orders! 

Note: DO NOT sign up individually for an account on BackerKit - it will confuse the system! We will make accounts for each and every one of you, and we promise you'll be notified - be patient. :)

3. Through Backerkit, you can fill out all the preferences for your order, including:

  • Shipping Address
  • Payment Information (if the charge didn't go through the first time)
  • Color Choice(s)
  • Charging Plug Choice(s)
  • Upgrade Choice(s)
  • Other Add-ons - including extra Superbook reward tiers!*
  • Pledge Amount/Tier. If you miscalculated your pledge amount, left shipping out of the pledge total, forgot to upgrade, pledged for the #Freedom2Learn Superbook instead of the Superbook tier you wanted, etc. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ADDRESS THAT HERE. Please wait for the survey to come out - we promise your issue will be resolved.

*NOTE: If you're adding on extra Superbooks to your order, you won't receive the shipping discounts originally calculated for the larger bundles. Instead, you'll have to pay full shipping for each additional Superbook. 

Missed the boat?

Want to pledge us even after our campaign has ended?  

Don't worry - it's not too late to pre-order with us! You'll be able to preorder with us, up to a limited time, on BackerKit (see above). We'll release the link to the survey in 7 days time on our original campaign page, so you can check back then to be redirected.

Are you a NONBACKER who wants to be on the reminder list? Opt in by emailing us at, and mention you want to be notified via email when the BackerKit survey comes out. Nonbackers only, please - we will by default notify all official backers.


We want to especially spotlight our awesome backers JJ, John, and Robert (and countless others!) who kept the comments section alive and kicking during crunch time! 

 We always say we lucked out on the best backer community in the history of Kickstarter, and we aren't joking when we say this.

A final promise

One promise as our campaign ends is that we will keep you up to speed with regular updates and comment/email support. 

Here's what communication post-campaign will look like, and what you can expect:

  • You’ll receive updates from us on the 1st of every month, and sometimes more frequently depending on circumstance
  • We won't be very active on comments anymore (gotta make those Superbooks, y'know?), but if you have any questions or inquiries, you can always reach out to us at 
  • As our website gets revamped, we will also be opening up a forum section so that our community of backers and supporters can interact - our team will regularly be apart of these discussions as well. 
  • In the meantime, feel free to use the comments to communicate with each other, as you have been doing! 

From all of us at Team Andromium, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. 

This is only the first step -  rest assured that we are hard at work to make sure we can deliver to you a quality product that you’ll be proud to call yourself a Founding Backer of. 

Our team will be off for the weekend (rightfully celebrating this momentous occasion). Regular communication will resume on Monday.

Pat yourself on the back for having made history!

With undying love, 

❤ Team Andromium

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    1. Missing avatar

      ArndtiPuh on

      So much fun to reread these promises. One failure and a half.

    2. G. Lamar Wilkie on

      Yayyy - I got the backerKit email!I'm so proud to be one of your adoring supporters, and I can hardly wait to try out the Superbook!

    3. Missing avatar

      Regan on

      I still haven't gotten a email from BackerKit

    4. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hello backers! Sorry about the delay in the BackerKit survey - turns out the process is a little more complicated than just writing the survey; the folks at Backerkit also need to make sure we've inputted everything correctly and put on some finishing touches.

      We've finally submitted for review and should have the survey sent out hopefully as early as tomorrow morning - Wednesday by the latest (but we're hoping we won't have to resort to that).

      Thanks for your patience!

    5. Missing avatar

      Eddie routledge on

      Hi has anyone received the backerkit email yet?

    6. Thomas Kuster on

      Relax everyone... it says one week after, they will start to send out the backerkit emails... It is EXACTLY one week. They will come. Let them do their thing!

    7. Missing avatar

      salvatore Colombo on

      Have you already sent the backerkits to all backers yet? I do not get any email from your project.

    8. Nuttachat.V on

      Hey, could I ask you for something. Have you already sent the backerkits to all backers yet? I do not get any email from your project. Could you please resend it to me too?

    9. Missing avatar

      Simon Farrow on

      Really looking forward to getting this, congratulations on the successful funding, will you post an update to kickstarter when the backerkit details are sent out, just so that if someone has problems with their email at the time, a resend could be requested?

    10. Jure Matoh on

      What I'm wondering is will the superbook be available for sale after the end of the kickstarter shipments... It would be a shame if this product was available only to those of us who pledged here. This has to go commercial!

    11. Martin Kessler on

      Great project! Keep up the good work! �

    12. joshua lillis on

      Backed you the first project and backed you for this project! Can't wait to see this product in my hands!

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Lee on

      Great campaign!

    14. 8BiTGeeKPrO n Co.

      3 mILLION IN pLEDGES.... Amazing... history in the making, so happy to be apart of such an amazing project... Andromium you guys rock and keep up the great work... ive been talking about you project for the past few weeks now and belive they where sold on the idea and where pushing towards a backorder... I have given them your info and backer page info for the backorder... not to mention im thinking on upgrading my pledge even more to get a second
      Superbook.. I think this one will be for me and will be the Kickstarter Exclusive.... WooHoo!

    15. Missing avatar

      David Thwaites on

      I'm looking forward to getting my Supper Book in the near future,
      and I'm always interested in new technology, well done team, and
      Congratulations, in our backing our project,,

    16. Tashi Erml on

      Congrats! Looking forward to see the final product. :) Btw any chance how to check the result of ur Referral Program? Or this will be somehow included in the BackerKit info? Thx!

    17. Missing avatar


      I would like to add to what @JimM posted. I would not expect you to be actively posting comments but to continue to read them and respond enough when absolutely necessary. The regular responders (we know who we are) should be able to field most of the questions that pop up. As long the information is available, it is not hard to help others find the answers they need.

    18. JimM on

      "We won't be very active on comments anymore" That's fine but make sure the updates are timely and substantive. One of the fastest ways to turn backer support into backer acrimony is to go radio-silent for long periods of time. And don't sit on bad news. If something is not going as planned, talk about it. Sure there will be cranky comments but better-informed the community is, the better everything will ultimately be. Good luck and I'm glad to be a part of this journey with you.

    19. Missing avatar

      Steve Schwartz on

      Congratulations on a successful campaign. Can't wait.

    20. ro///M3o on

      I can´t wait. Awsome project and full of tention till the very last moment.

      With undiying love :-D ,

    21. midnite

      @Adam Simmons - 1) For stretch goals we have reached, they are at the top of the campaign page. We have reached ALL OF THEM!! 2) For upgrade options / add ons, they are listed in the middle part of Update #10.

    22. brentil on

      Where can we follow development progress of the Andromium Android application?

    23. Pierre Laporte on

      Congrats everyone ! ;) This Kickstarter campaign is awesome ! Thanks to all ! :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Simmons on

      Congrats guys, I can't wait to get this. I'd really like a clear, concise update about 1) what all we're getting for reaching the stretch goals, and 2) what the upgrade options are. I know they're scattered around, but it'd be really nice to have it all in one place.

      Go make me a superbook!

    25. Ion Freeman on

      The top 30,000 are in the top 10 %. You're in the top per cent of the top per cent.

    26. Bérenger L. (bel57) on

      Congrats go everyone, hurray! :D

    27. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @EVERYONE who has an issue with their pledge amount/tier (miscalculation, forgot to include shipping in pledge, accidentally pledged for the #Freedom2Learn Superbook instead of the Superbook Basic/etc.):
      You will be able to deal with this on BackerKit. Please sit tight and wait until the survey is released - we promise it'll be resolved.

      Also - please email us to opt-in to be on the BackerKit reminder list ONLY IF YOU ARE A NON-BACKER. We will definitely notify all official backers when we release the link because we already have your contact info, but we won't have the contact info of non-backers.

    28. Missing avatar

      moey on

      My best wishes. Well done.

      Also please don't spend our money on lambos and hookers

    29. Russ on

      Nice one guys! Damn good job!

    30. Paul Strength on

      Congrats to ask of us. Excited to see this come to life.